Free eBook: What I Know About Getting A Job

July 20th, 2010

Rich “Corn on the Job” DeMatteo asked me to contribute to his ebook called “What I Know About Getting A Job.”  I was happy to do it.

You can download the free ebook here.

There are a bunch of people in the career space who contributed.  I’m the 8th person (geesh, why didn’t they do it alphabetical order??  j/k) and I just read what I wrote – they edited it pretty good!

Take about 20 minutes and sift through it… no cost to you.

Here are the contributors:

Rich DeMatteo: Corn on the Job

Penelope Trunk: Brazen Careerist

Mark Stelzner: Job Angels

Lance Haun:

John Sumser: HR Examiner

Jim Stroud: Jim Stroud dot com

Kris Dunn: Fistful of Talent

Todd Raphael:

Jason Alba:

Sharlyn Lauby: HR Bartender

Laurie Ruettimann: Punk Rock HR

Alexander Kjerulf: The Chief Happiness Officer

Ben Eubanks: Upstart HR

Steve Reesler: All Things Workplace

Kevin Grossman: HR Marketer

Lisa Rosendahl: Simply Lisa

Chris Ferdinandi: Renegade HR

Peter Clayton: Total Picture Radio

Great people, great advice!



Giveaway: The Career Alphabet

May 3rd, 2010

Billie Sucher - AuthorOne of my favorite people, who I met in the early days of JibberJobber, is Billie Sucher.  I reviewed her first book called Between Jobs over three years ago (it’s still relevant).  This week’s giveaway is her second career book (she has non-career publications) titled Happy About the Career Alphabet.  She gave me a copy in New Orleans… so you’ll either get my signed copy or perhaps I can talk her into mailing it to you (she doesn’t know I’m writing this post).

Here’s how one person will get it … answer the question below on this blog (not on Facebook or Twitter, etc.) and Billie will choose her favorite response.

My question centers around something I saw on the news on Saturday morning.  A young fella from New Orleans was talking about his future and said something like this:  “either join the military or go to college – those are my two best career paths.”

I have been thinking about that since I saw it – I don’t think those are his only “career paths,” but what bugs me more, are those really “career paths?”  I guess I would have used a different phrase as I’ve traditionally thought of a “career path” as a sequence of jobs that helps me get to where I end up… not the stepping stones to get their.  So here’s the question:

Assuming you are giving advice to a young person (I’ll let YOU define young! :)), what are significant parts of the “career path” that you help them understand?  In other words, say they want to be a financial planner, CEO of a big company, entrepreneur, etc… what are the components that they need to think about for their career?

Answer on this blog and I’ll ask Billie to pick her fav!

The winner of last week will be announced soon…. !

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Giveaway: THE Twitter Book

April 19th, 2010

This is the LAST WEEK of the discounted pricing on the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD. Order here.

twitter_job_search_guideThe Twitter Job Search Guide – Find a Job and Advance Your Career in Just 15 Minutes a Day.

I got this book about a week ago and was blown away – almost 200 pages of MEAT and SUBSTANCE on how to get value out of Twitter.  How to find people, how to communicate, how use Twitter for personal branding, how Twitter fits into other social tools, what all the technical stuff means… I don’t really know what the authors could have left out?  The book is phenomenal.

You can get one by answering today’s Giveaway – as usual, I’m not judging the responses – we’ll have Susan Whitcomb, Chandlee Bryan and Deb Dib choose the winner!

When is social networking… LinkedIn, Twitter or whatever, TOO much?

In other words, how do you manage your time and efforts and have the right balance between what you do online and what you do offline?

Make sure you answer on this blog (not on Facebook or Twitter)… the question is open for a week!



Giveaway Winner: Job Search Help for an MBA

April 13th, 2010

Queen SchmoozeSorry about yesterday (no giveaway), I got hung up doing taxes (done) and getting the LinkedIn DVD ready to ship to the replicator (the person who makes duplicates in bulk). I have a giveaway all ready, and it’s really sweet… but you’ll have to wait until next week!

Today I announce the winner of last week’s giveaway… Nick Corcodilos (Ask the Headhunter) chose Queen Schmooze (aka, Mischa Iseman, @QueenSchmooze)).  Here’s what Nick says:

“[Queen Schmooze is] my pick. Why? The Queen suggests the same strategy that’s at the heart of Ask The Headhunter. Job hunting is not about you – it’s about the work an employer needs to have done. And your challenge is not to get a job, it’s to demonstrate to the employer how you’re going to help it achieve its goal to be more profitable. Nice work, Queen Schmooze! You’ll learn more about this approach in your free book, How to Work with Headhunters. I hope you enjoy it!”

Nick Corcodilos

You can see the original question here, and Queen Schmooze’s response here.  She gets three months of JibberJobber premium AND Nick’s book – not too bad for sharing her thoughts!

Watch the blog on Monday for the next giveaway… I’ll tweet about it at @jasonalba.

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Giveaway: What’s an MBA to do?

April 5th, 2010

Preorder the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD here.

Two weeks ago I asked a question that no one answered (hello, anyone there?).

Today I’ll ask another question and who Nick picks will get his book + 3 months of premium JibberJobber.

The fantastic book is by Ask The Headhunter Nick Corcodilos, titled “How to Work with Headhunters.”

Frank Harris, from Huffington Post Article

Frank Harris, from Huffington Post Article

I read a post titled “MBA Mows Grass To Make Ends Meet.”  It’s kind of sad.  The saddest is this (talking about how he does a job search: “…now I can work (mowing lawns) until dark at least. Then I get home, take a shower, plop down in front of the computer and fill out as many job applications as I can.”

He is doing a job search wrong. I spent 60 hours a week plopped in front of my computer and filling out job applications… and look where it got me.  The question is:

What should Frank Harris do for his job search, assuming he has to mow lawns to pay the bills?  I have some ideas, but I want to hear yours, then will share mine.

ANSWER ON THIS BLOG – not on Twitter, or Facebook, etc.



Giveaway: How To Work With Headhunters

March 22nd, 2010
I’m about done recording the video for LinkedIn for Job Seekers, the second edition.  This DVD is more updated and more awesome – preorder it here.

The winner of last week’s contest is … drum roll…. Shane Smith.  Others had ideas for job seekers using a job board, but the question was what job boards should do differently.  Runner up is founder Abhijeet.

Nick_corcodilosThis week answer this question and win the fantastic book by Ask The Headhunter Nick Corcodilos titled “How to Work with Headhunters.”  Nick’s work is fantastic and this book is invaluable.

Share a story – good or bad, funny or sad – about working with a headhunter or recruiter.  One that makes you cringe or smile or something – I want to get shocked or moved.

ANSWER ON THIS BLOG – not on Twitter, or Facebook, etc.

Want a taste of the book?  Click here for a snippet.

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Giveaway: I’m at a Networking Event – Now What???

March 15th, 2010

PREPURCHASE the second edition of LinkedIn for Job Seekers, the DVD
at a discount. Check out all the specials here.

networking_event_smallLast week there was awesome, hearty discussion to the giveaway question – on my Facebook wall.  Unfortunately not many people saw that, and no one from that discussion was considered by Tom (except one who copied and pasted their answer to the blog).

Please comment on the blog, below.  This book is awesome and very useful.  I bet most people you meet at a networking event don’t network, don’t get it, aren’t effective, etc.  This book will change that for you.

I’m at a Networking Event — Now What??? is a book in my Now What series.  Written by Sandy Jones-Kaminski, it’s full of ideas, strategies and tactics to help you take something that is not value-add and make it a high-value activity.

Get it on Amazon here, OR just answer this question below:

Assume job boards are inadequate in your job search. What are one to three ideas you have that could make a job board MUCH more valuable to you?

I’ll send this on to the job board people I know – it won’t fall on deaf ears.

We’ll announce the winner next Monday.

Last week’s winner was recently announced: Congrats to Mauro Pennacchia!



Giveaway: Networking for the Novice, Nervous or Naive Job Seeker

March 8th, 2010

New: an EVENING JibberJobber User Webinar TOMORROW, March 9th at 7p EST. Register here. (other webinars listed here)

LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD for $49.95 $25. Check out all the specials here.

Sorry about last week’s Giveaway (I skipped it!). Here’s the question for this week:

WHY do we (in general) HATE networking?

Leave your answer in the blog post (not on Facebook) I’ll have Tom Dezell, author of the book Networking for the Novice, Nervous or Naive Job Seeker choose the best answer. This is open until the next Giveaway (next Monday).

You can find Tom’s book on Amazon here, or check out his book website, or his awesome new blog here.  Check out this very cool post by Eve Tahmincioglu (Career Diva) where she interviews Tom (Wussy networkers don’t get the job).



Giveaway: LinkedIn For Job Seekers (LinkedIn DVD)

February 22nd, 2010

This DVD is currently on sale at 50% off (only $25).  But it is still useful and, well, awesome.

I’ll ship the LinkedIn DVD in a week, when I announce the winner.  The question is:

What value do you think you should get out of LinkedIn, or a social marketing strategy, that you aren’t? (and why?)

Answer in the BLOG comments, not on Facebook.

The winner of last week was Becky, who said it is her lizard brain (a la Seth Godin) that keeps her from crushing it.



Giveaway: Crush It!

February 15th, 2010
LinkedIn for Job Seekers for $49.95 $25. Check out all the specials here.

crush_it_bookI’m just about done reading this through again and am ready to drop it in the mail to anyone who wins this week’s giveaway. You know the rules… just answer the question in the comments on the blog (not on Facebook).

My biggest issue with this book is that it talks too much about social marketing… Gary built a huge business using social tools and so that’s what he talks about (I think he talks about it too much in this book).  When I think about what type of book this is, I think it’s a social marketing book.  I expected some other stuff…

Having said that, I see people talking about it all the time, and many people are saying “I’m reading it again.”  Gary knows how to touch people.  Stripping out all of the social marketing stuff, the thing I get the most from this book is the excitement and permission to achieve a ton of stuff – to be successful – to conquer – to CRUSH IT!

Here’s the question:

WHY don’t you Crush It?  Are you afraid of failure, or afraid of success?  Do you not have enough smarts, looks or money?  Is the economy not good enough? What is in YOUR way of crushing it?

Answer on the blog post.  Winner will be notified next week.  To see past Monday Giveaway prizes, questions and answers, click here.


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