How JibberJobber and Pluralsight Help Veterans and Job Seekers

August 11th, 2015

It’s obvious that JibberJobber is all about empowering job seekers in their search, and with their networking.  You might not know that Pluralsight is helping job seekers, too.  If you want a 30 day unrestricted pass to Pluralsight, check out the short video on this page.  You can watch all of my videos, as well as any of the 3,000+ videos in the library, at no cost.  I would say the value of this is priceless, or at least worth hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars, but the normal list price for Pluralsight videos is only $30/month.

Anyway, check out this partnership announcement: White House Demo Day: Pluralsight partners with TechHire to give $20M in free courses. My friends at Pluralsight went to D.C. and met with White House people… and announced twenty million dollars of freeness they are giving away.  That is to help people in their careers, and that is awesome!

Also, check out what they are doing for “USAR Soldiers, direct family members, and veterans”: 50% off Pluralsight – we’ve got your six! I think this is a great start to helping this audience transition to civilian jobs, and help their family members.

At JibberJobber we’ve been doing this for nine years, and it was awesome for me to learn that Pluralsight has similar initiatives!


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JibberJobber Partner: Linsey Levine of CareerCounsel

May 25th, 2011

Linsey Levine has been a JibberJobber partner for  years.  Last year I had a choice meeting with her where we talked about Personality Tests… er, Personality ASSESSMENTS.  They aren’t tests, as Linsey went on to explain.  She clearly has a lot of training and experience using assessments to help people understand what direction they should be pointed in in the job search.

Linsey works with a lot of executives, although she has a breadth of experience in the career space.  I asked he if she would write something to introduce herself… here’s what she sent me:

After an early career that included attorney search, teaching, and editing, I found myself stuck – with really no idea what to do next. An epiphany helped me make a mid-life career change myself, and now I partner with other people in career pain, career depression, and career limbo – to help them get unstuck. It was the best choice and decision that I ever made! I love my work, my clients, and making a difference.

My passion for helping people uncover, discover, or turn on their light, enables them to consciously create successful career paths that are aligned with their values, gifts, interests, and unique strengths .

I have a private Career Coaching /Counseling / Resume Writing practice in White Plains, Westchester NY, and also facilitate ExecuNet Networking meetings in the tri-state area. As Adjunct Faculty of the Graduate School of the College of New Rochelle, I taught the Career Development Masters curriculum and supervised interns. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Master Career Development Professional(MCDP).

As a client so aptly observed, “ You are a CAREer, you put the CARE into Care(er),” so I love to provide inspirational and practical advice, as well as resources and valuable connections. I am an active member of the Career Counselors Consortium, Career Management Alliance, Association for Psychological Type, Career Development Specialists Network, National Career Development Association, Association of Career Professionals International, and National Resume Writers Association.

There is a major difference between a career coach and a career counselor. I’m proud to have Linsey as a JibberJobber Partner, and offer both skillsets to her clients, and helps them with counseling, coaching and resumes.

Learn more about Linsey Levine on LinkedIn or from her website.

Here are some links of interest:

Career Counseling and Coaching

Resume Writing Services

Career Workshops

ExecuNet Facilitated Networking Meetings

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JibberJobber Partner: Kim Mohiuddin, Movin’ On Up Resumes

April 20th, 2011

Meet Kim Mohiuddin, another JibberJobber partner.  I like Kim a lot … I’ve met her at numerous conferences. At one of the last conferences (in San Diego) I got to chat with her more than usual and learn about her business – I was impressed!

Kim has an interesting practice – she is a resume writer and a coach (well, maybe not a coach, readh below and judge for yourself :)), but she’s… different.  Her typical client is looking for something different, to position themselves differently.  One thing that jumped out to me is her passion for creating a career portfolio in way that I haven’t seen before.

Here’s a message from Kim, to you:

I work one-on-one with mostly executive clients and at all levels through my small team of hand-picked writers. My clients come from all fields and industries, and their common qualities are:

  1. An understanding that they need to be active participants in creating their documents if they are to be meaningful. (notice, she didn’t say “resumes”)
  2. An affinity for the idea that storytelling is a core component of successful career documents.

My background as a creative writer (I had a novel with an agent by the age of 25) and successful sales/marketing pro has translated into an ability to help clients crystallize and communicate their story and value proposition in a way that gets decision-makers interested.

Though I am a writer, not a coach, my clients repeatedly tell me that our work together has empowered them to authentically and enthusiastically articulate their value, core competencies, and ROI (return on investment) for the company that hires them.

My firm also delivers teleseminars on career-related topics and offers outplacement services for companies who are downsizing and want to give their departing employees a leg-up in their next career move.

You can learn more about Kim and her services at her Movin’on up blog and/or newsletter (on the left).  She also writes stuff for YOU on Twitter: @kimmohiuddin.

Check her out!

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JibberJobber Partner: Christine Dennison, Dennison Career Services

April 13th, 2011

Meet Chris Dennison, a JibberJobber Partner who owns the very awesome domain :)

Chris has been helping job seekers since 1989.  When I asked she didn’t say helping, she said she has been “reducing stress for job seekers since 1989.”  She also said:

I have taken countless clients through the maze of resume creation, branding, Internet strategies, networking, and interview techniques. I offer a deep knowledge of new-millennium best practices and a wealth of practical advice from my previous experience in business operations, marketing, corporate HR, training, and headhunting.

You know what I like about this?  Chris is saying she helps you navigate all this stuff to help you land – she isn’t out to make you the expert in what she has expertise in (no job seeker wants that, unless they are looking at becoming a coach) – she uses her expertise to help you get through the journey! She continues:

My resume-writing style is a no-hype snapshot – a fresh alternative to the traditional dense and overwritten document. Coaching, editing, research and strategy work is done at an hourly rate, “on call” as needed for answers to specific situations that come up throughout the search process.

Chris is active on the career coach discussion lists, and is especially passionate about LinkedIn.  You can learn more about her at the links below (click here to see how she stays active and involved in today’s job search process):

Dennison Career Services website

Chris Dennison on LinkedIn

Some of Chris Dennison’s Job Search Tips

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JibberJobber Partner: Beverly Harvey of Harvey Careers

April 6th, 2011

Today I’m introducing you to another JibberJobber Partner: Beverly Harvey of Harvey Careers.

I met Beverly at one of the conference I go to with career coaches and was intrigued by the respect she got from others at the conference.  She has been in this business for 20 years and has developed a successful business helping many, many professionals navigate their job search.

Beverly is anxious to stay up-to-date on technologies and trends and regularly attends my webinars.  I recently finished a social media for coaches training that focuses on LinkedIn, and she went through more than six hours of indepth instruction on how to help her clients get the most value out of a LinkedIn strategy.

Beverly Harvey is cleary committed to learning, as can be seen in her certifications in branding, career transitions, resume writing, job search, online identity management and career management.  Want to see the alphabet soup on her email signature?  Check this out:

Combine those trainings and certifications with what she learns every day from her clients as they are faced with new challenges and you’ll find a career coach who is absolutely passionate about being empowered with knowledge of today’s tactics and strategies for job seekers.

Beverly says:

“I love to work with senior-level operating and management executives who have trouble singing their own praises or bragging about themselves.  I have a unique way of turning those seemingly chest-pounding assertions into factual, quantifiable accomplishments that drive home their branded value proposition and get them hired.

If you’re a senior-level executive who is ready for advancement and would like an expert to guide you through the complexities of career management, call me at 888-775-0916 or send an email to”

Go ahead, give her a call… or check out one of her group training programs (at Harvey Careers).

Harvey Careers website

Beverly’s Harvey Careers blog

Beverly Harvey on LinkedIn

Beverly Harvey on Twitter

Beverly Harvey on Facebook

Does she have a book?  Yup.  Check out Insider Job Search Tips & Resources for 17 Top Industries.

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JibberJobber Partner: Liz Handlin of Ultimate Resumes

March 30th, 2011

I am going to (re)introduce my JibberJobber Partners to you, starting with Liz Handlin of Ultimate Resumes.  I met Liz a number of years ago and she was one of the first to sign up for the JibberJobber Partnership.

Liz is a delightful colleague, working out of Austin, Texas. She has a strong background in the financial space and gave me one of the keenest tips, from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, as I was just starting my business.

Liz runs Ultimate Resumes, which focuses on helping mostly senior executives across many industries and located in many different countries.  Here are some things she says about her business:

Ultimate Resumes is targeted mostly to global senior executives across a wide variety of public and private sector industries including technology, finance, energy, law, accounting, and manufacturing.

My client base has grown to include global executives located in countries including Japan, Thailand, London, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Kenya, and the Middle East.

I have extensive experience working with military officers who are exiting the military and looking for their next gig.

I am not the least expensive resume service but I am the best because of my own breadth of business experience, my education (BA and MBA from the University of Chicago), and my experience in working with and learning from executives to develop resumes, bios, and board packages.

I have appreciated my relationship with Liz over the years – if you are looking for an executive resume writer who specializes in executives with a global reach (or military officers, or financial executives, etc.), check out Liz’s stuff:

Ultimate Resumes website

Ultimate Resumes blog

Liz Handlin on LinkedIn

Liz Handlin on Twitter

Wait! Did I mention she is an author of a resource I’ve cited here before?  Check out the Ultimate Book of Sample Thank You and Sympathy Notes – what I consider a MUST HAVE for someone who needs to send thank you notes! (yes, that would be ALL OF US!)

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