Updating the LinkedIn for Job Seekers Video Series

March 14th, 2017

I have finally recorded all of the LinkedIn for Job Seekers videos. It was sad to compare this edition to last time, when I had training on certain features that are no longer in LinkedIn (but provided tremendous value).

In this new series you’ll learn about optimizing the LinkedIn Profile, even with all of the weird… er, interesting… changes… such as only showing the first 2 lines of your summary, and not showing any info about previous jobs (only one current job).  I also talk about Groups, communications, messaging, recommendations (how to effectively ask for them, what to do when you get them, and how to give them in a way to help your networking and branding), and more.

I’ve done this four times before this edition… my goal is to help you get value out of LinkedIn.  I know you are busy, and I doubt you want to become a LinkedIn expert… so we focus on what to do (tactics) to get value.

This is included in the JibberJobber Video Library, and includes access to all of the other courses and insider information interviews… for the low price of $9.95 a month (cancel anytime) or $60 for a year of access.

Ready to take your career, job search, networking, or small business to the next level?  Invest $60 for a year of access… it will be well-worth it!  You can see the video library here.

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Insider Information Interview: Russell Lookadoo, HR Expert

March 8th, 2017

russell_lookadoo_jibberjobber_insider_information_interviewsRussell Lookadoo has quite the background in HR. He has had executive roles at a couple of banks, and for the last twelve years has been consulting with small businesses that need HR help.  He has helped build large teams and has been responsible for letting many, many people go (as the messenger, of course).

I got to interview him a few months ago for the Insider Information Interview series, which is a series of interviews where I ask hiring managers, HR, and recruiters how they really hire, and what they really look at and for… and I was NOT disappointed!

I have known Russell for many years, but it wasn’t until last year that we were both in a video production together that I really came to understand that he has some amazing expertise in HR, and a great way of sharing his thoughts for job seekers.  He was one of the first people that I asked to interview for this series.

Below are notes I took as I was QA’ing the video yesterday, as we get it ready to add it to the library.  Note that some of these are questions that are asked all the time, but getting a senior HR expert’s response was really quite insightful.

  • Is there a right way (or a wrong way) to greet someone?
  • How to make a great first impression
  • What do you say to someone in an interview when you first greet them?
  • You are always watched, even when you don’t know you are (regarding in interviews)
  • How to set yourself apart when answering “tell me about yourself”
  • Is it bad to have scripted or coached answers in an interview? How do you make it okay?
  • What’s the first thing to do when preparing for an interview?
  • How do you have an outstanding interview?
  • How and why to rephrase an interview question before you answer it
  • Is it okay for a job seeker to be assertive in an interview? How and when?
  • Is any of this advice different for executives? How? (very interesting insight here)
  • What are great websites to use to do company research?
  • What are some interview questions you ask that have an underlying question? What are you really looking for?
  • What are transferable skills, and how do you communicate them?
  • When do I follow up after an interview? Especially when it’s past the time I expected to hear from you?
  • How do I follow up after an interview?
  • What if I have bad handwriting… should I still snail-mail a thank you note?
  • How do you respond to a job offer? (think: negotiation)
  • What do I need to know about sexual harassment in an interview?
  • How do you end an uncomfortable/creepy interview early? (think: personal safety)
  • What is the role of HR in the hiring process? How powerful is HR? We’re told to avoid HR as a job seeker!
  • Should I report a hiring manager who asks a bad question, etc.?
  • What is an ATS, and what do I need to know about an ATS?
  • How do I prepare my resume to get “through” an ATS?
  • Conversation on salary and salary negotiation
  • What are you (HR) telling hiring managers on how to negotiate salaries?
  • What is the hidden job market?
  • Are HR people good people to network with?
  • I’m your best friend… what is your advice to me on starting a job search?
  • Conversation about his resume tips
  • I’m your best friend, and I’ve been in a job search for more than 18 months… what is your advice to me now?
  • What if I want to become a consultant? Pricing for consultants

I can’t believe we covered so much ground in just over an hour.  Russell had great answers and I know this will help job seekers are they move forward in their interviews, networking, job search, and career management!

This interview should go live next week (I hope… depends on the video editor).

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Insider Information: Jake Budge, Recruiter at HR Software Company

February 28th, 2017

Jake Budge is our latest interviewee, and he didn’t disappoint!  Want to know how a recruiter with a psychology degree hires? This 54 minute interview is what you want to watch.

This is part of the Insider Information Video Library on JibberJobber. You can get full access to these videos for a low monthly fee of $9.95. If you want a discount, you can buy a one year access for $99 (save $20), or save 50% if you buy a one year access of the video library + a one year upgrade on JibberJobber (total of $120, instead of full price of $240).


Have questions? Let me know.  Are you a career coach or outplacement company?  Email me for bulk discounts.

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Insider Information: Kristi Broom (Hiring Manager) #AWESOME

February 21st, 2017

I’ve watched this interview twice now, and will soon watch it again. It was chock-full of amazing insight and information. As you watch the interview you’ll be impressed at how strategic and purposeful Kristi is.

My experience with hiring managers was that they were ill-prepared, and seemed to have gotten a list of interview questions off of Google about 4 minutes before they walked into the room. This is NOT the case with Kristi Broom.  Kristi’s hiring and evaluations process is very methodical.

What can you learn from her?  How to manage your job search when you want to work for an awesome boss.  How to present yourself, and what matters.  The purpose of certain interview questions, and more.

If you want hope, direction, encouragement, and help understanding where to focus your job search, Kristi’s interview is a must watch.  I’ll warn you now: get paper and pencil ready, you’ll want to take lots of notes!


New to the Insider Interview series?  This is part of the new JibberJobber video library, and includes interviews with hiring managers, recruiters, business owners, etc.  We want to learn how they hire, and what they think of you (the job seeker), during the hiring process.  This is new, so we only have three interviews up right now, but more are in the editing phase, and more are scheduled for interviews.  You can get access to the entire library for:

  • $9.95 for a month, or
  • $99 for a year, or
  • 50% off the full price: $60/year when you bundle one year premium with JibberJobber (which is also $60).

In addition to the Insider Information Interviews, where we interview people on the other side of the interviewing table, we have videos on using LinkedIn, informational interviews, social media, and more.  Ready to get access?  Go here, to the Video Library.


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Insider Information Video Library Preview: Ash Buckles

January 5th, 2017

Last month I introduced the new video library. This was my Big Announcement (read here).

I have been working on transcribing the Ask The Expert Interviews I did a few years back, and I finally have the FIRST Insider Information interview edited and transcribed.  Well, actually, it’s not as edited as I would have liked. There are a few sentences that I wish were edited out (where we talk about editing… how ironic). And, I was being attacked by a fly during most the the interview… and by the end you could see my patience had worn thin :)

Nonetheless, this is a great preview to what we’ll have in the video library. This interview is with a hiring manager and is only 34 minutes long.

Too long, you say? Yes, it is. But remember, you can search on keywords or topics, and we’ll highlight the certain parts of that interview that meet your search criteria just for you.

Over the course of this year I’ll add as many interviews as I can, with hiring managers, HR professionals, and recruiters.  I even have some interviews with ATS providers… so you can get a feel for what and how they think, and how that affects you.

To get a taste of what’s coming, check out the interview below, with Ash Buckles.  Ash shares a lot of good insight into the hiring process.  We learn what this hiring manager thinks about resumes, digital dirt, your presentation, how to talk about gaps in your work history, and more.

If you like where we are going with this, you can pay for access to the entire Insider Information Video Library (which includes my LinkedIn videos, and more).  The pricing is simple:

  • month to month: $9.95 a month (upgrade now)
  • one year: $99 (bonus: plus an extra 6 months, as we ramp up the content) (upgrade now)
  • BEST DEAL: one year, bundled with JibberJobber one year: $120 (bonus: plus an extra 6 months, as we ramp up the content) (upgrade now)
  • NOTE: If you are a career coach or outplacement firm, email me for special bulk pricing:

Here’s the interview with Ash… enjoy!

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