JibberJobber Upgrade: What You Get

August 24th, 2017

When you upgrade on JibberJobber you get a few things… including the new JibberJobber Video Library. This is a killer value because before it used to be $50 per course, but now all courses in the library are included, plus JibberJobber Premium Features for a year, for only $60.

I recently fixed video 03 of the new LinkedIn course, which is about the Above the Fold part of your LinkedIn Profile. The wrong video had been there before (sorry!).

This video is eight+ minutes of how to optimize the top part of your Profile, from the Picture to your name (an SEO trick?) to your professional headline to your summary (new info!!) to more.


$60 gets you that, and the other courses, plus Email2Log, importing, email reminders, and no limits on Contacts and Companies records.

At the bottom of every page you can click on Upgrade or Pricing to learn more or to do the upgrade…




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JibberJobber Job Search Widget, Version 2!

August 18th, 2017

We have released the new version of the Job Search Widget. This is on the heels of the first release almost a month ago, and we have incorporated the requests we’ve gotten.  This makes the widget more robust and functional.

Most of the functionality is similar to what we had before, but note:

  1. the first arrow, we changed Description to Job Description. Never a bad idea to be super clear :)
  2. Super awesome additonal functionality, we are now doing associations like you see on the web and mobile apps… so from this new Job, you can associate Contacts and Companies. Like on the web, start typing a name and you’ll see a dropdown of options to choose from. This is a superpower of JibberJobber… to map all of the connections and companies and contacts… and now you can do it with the widget.
  3. We also added the Tags to a new record.  Tags are also a very powerful part of JibberJobber, and an important way to organize the data you are collecting.


If you have any requests, let us know! The next big project for this team is to go into version 2 of the mobile app.  I expect great things :)

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New JibberJobber Landing Page: Something New, Fresh, and Simple

August 2nd, 2017

Last year when I was working with Udie, my UX guy in San Francisco, I learned that on a page, every field that you have to enter something presents a choice… and one of our goals is to reduce the choices.

No, this isn’t a political statement… it’s simply a design technique to help clean up websites that are too confusing.

When we started working together he said, “Jason, one thing I’m going to do is take away a lot of stuff from JibberJobber.”  Ugh, I thought… I don’t want to be like that company that takes away features that people use and love!

He wasn’t talking about taking away (and retiring) features… he was talking about cleaning up each page so it isn’t confusing, rather it’s closer to a single-purpose.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to take away the power of JibberJobber… but we are on a mission to clean things and make each page more intuitive. And, where we can, make the site look more updated.

And that’s why we have worked on updating the landing page (and static, logged-out pages) of JibberJobber.  There’s one change we made that, years ago, I would not have done… but every single thing we have on this page is where it is for a reason.  I hope that these changes continue to move us closer to the target. I won’t pretend that we are done, or “this is it,” but I think this is a really good move in the right direction.

The most important thing to realize is that if you are going to login (and you already have an account), you need to click the login link at the top-right.  The form that’s on the front page is to create new accounts, not to login to your existing account.


Well, that’s it. This update doesn’t impact the functionality of JibberJobber, but I hope it has an impact on new signups!

Thanks for your support, we’ll be releasing some other new features soon!

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JibberJobber Job Search Widget (Chrome)

July 26th, 2017

Do you use Chrome to surf the internet? Check out our new JibberJobber Job Search Widget (version 1), which helps you grab information from the sites you visit and enter that information into JibberJobber (as a new Job, Contact, or Company record)!


Simply click the “ADD TO CHROME” blue button, and you’ll have your widget on the top of your browser, like this:


Then, just go to any page and click the icon (NOTE: It will want you to login to the widget, even if you are logged in on the website. Not sure why… added security?) For example, I went to my LinkedIn page and clicked it and this is what I see:


Notice the name and URL were pulled in… I can easily type anything else I want in the form on the right… and then scroll down to find the Save button.  If I want to copy and paste from the page, I have to select the text from the page and copy first, then click the widget icon to open this form. I’m not sure if that’s a widget limitation or not, but if we can, we’ll make that easier in the next version.

Here’s a job I grabbed from Indeed… I’m getting used to selecting and copying the description, and then hitting the widget icon, so I can paste the description into the right place:


Like I said, this is the first version… think Beta… we are already putting together a list of enhancements for the next version. If you have any suggestions to make this better for you, please let us know (here’s the Contact page).






LinkedIn for Job Seekers, almost all videos are up!

July 17th, 2017

Last week I announced that I was about to release the fifth edition of the LinkedIn for Job Seekers video course. It’s all up now, with the exception of two bonus videos, a short introduction, and a video on how to import into JibberJobber. None of those are too critical, but they will be uploaded as soon as I get them done. For now, enjoy the real meat of this training… simply mouse over Tools, then click on JibberJobber Videos, and then you’ll see the 5th Edition at the top. Here are some of the videos:


As I mentioned, this is part of the premium bundle that includes the entire JibberJobber Video Library.  It’s a great deal, at only $60 for a year of JibberJobber premium and the video library!

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JibberJobber Is Free. And You Can Also Upgrade.

July 16th, 2017

Last week someone deleted their JibberJobber account with this message:

 “I thought this was a free application and was surprise to see there was a 14 day time limit. When individuals are seeking alternative employment, cost is critical.”

I appreciate the last sentence, helping me understand that unemployed people think cost is critical.

I designed and developed JibberJobber when I was unemployed, and I financed it by draining my 401k, which is now gone. I understand that cost is critical.

Let me clarify a some things:

First, you can easily use JibberJobber for free.  The way I designed it is that you can have a free-for-life account that has almost every single feature we’ve built. In fact, a few years ago we took some thirty or forty premium features and moved them to the free side. The free level of JibberJobber is extremely functional.

Second, there is not a “14 day time limit.” What we do is give you a fourteen day trial of the Premium features.  After the fourteen days, you go back to the extremely useful and functional free level.  Why do we give you fourteen days to try out the premium side?  Two reasons: One, so you can easily import your contacts from Outlook, LinkedIn, a spreadsheet, etc.  It’s pretty awesome to be able to do a mass import at the beginning, rather than type contacts in one-by-one. We give you fourteen days to do this because, well, you are busy, and you procrastinate. Hopefully two weeks is enough to do this task that takes about ten or twenty minutes (although it can take longer). Two, obviously, we’d love for you to upgrade for only $60/year. To entice you, we let you try out the other premium features, like Email2Log.  That’s the number one reason people upgrade… why not try it out for a couple of weeks?

Third, JibberJobber is not government sponsored. Someone has to pay for the people who work on it, and the servers, etc. In a world of “give me free,” or “give me free because I’m unemployed,” and “I got a free game on my phone!!”, we understand that we are weird. But, we have bills to pay, families to feed, etc. And we want to keep working here, on this project, and helping people.  If this becomes free, without some way of paying our company bills (like advertisers, which we aren’t super keen on), then I imagine JibberJobber will start to get cobwebs, some broken things, etc.  And that will be no fun for anyone.

Sorry that something costs money, but that’s the world we live in.  We’ve worked hard to reduce the cost while improving the value to you… something we continue to do every single day.

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LinkedIn for Job Seekers, Fifth Edition Video Course

July 12th, 2017

Today I am adding the twenty three videos that make up the fifth edition of the LinkedIn for Job Seekers course into the JibberJobber Video Library.

I used to sell this as a DVD, then as a streaming course, for $50.  But now you can get this course, AND all of the other courses, AND JibberJobber Premium, for one year for only $60. It’s like it’s Black Friday all the time around here :)  Just login and then click the bottom link to upgrade to get access to this course, the rest of the video library, and all JibberJobber Premium features.

There are still a few tweaks I need to clean up, but instead of making you wait to access it, you’ll have the whole thing today or tomorrow. We’ll do our cleanup in the background and hopefully you won’t notice anything amiss :)

Here are three videos that you’ll like:

LinkedIn Search Optimization: one of the reasons people upgrade is to get better search results. I tell them, why not learn how to use LinkedIn search better, so you get better results whether you upgrade OR NOT?


Asking for and using Recommendations: LinkedIn has made a big deal out of skills and endorsements, but Recommendations is, in my opinion, much more powerful. This is a great opportunity to network, and get specific language you can use for your personal branding.  In this video I teach you what you are really after (what kind of language is valuable to you), how to ask for a Recommendation and get one that is awesome (instead of vague dribble), and then what to do with the Recommendation once you get it.


Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile: Below The Fold: LinkedIn made some HUGE changes to your Profile in 2017, and it’s so important to understand what we can do to still have people find, read, and be impressed with our Profile.  The beauty of my LinkedIn Profile writing system is that you can add to it and tweak over time… you don’t have to sit down for to solid days and pour all of your creativity into it. Let’s make your Profile great!


Those are just three screenshots… you can see the videos are about ten minutes long…. I tried to make them shorter because all the experts say we our attention spans are too short for anything over three minutes, but really, there’s just too much to say. So, you get about ten minutes to learn what you need to learn.

Here’s the table of contents… I’ll add and update this over time to keep it current.

01: Introduction

02: The Landing Page

03: Profile: Above the Fold

04: Profile: The Summary

05: Profile: Below the Fold

06: Profile: Adding Rich Media

07: Profile: Wrap-up

08: Giving Recommendations

09: Receiving Recommendations

10: Companies

11: LinkedIn Groups

12: LinkedIn Jobs

13: Optimizing Search

14: X-ray Search

15: Communicating with Others through LinkedIn

16: Settings and Privacy

17: Status Updates and Posting Articles

18: BONUS: Exporting Contacts (for backup)

19: BONUS: Cleaning Exported Contacts

20: BONUS: FAQs I Get About LinkedIn

21: BONUS: Importing into JibberJobber

22: BONUS: Ten Things to Do or Know Right Now

Want access to this? Go to JibberJobber, login, then click Pricing or Upgrade at the very bottom.  You’ll see this new course up by tomorrow night under Tools >> JibberJobber Videos.



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Big Projects In The Queue

June 30th, 2017

I usually don’t blog about the stuff we are working on, but I’ll make an exception today.  Each of these things are exciting for various reason… and I I expect to see most of them released in the next four weeks (or earlier, depending on how they pass through QA).

Custom Fields Major Enhancement: Data Types

Sounds jargony, right? Here’s the result: when we allow you to put a data type on a custom field (or user defined field) that you create, you can do more with your data. For example, right now we don’t have an explicit type (so it’s just a default type)… you can put whatever you want in any custom field.  But it’s hard for us to order, or sort, that data. Why? Normal ordering is based on numeric or alphabetical values… A, then B, then C, etc.  But, when it comes to numbers, sometimes 10 comes before 2, and when it comes to time, 61 seconds is not the same as 1 minute and 1 second (as far as ordering goes).  Sure, we could write all kinds of logic to figure out all the different ways to order and sort non-(data-)typed data, but the right answer is to allow YOU to say “this is a date,” or “this is a phone number,” etc.

This project is massive as it touches a lot of different parts of JibberJobber: The add/edit pages (of Contacts, Companies, Jobs), the List Panels, the Detail Pages, etc.  And, because those pages have grown in features (like, in-line editing on the List Panels), there are a lot of places we need to touch.

Okay, that is my technical definition… trust me, this is going to allow you to do more with your data. This is almost ready for QA to test (or, as I say, beat up :))

Jobs Browser Plugin

It was finally the right time to have a developer to focus on a browser plugin that allows you to push a button and pull a job into JibberJobber. You can imagine this isn’t super simple… the formatting of a job on different websites is different enough that the logic is pretty complex.

But, we want to make it easier to get data into JibberJobber, and everyone likes the concept of one button to pull in a lot of data. Phase I of this project is in testing right now.

Coach Dashboard Gets Cleaner

Did you know that career coaches have access to a Coach Dashboard that allows them to interface and interact with their clients?  We’re giving this feature, which we’ve had in the system for over ten years, a much needed face-lift and enhancement. The first step is to clean up the language and modernize what this looks like. Then, the plan is to make the features for coaches richer, and more useful, so that they can have better communication and interaction with their clients.

New Logged-out Interface

It’s time to, again, simplify and clean up JibberJobber’s front page when you are logged out. We want to reduce the noise and make the page faster to load. This cleaning should help JibberJobber continue to grow for years to come.

There’s more we have in the works… any requests?

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JibberJobber Lowest Price Announcement

June 22nd, 2017

A few weeks ago, while hiking somewhere in Europe, I had a realization: It was time to consolidate our offerings and lower the total price.

Today we have finished the work to make that easy for you to do just that. You can simply click the Upgrade or Pricing links from the bottom of any page, when you are logged into JibberJobber, and you’ll be on your way to having a year of all the JibberJobber features and the entire video library (which will grow over the next year+).


I want to write paragraphs and paragraphs of why this is great for you, and why we came to this decision, and the history of our pricing changes, but really, all you need to know is that you are getting JibberJobber + the Video Library for a killer deal… about 75% off of the list price (which was $9.95/month for each of those)… now it’s only $60 for everything for a year.

One $60 upgrade gets you JibberJobber premium for a year and access to the entire video library (including LinkedIn for Job Seekers) for a year!

Please share this with your job search friends. This price will make it a lot easier for many more people to get in control of their careers and get closer to their dream job. More importantly, they’ll be prepared for the changes they’ll experience during the duration of their careers.

We’re here to empower YOU.  Take advantage of this new pricing and get everything we have to offer!

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Announcing an Upcoming Pricing Change

June 5th, 2017

Since 2006 we’ve been trying to figure out how to provide value to you…. the job seeker. Well, the person who cares about their career… whether you are in a job search now, or soon will be. Or, the person who is fine but knows that nothing is secure, and wants to get prepared.

We’ve added features, we’ve lowered prices, we’ve added video tutorials, we’ve offered bundles, we invested in the mobile app, and right now I have a team of developers who are all working on very awesome features that should be rolled out in the next few months.

But there’s always more we can do to add value to you. I want to provide a suite of tools to the job seeker that no other company comes close to… that is tools, education, opportunities, etc.  And I want to do it in such a way that it’s a no-brainer… I want this to be THE TOOL for your job search AND career management now, and until you retire! I want JibberJobber to be your place to go to organize your job search, improve your network relationships, and learn about career management.  I want you to be more empowered and in control than I was when I lost my job in 2006.

We will continue to invest. While I’ve been on “holiday” in Europe (holiday means a long vacation, which is a foreign concept to people in the U.S.) I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction to move. Do we invest in A, or B, or C? What will be best for YOU? What will be best for the longevity of JibberJobber?

In the last almost-three weeks that I’ve had to ponder this, I’ve come to a realization: It’s time to change the prices.  In fact, I have a developer that has spent the last almost-two months simplifying the upgrade page and process, making it easier to upgrade, and removing some confusion.

Last week I had some quiet time and I was really contemplating this and I felt that it was time to further simplify the pricing.  In the past we’ve had three levels (Free, Silver, Premium), and you could choose from monthly, three months, six months, 12 months, 24 months, and lifetime.  That was too many choices (3*6=18) and when we simplified it (removed silver level, to have only 12 remaining choices) our upgrades increased.  We also changed our one year upgrade from $99, which represented a $20 savings, to $60, which represented a 50% savings.  We saw another big increase in upgrades.

It’s time to do it again. Not too long ago I announced that I was going to beef up the video library, and make it a netflix-style payment plan. That is, you could get ALL of my career management videos for $10/month, or you could get them for discounts if you (a) got them for a year, or (b) bundled it with JibberJobber Premium (another $60/year).

The total package of everything I had to offer was $120: $60 for JibberJobber for a year + $60 for the JibberJobber Video Library for a year.

$120 a month.

The inspiration I got last week was to go back to the $60/year price, and include both the JibberJobber app as well as the video library.

My team is working on this right now… so it will be automated. If you want to upgrade now and get both, just do a one year JibberJobber upgrade ($60) and we’ll add the video library access on the backend.

This will simplify your choices and the interface, and it will be a lot lighter on your pocketbook.

Why are we doing this? Because of volume. We have enough signups each month that it makes sense. If we get enough conversions at this discounted rate, we’ll keep doing it. As long as it makes sense, we all help one another get the discounts.  If it doesn’t work out then we’ll go back to regular pricing ($60 + $60), but I think this is going to work.

So there you go… I wrote this while sitting in a hotel lobby near Paris, waiting to leave for the airport. I hope it makes sense. If you are willing to support our mission of helping job seekers land a role, and anyone who cares about their career have better career management, get a one year upgrade. Tell your friends. Advocate for us at job clubs, networking groups, online, even to family…!

What is our commitment to you?

My team will continue to work on projects to make your JibberJobber, job search, career management, and networking experiences better, richer, more effective. I feel like we have SO MUCH work to do. I feel like we are moving SLOW. But I have a team of people who care about you, and they care about JibberJobber. And they’ll continue to work with them to make JibberJobber what it should be.

My commitment is that, when I get back to my home office (later this month, I still have to spend time in Rome and Barcelona on my “holiday”), I will sit down and crank out the videos. I will build an awesome video library for you, focusing on job search, networking, social tools (especially LinkedIn), and even go into entrepreneurship and things to do to make you a better employee… this video library is going to be awesome!  The video library alone will be worth more than the $60 a year, but I feel like adding the JibberJobber networking tool to it will really empower you.

So there you go… a preannouncement because it hasn’t been programmed in yet, but it will be soon. Email me ( or Liz ( if you are ready to get this awesome deal.  (If you have upgraded in the last year, we’ll include the video library… just email us your username and we’ll expedite it for you).

NOTE: Of course, we will still have the very powerful and functional free level.

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