Giveaway: 12 Boxes of Golden Grahams cereal

February 8th, 2010
LinkedIn for Job Seekers for $49.95 $25. Check out all the specials here.

Seriously (or is it, cerealously)…. 12 boxes of Golden Grahams cereal.

Not a book, not a DVD.  Cereal :)

You know how this is done (if you don’t, read about other Monday Giveaways here)… the question is:

What was your funniest or most awkward job experience?

Leave your answer in the blog comment, below!  Good luck!

Dear FTC: this cereal giveaway is possible because of General Mills.  I’m not touching the boxes, they’ll ship it directly.  I’m just a blogger trying to have fun.  Go chase someone else. This is for legal residents of the US who are 18 or older, although I have no idea how they are going to determine that.  I didn’t even get 12 boxes for myself… any other questions, Mr/Ms FTC? If so, contact the person who left an email address here.



Giveaway: I’m in a Job Search – Now What???

February 1st, 2010
LinkedIn for Job Seekers for $49.95 $25.  Check out all the specials here.

job_search_now_whatKristen Jacoway is a JibberJobber Partner and the newest Now What??? author. Her book, I’m in a Job Search – Now What??? is a great guide to those who have been blindsided into this role as job seeker. I rarely foreword books but I did this one, because I’m so passionate about the topic.

Kristen is going to be the judge of this weekly question/answer… make sure you answer in the comments in this blog post (not on Facebook).

What is the best job search advice you’ve ever heard?

What is the worst job search advice you’ve ever heard?

Answer in the comments – good luck!

(if you want the book now you can get it at amazon or from the publisher (you can also get this Job Search Now What??? book for only $11.95 from the publisher))



Giveaway: Indispensable by Monday

January 25th, 2010
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indispensible_by_mondayIt is Giveaway Monday again! I love the idea of this book, even though I haven’t seen it yet.

The idea is how every employee can make a difference on the bottom line and become indispensable.  As a business owner I’ve become hyper-sensitive to what we make and what we spend.  Here’s an example of the kind of thinking I think you’ll find in the book:

A legal assistant noted that the company’s beautiful color signature at the bottom of every email meant that every email she printed and filed (and in the legal department, that’s pretty much all of them) required at least two pages and a fair amount of expensive full color ink. For email strings between executives, the logo illustration could actually appear 2, 3 or even 10 times in the finished document she would need to print out and file. By simply eliminating the logo for intra-company email the hotel could save several thousand dollars in paper and color ink every year. But even more impressive, when employees used the PPG (Profit Proposal Generator) to calculate the equivalent level of sales it would take to equal the profit their savings produced, they were astounded. A savings of $25,000 a year in ink, paper, and unnecessary office supplies is pure profit—and in a company with a 5 percent profit margin, it would take $500,000 in sales to produce that same profit!

Reminds me of a time when I was driving across Idaho with a coworker who said “Do you know how many toilets had to be cleaned for us to go to this conference?” We worked at a building maintenance company, with lots of janitors, and she was referring to the cost of our activity compared with the revenue brought in.

I expect to get my copy soon – here’s how you can get yours:

  1. Answer a question (see below) in the comments on this blog post (not on Facebook),
  2. Someone judges the questions – in this case, the author Larry Myler  is going to be the judge!  He’ll announce a winner before we do the next giveaway next Monday.
  3. Larry will send his book to the winner.

If you aren’t the lucky one to win the book you can get Indispensable by Monday here.

Here’s the question (ANSWER IN THE BLOG POST):

Give an example of something extraordinary (not amazing, but out of the ordinary and perhaps even creative) you have done to make a significant impact on the top or bottom line at any company you have worked at.


Give an example of something extraordinary that you have seen someone else do (same question but you can use a coworker).

BONUS: In addition to the answer you’ll already give, tell us something extraordinary a government worker could do to make a financial impact.

Go for it and good luck!



Giveaway: Killer Online Press Releases DVD

January 18th, 2010

Here is giveaway #2 for this year (see, I’m doing pretty good!). It is more business-related… not really for a job seeker, although I have plenty of PR professionals who read the blog and use JibberJobber in their job search. I also have plenty of business owners who read this blog… this would be perfect for YOU.

Like last week:

  1. Answer a question (see below) in the comments (not on Facebook),
  2. Someone judges it (in this case, Janet is going to be the judge!) after 72 hours, which gives some time for those who get the post the next day via email,
  3. Whoever wins gets this almost 3 hour DVD (with bonuses): Killer Online Press Releases ($249 value)

I’ve known Janet for a few years now.  I’m a fan of hers… she is one of my authors, and I worked with her to develop this DVD (I have an interest in this DVD).

If you aren’t the lucky one to win the DVD, you can get your own here.

The question (creative job seekers can answer too – that would be fun…):

“You want publicity about something – what do you want publicity about?  Describe it, and then give us a sample headline of a press release that you would write for that.”

Go for it – notice there are two parts to your answer.  Please respond in the comments OF THIS BLOG POST (not Facebook, or Twitter, etc.).



Giveaway: New Job, New You book (by Alexandra Levit)

January 11th, 2010
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alex_levit_new_you_new_jobI really want to do a bunch of giveaways this year… I want to do it weekly, but not sure if I’ll stick to it.  I have more than 50 things to give away this year.

Today we start the 2010 Giveaway thing … here’s how it works:

  1. You answer a question (see below) in the comments,
  2. Someone judges it (in this case, Alex is going to be the judge!) after 72 hours, which gives some time for those who get the post the next day via email,
  3. Whoever wins gets her newest book, New Job, New You (subtitle: a guide to reinventing yourself in a bright new career)

I like Alex – she’s a very sharp career person who has been writing and thinking about this stuff for a long time.  I like her ideas, and her writing style, and I bet YOU will like her book!

If you aren’t the lucky one to win the book, you can get your own from Amazon.

The question:

“What will you do in 2010 for your career to really get it going in the right direction?  Think Career Management!!”

Go for it – answer in the comments OF THIS BLOG POST (not Facebook, or Twitter, etc.).  Short or long, I don’t care.  Alex is the judge (a sentence or two might not be enough… :p)


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