Announcing: The Getting Started in JibberJobber Video Series!

April 10th, 2015

I’m excited to finally get this project to a point where I can announce it – I’ve been thinking about it for way too long, and this week I finally made it a priority!  This should help a lot of people “get started” on JibberJobber.  If you recommend JibberJobber to friends, family, job clubs, etc., point them here!  You get here by clicking on Videos, and then it’s right up at the top.

Since October of last year the Focus Friday calls have been structured so that they were in order for someone new to get off on the right foot.  I’ve taken those videos and removed the Q&A, and reduced the time to considerably less than what is in the Focus Friday series… and put them in the right order.

When you come to the Getting Started page you’ll see them numbered so it’s easy to keep track of where you left off. You can also see which videos you have seen.

Confused about what to do next in JibberJobber?  Start watching the short videos, in order.

Want help on specific functionality in JibberJobber?  Scroll through the list of topics and pick the one that will help you get unstuck.

As of right now, the videos are (each week we should add another topic):

  • Getting Started: Introduction (1)
  • Getting Started: Overwhelmed? Watch this! (1.5)
  • Getting Started: Homepage & Widgets (2)
  • Getting Started: Setting Up Tags (3)
  • Getting Started: Log Entries and Action Items (6)
  • Getting Started: Verifying Action Items and Log Entries Got In (7)
  • Getting Started: Log Entries and Action Item List Panel (8)
  • Getting Started: Optimizing the List Panel (9)
  • Getting Started: Managing Duplicates (10)
  • Getting Started: Exporting from LinkedIn (11)
  • Getting Started: Importing from a CSV File (12)
  • Getting Started: Recurring Action Items (13)
  • Getting Started: Calendar Views (14)
  • Getting Started: Interview Prep (15)
  • Getting Started: Job Description Analysis (16)
  • Getting Started: Events on Jobs (17)
  • Getting Started: The Job Journal (18)

The “viewed” shows whether you have watched it or not:


Do you have requests for other topics? Let me know!

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Focus Friday: Exporting Contacts from LinkedIn

February 19th, 2015

It took a while for me to get this video posted because I had to have part of the video blurred out for privacy.

You might remember that our Focus Friday sessions, which are 10 minutes of training focused on one particular thing (and then as much time as we need to answer all of your questions) has morphed into a “getting started on JibberJobber” video series.  The next logical video was how to export contacts from LinkedIn.

You can sign up to get weekly invitations (links) to join us on each Focus Friday webinar here.  You can also watch archived Focus Friday recordings here.  Note that if you scroll from the bottom up, you’ll see, in order, the getting started videos! In other words, since I started recording these, I have planned them for newbies, in an order that makes sense to get up and running on JibberJobber.

Here’s last week’s video.  Tomorrow morning on the Focus Friday we’ll go through the import process on JibberJobber.