JibberJobber is 15 Years Old Today!

May 15th, 2021

Well, we did it!

What is “it”? Maybe it is just staying alive for the last fifteen years. They say most businesses fail in the first few years… and we made it past that.

Maybe our “it” was that we have served over 100,000 job seekers, helping them organize and manage and track their job search and networking.

Maybe our “it is that we have grown and expanded and integrated other products and services into JibberJobber.

I’ll be honest, though… I don’t think about those things as much as I think about YOU. I think about the one person who we are helping right now. That one person might hit my radar because they email us with a bug complaint, or a suggestion, or they upgrade. I look at your name, and if you tell me, where you are in the world. I think about how your job search might be going, and how we can help. Sometimes we help by doing our job well. Sometimes we help by providing a peace of mind… the only friendly, stable thing in your job search.

I set out to get rich with JibberJobber, but I’ve had to just settle with learning that what we’ve created has helped people in a very low part of their life. And that has provided as much richness to me as I could have imagined.

Here’s to another 15 years!

JibberJobber 15 years

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Massive Changes in JibberJobber for Better Job Tracking

March 17th, 2021

For many months we have been working on some massive changes. Looking back on the history of JibberJobber I can’t remember a project that was bigger than this one. Although maybe I’m just forgetting the other big ones because they were so big I wanted to move on from them :p

Anyway, we are undergoing a change in the foundational code of JibberJobber that should do a few things. These are important to us because they give us more flexibility. They are important to you because you might notice some changes and think “huh, that is cool.” Hopefully they make your experience more delightful.

Better User Experience / User Interface

The reason we implemented this change was to update the look and feel of JibberJobber. What we hope you see in the next month or so is Phase I of this. We basically changed the entire UI architecture. In the test environment I can see some changes, but to be honest it’s not like it’s night and day. Sometimes I can’t tell what has changed. But here’s the cool thing: Since we are on a new infrastructure we’ll be able to make some really cool and noticeable changes easily and faster. JibberJobber launched in 2006 and a LOT has changed in online everything since then. We’re just upgrading what’s under the hood so we can easily make changes to the UX and UI later.

If you do notice some changes, congrats. I think they will be fairly subtle… or at least subtle for what I have in mind.

Faster… Just Plain Faster

Because we are using newer technologies things are loaded faster. In some cases, A LOT faster. We hope you notice this as you navigate through JibberJobber. And this is just another step to making things faster… we have some other optimizations planned. Hopefully you see the speed increases… but you might just see a website that is as fast as it should have been in the first place.

Will Be More Responsive

Responsive means the site “responds” to the screen or device you are on. We’ve had some issues where a smaller screen looks weird, or a bigger screen looks weird. The new UI changes should be fully optimized for devices of different sizes. This wasn’t a primary purpose of this massive update but it was definitely a nice little bonus.

Mobile is Changing

So we’ve had a love/hate relationship with mobile from the beginning. Actually, in the beginning there wasn’t really such a thing as mobile. Mobile phones in 2006 were… weak and slow. No one expected a good mobile experience, especially for a system as complex as JibberJobber, basically a CRM for job seekers. A few years later that changed and we eventually developed native mobile apps for both Android and Apple products. To be honest, they were a massive pain. The experience was different. But the real pain was submitting things to the Google or Apple stores. Seriously, a massive pain. We had to pay to be a member (or whatever), which was nominal but lame. When we submitted our app they would review it, sometimes taking weeks to get back to us. Many times they would kick it back for some super minor reason, only delaying us updating the app. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is the native mobile experience we delivered was painful for everyone… our users and my developers and me.

I found out that the new UI changes would take us in a whole new direction. I won’t go into the technical aspects of it here but basically UI has advanced to the point where it is closer and closer to replacing what native apps could and should do. It’s supposedly the future of mobile. Once we go live with these new changes we’ll retire the native apps, and you should have a more streamlined JibberJobber experience with an updated mobile experience. I’m really hopeful that this is the right direction. If it is I’ll be more than happy to let my accounts on the mobile app delivery services lapse.


We’ve been testing this for months. We’ve been testing with so many different scenarios and technologies and browsers and devices it makes my head spin. Our QA objectives are to find any issues before you do, but that is kind of impossible. We have so many smart, clever users that you somehow find things we didn’t even conceptualize. If you have ANY issues after we release, please let us know. There’s a Contact Us link at the bottom of every page… we want to hear from you.

We watch everything you report because we realize once there is an issue reported by one person it’s only a matter of time before everyone sees it. We try to find and fix as soon as possible so no one notices. Anything you find, send it in, no matter how small it seems. We’ll be watching for your messages.


JibberJobber launched in May of 2006 with some really modest goals. The mission, though, was to help job seekers around the world with one part of their job search: staying organized, and tracking jobs and contacts and follow up.

We’ve had thousands of people use JibberJobber since 2006. We’ve been a part of many job searches. And my hope is we’ve been a part of providing some calm and peace to an otherwise crazy time in your life. Thank you for using JibberJobber, for upgrading, and for telling your friends about us.


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Announcing: The Jason Alba Job Search Program

July 22nd, 2019

jibberjobber-jason-alba-job-search-program-launchI don’t know if we’ll keep that name. But Project HOPE is already taken (by a really cool charity). The JibberJobber Job Search Program doesn’t convey the right meaning (because the program doesn’t center around JibberJobber). The Jason Alba Job Search Program sounds a little pretentious… but more important than the name is what the program is.


The Job Search Program is a day-by-day system that you work on on your own. You listen to audio of me instructing you what to do every single day. It starts, I think, slow and simple. But within a couple of weeks you are doing the most important thing you can in a job search: informational interviews. You are doing these effectively and you are getting introductions and you are getting closer to hiring managers and influencers.

I know, that sounds kind of scary.

But let me tell you a scary short story:


That might be the scariest short story I’ve ever written. But I’ve seen it, in real life.

In my job search program we build up to it. We start off gently. You learn tactics and get training and practice. Eventually you are having the right meetings with the right people and getting the right introductions. And then you find yourself focusing your time on people who are in your target companies and roles and industries, and you are having the right conversations. You are finally making progress in your job search.

No more spinning wheels. No more being chicken for days which turn to weeks which turns to months… we start NOW.

Ready to do the work? Ready to end this horrid status of being unemployed?

Let’s do this, together.

Go into JibberJobber, click the little funky app icon on the top-right, and then click the Job Search Program icon. You’ll need to set up an account and pay $197. And then, we get to work so we can get to work!


Let’s do it!

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Speech Recognition in JibberJobber? SHUT UP! #chromeBrowser

July 9th, 2019

Sorry for the shut up… it’s from one of my favorite movies (Princess Diaries… no judging, eh?).

Take less than two minutes to watch this super cool feature in JibberJobber (that only works on the Chrome browser), then try it out! Adding a Log Entry without typing? CHECK!

To see this full screen, click the full screen icon on the bottom right of the player below:

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The Great 2019 Texas Career Management Tour! July 15th in Austin and Dallas

June 19th, 2019

jibberjobber-public-speakingI am going on a road trip this summer… and what better place to go in the summer than Texas! I hear it’s a lovely time of the year!

For years my road trip speaking has consisted of my very favorite presentation, Career Management 2.0 most of the time. Sometimes I’d talk about LinkedIn (since I wrote one of the earliest books on the topic, and have done a ton of training on LinkedIn), and then a few other things here and there.

On this trip I will introduce a new presentation, titled Career Management 3.0.  In this presentation I’ll talk about what the gig economy means to us, and why the last time I got laid off it was way more okay than getting laid off in 2006. I’ll share numbers and ideas that are practical and within your reach to help you get more control over your income and, in turn, your career management.

As of right now this is where I’ll be speaking:

Monday: Dallas


Tuesday: Dallas

Accomplished Executives at 7am

Frisco Connect at 9am: Stonebriar Community Church, 4801 Legendary Drive, Frisco, TX

Wednesday: Dallas

HR Focus Group at 9am: White’s Chapel United Methodist Church, 185 S White Chapel Blvd in Southlake

Thursday: Austin

Career Networking Group at 8:30 (part of the Job Seekers Network): Southwest Austin at Austin ridge Bible Church, 9300 Bee Cave Road, Building B, Austin

Friday: Austin

Launch Pad Job Club

You going to be in Dallas or Austin the week of the 15th? Let me know!


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The Job Search Program Better Than Sliced Bread

June 13th, 2019

jibberjobber-sliced-breadA bit of history on this “better than sliced bread” phrase.

There was once a time in history that was so horrible where people were so deprived, that they had to buy bread and then cut it into slices themselves.

I know. Traumatic.

According the Wikipedia, A guy named Otto, living in Iowa, invented the sliced bread machine in the early 1900’s. He built his first prototype in 1912 but it was not meant to be. A fire destroyed it. Humans had to wait, and labor unfairly with bread and knife, for sixteen more years before he “had a fully working machine ready.”

Of course, this new machine was a commercial success. Now we could spend less time slicing bread and more time [fill in the blank].

So yeah, pretty great stuff.

As an aside, and in case you ever go on Jeopardy!, did you know that in 1943 (during WWII) the U.S. Food Administrator Claude R. Wickard banned sliced bread “as a wartime conservation measure”? Boo and hiss. The ban started  on January 18, 1943 and, due to public outcry (which I’m guessing was pretty loud) only lived less than 50 days, ending on March 8, 1943 (even though the Food Distribution Administration was “prepeared to take stern measures.”

Long live sliced bread! Read the wikipedia article, you’ll get a good chuckle.


In May of 2006 I launched JibberJobber. It was, at the time, what I thought was the greatest thing since sliced bread for job seekers. JibberJobber was something never before seen for job seekers. at that time in history, career coaches and the like told job seekers to follow up. To be organized with all of their networking and applications and interviews.

How?” asked the masses.

We don’t know!” replied the experts. “Create an excel spreadsheet! Or, here’s a one page form you can print off and fill out (by hand – gasp!) to stay organized!

I found myself in a job search from January, Friday the 13th, in 2006, and soon figured out that I was doing it wrong. Then I figured out the whole job search world was “broken.” Long story short, move over sliced bread, enter JibberJobber!

Cue the applause.

Here we are, 13 years later and many man hours of development invested into JibberJobber. Things are going well. There is still much work to do, but it’s good.

I say “every 18 months” I have a brilliant idea. I always share them on this blog or from stage when I speak. And now it’s time to share my most recent 18 month moment of brilliance.

Project HOPE

jibberjobber_project_hopeI know it’s not cool to share the internal code name of a project externally, but there you go. We refer to this as Project HOPE. This comes from my conversation with legendary Dick Bolles (author of the iconic job search bible What Color is Your Parachute?), when he summed up my message as one of HOPE.

I don’t know what this product will eventually be called.

Project HOPE will go into alpha testing on Monday with a handful of active premium JibberJobber users. These are people who are deep into their job search, and using JibberJobber heavily. They are serious about getting out of the job search. I will give them the core of Project HOPE to go through. I will be anxious to get their feedback (and oh boy, they’ll give it to me!).

I expect the first version of Project HOPE, probably beta, to be available for everyone in four to eight weeks. And it can’t come soon enough.

The premise of Project HOPE is to address three big problems that every job seeker I have talked to are facing:

  1. Loneliness. It was during my job search, in 2006, that I was acutely lonely. I had people around me, for sure. But I felt like I was the only person in this pathetic situation of being unemployed. People didn’t know what I was going through, how life shattering it was, and how to help me. I didn’t know, either, so I couldn’t help them help me. It was an extremely lonely journey to go through.
  2. Depression. Let’s cut straight to the chase.. instead of talking about the emotional roller coaster in the job search, I want to focus on depression in the job search. I was depressed. I didn’t know it, but that depression had an impact on what I did, and the results I saw. My depression drove my job search, and depression is a horrible driver. No matter how happy job seekers look when you “network” with them, I bet there’s a hint (or a flood) of depression behind that smile.
  3. The Right Things. My first thought in the morning was “Oh boy. Let’s do the same 10 things today that I’ve done the last month… things that aren’t getting me anywhere. Am I doing the right things?” The right things are tricky. I remember going to a 2 day job search training, learning some exceptional tactics, and then a week or two later getting fed the “and here is a list of job postings you should apply to”… from the same people who taught this class! This is after they said “don’t waste your time on job boards.”  Confusing a little? What SHOULD we be doing as job seekers?

My program addresses those three things. I want to help you feel less lonely. I want to attack depression, and inspire hope. And I want to help you understand what the right things are.


I combine a few ideas and principles that I’ve come across over the last 13+ years talking with hundreds of career experts, and thousands of job seekers. From the bottom of Florida to the top of Washington state, from job ministries and MBA programs to living rooms and the phone, I’m distilling what I would advise you to do in the job search.

I’m combining this with my friend’s (phenomenal business success coach Mark LeBlanc) success principles that he teaches small businesses, who have remarkably similar/identical needs that job seekers have.

And really, I think this is the greatest things since sliced bread.

I think it can be the greatest thing, for job seekers, since JibberJobber. And combined with JibberJobber… wow!

Project Hope is a 6 week audio program. Each morning you listen to my voice (after bete feedback I plan on redoing it, and having me be on screen) and I walk you through your day. I train you in best practice job search tactics, starting at what you should do today, and then building every day for six weeks. It starts out pretty simple, baby-stepping you into the program, but soon you are doing the right things.

This program will not consume your day. In fact, for the first couple of weeks I expect it will take 30 to 60 minutes each day, which means you’ll have plenty of time to do your own stuff. It also means that if you are working a full-time job, you will be able to do this program.

As time goes on, as you learn more skills, as you learn Mark’s principles, the tasks get a little harder. But they also should produce more results to get you closer to the right job.

We are in the process of enhancing the audio recordings with a user experience in JibberJobber that will allow you to navigate through each day, see what your tasks are for the day, and provide accountability.

I wish I had this program in my job search to train me on best practices, help me know what to do each day, give me another voice in my head to listen to, and to provide accountability.

Is Project HOPE a coaching program?

No. Well, maybe kind of.

It is not customized coaching. You and me, we don’t talk. You listen to the recordings. I don’t give you specialized, unique-to-you next-steps and action items. We don’t break in the middle to prep you for your interview tomorrow.

It is a recorded program where I coach you on what to do and think today, and tomorrow, and the next day, until you land a job.

As I mentioned, it will not consume your day. You can make it as big or small as you want. It is designed to be something you can do every day without feeling like it is overwhelming.

So yeah, it’s kind of coaching. As I’ve written and recorded the program I’ve felt like I was your coach, your friend, your mentor, your cheerleader.  Does that mean it’s a coaching program? Not a full on program like my coaching friends have. If you need a coach, get a coach. If you are a coach, this might complement what you offer.

How much will this cost?

jibberjobber-moneyThis will not be in the JibberJobber premium package, which is only $60 a year. That’s as low as we can go for now on the JibberJobber side.

Right now the pricing is $397, however I’ll have an introductory price of $197 (I’m not sure how long I’ll have this price).  I realize that some of you are already paying for JibberJobber, and a resume, and a coach… I am not here to break your bank. I’m also not a government funded or charity program. I have bills to pay (I hate to even have to say that but I am continually asked why JibberJobber is not free (“Don’t you know job seekers have no money!!??”) .

When you are done with six weeks, you will have continued access to the program. You can start over, or start over at week 2 or 3 or whatever, or just listen to the Wednesday of week 6, as long as you want. You’ll also have new tools in your toolbox and enough training to allow you to do your own program after the 6 weeks is over. This program is about empowering you, not tying you to a 6 week program.

What about coaches and resume writers?

If you are a career expert (resume writer, coach, etc.), I want to empower you with this product for your clients. Email me (Jason at to learn more about the affiliate program.




JibberJobber Anniversary: JibberJobber, the Awkward Teen

May 17th, 2019

JibberJobber Awkward TeenThirteen.

We made it.

And now things get awkward.

Braces. A body that is growing and not quite there yet. The voice that breaks, not because of emotion but because of hormonal changes. Weird humor, and coming into ourselves.

That is who we are this year.

Not really… more than ever I feel like we are cleaner, faster, and better. More intuitive, and more feature-rich.

And I have grand plans for the future.

Oh wait, all of that aspiration is the same a 13 year old has. Ignoring the awkward, looking forward to the future with a drivers license, relationships, maybe even a job!!

Well, here we are. Thanks for being a part of the journey. And I hope the song lyrics are right: The best is yet to come!


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JibberJobber Job Comparison Tool

September 19th, 2018

Years ago I conceptualized a tool that would allow us to compare job offers or opportunities, side-by-side.  This week we released what I’ll call version 0.9. That is, it’s almost ready to be version 1 of awesome – we already have a list of features for version 2).  To get an early look at this, go to one of your Job Detail Pages and click on the Compare button towards the top-right:


In the next interface you add other jobs you want to compare against this job. You can see I’ve added two additional jobs, and in the box I simply start typing the title and I’ll have a list of other jobs to choose from:


From that last screen I click on the blue Compare Jobs button, and I come to this page… you can see each of the three jobs I’ve chosen across the top, with a number (which is a comparison score). Along the left are the criteria I think are important to compare against:


I’m a lot more interested in just the four things showing, so I click the settings button… the one in the middle of the three buttons on the right, and get this dropdown:


From there, I can easily add or remove critieria that I want to see on my comparison page. For me, the most important things to compare include salary (as ONE component of compensation), strength of health benefits, 401k match, opportunity for growth, strength of company in the industry, opportunity the company has to grow, the team I’d work with, etc.  To see those fields you have to put them in at least one Job record as custom fields. We’re working on making it easier to do that from this interface (then we’ll be in Version 1.0!). For now, you can simply check or uncheck the fields you want to show along the left (and, go into a Job and add any other custom fields, which will then show up in this dropdown).

In the screen above you can also see the three boxes with “10” in them… this allows you to weigh critieria differently. For example, if the commute time is more really important to you you will weigh that heavier than something else.

The reason we built this is because choosing jobs just based on salary is flawed. Salary is one part of the picture, but it should not be the only thing you consider.

Have ideas or requests? Shoot them to me at We’re working on making this better right now, and are anxious to hear what you think!

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JibberJobber Price Change

May 21st, 2018

Twelve years ago, almost to this day, JibberJobber went live. It was the best of times and the worst of times. The best because I was living my entrepreneurial dream, and ready to change the world. I was super optimistic. It was the worst of times because just five months earlier I was laid off and went through a horrible job search and experienced real, long-term depression.

For the Last Twelve Years We’ve Had Our Ups and Downs

Mine was truly an entrepreneurial journey. There was optimism and there were some very difficult periods.  I made a lot of decisions that were great,  and a lot that were not great. My pricing decisions have fallen into both of these categories at one point or another. I got a lot of advice, much of which was bad, and changed the pricing model a few times. Today I am announcing a new change that is probably long overdue.

It’s a hard thing to announce because it’s the first time we are going this direction. However, it is a critical decision I’ve had to make for the viability and future of JibberJobber.

The Change

Starting this week, the Free Level allows you to have 25 Contacts and 25 Companies (instead of 500 Contacts and 500 Companies). You still get access to all features except Email2Log, bulk importing, and push notifications on Reminders (Action Items).

What is the Premium Level?

The Premium Level price remains at $60 a year. You have unlimited access to all features, and you can add as many Contacts an Companies as you want, and you get full access to the JibberJobber Video Library.

Who Is This For?

All new signups will have a seven day trial period, where they get the Premium Level. After seven days they go down to the Free Level (25 Contacts/Companies and no Email2Log, etc.) until they upgrade.  Anyone who has signed up before this change will get 90 days of Premium to decide what to do before their account goes to the Free Level.

The Nuts and Bolts of Running JibberJobber

I have been personally funding JibberJobber for twelve years. The free accounts, the people who have used JibberJobber but never upgraded, the free upgrades for veterans, has mostly been funded out of my own pocket. My  two “investors,” my dad and my father-in-law, helped get JibberJobber up and running.

If I were to hire an experienced CEO today, he or she would probably make this decision immediately and without hesitation. He or she wouldn’t have the emotional ties to users, past and present, that I do. It would be a much easier decision because it is the right decision. For me, the emotion makes it’s a hard decision, but I know it is the right thing to do.

I understand that some users will be unhappy but for the good of the system, for improvements and upgrades and maintenance, to have a future with career management, we need to do this.

I appreciate your support. If you don’t support this and you go somewhere else, I respect that.

Here’s to another solid twelve years of helping people stay organized and land their dream job. If you choose to upgrade, please know that we are not squandering your money. It’s only $60 but we take that very serious, and are invested in making this better, faster, and more relevant for you.



New: Push Reminders to Google Calendar! (almost a Google Sync)

March 12th, 2018

We have been working on something that we hope you love. You can now push your Action Items (aka Reminders) to Google Calendar. This is not a two-way sync because we don’t want all of your Google stuff on your JJ Reminders panel, and we don’t want all of the Log Entries on your Google Calendar… so we’re starting with just putting things you need to do in your job search pushing from JibberJobber to Google Calendar. Based on the feedback we get we might expand this, and if this works well we’ll work on other calendars ( is next, I think).

How do you do this? It’s in beta, so it’s a little hidden… but it only takes a few minutes to set up. Here’s what we suggest:


On the left side of your Google Calendar (not in JibberJobber), you’ll see a list of your calendars. There is a plus icon (see the red number 1, below)… click that to add a new calendar to your calendars (see the red number 2, below).


After you click the plus icon, click New calendar from the dropdown.


On the New calendar page, add your new calendar. You can see how I did it below.


Now, your new calendar will show up with your other calendars :) That was easy!



In JibberJobber, mouse over Logs and choose Send to Google Calendar (this will be put in other places later, once we are out of beta).


On the next page click the button to Connect to Google Calendar.


Then, Google wants to know what account you want to send to… I have more than one, but I work out of my @gmail calendar.


Google wants to know that you are legit, and not a bad guy or a bot, so here’s one last verification… just click Allow (if you chose the right account)


Then, they want to know which calendar to send it to. You can see I have various calendars to choose from… choose the one you just created, then click Submit.


Now you are sending Reminders!!


Create a Log Entry, and then click on the Reminders tab and put a Reminders date (put something for today, in a few hours).


That’s it… every time you do this we queue it up and send it to the Calendar.


Go to your Google calendar, make sure your JibberJobber Calendar is showing, and see if it showed up. Mine looks like this (note each Calendar is color coded… my JibberJobber calendar happens to be purple).


That’s it! After you take a few minutes to set this up you don’t have to think about it anymore. You can hide the new JibberJobber calendar from your view, if you want, or you can go into JibberJobber and disable this feature and stop sending stuff.

Note that if you close something in either place it does not close it in the other place… so it’s not doing task management (yet).  Let’s see how this goes, and the feedback we get, and we’ll decide where to go from here.

Let us know if you have problems or suggestions :)


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