A Daily Job Search “Coach”?

August 19th, 2019

JibberJobber Job Search Coach ProgramThea Kelley was one of my alpha testers of the JibberJobber Job Search Program. She gave me regular and important feedback to help polish the product. In fact, over the years she’s given me great feedback and input on JibberJobber, and my LinkedIn stuff. While I’ve not met her yet in person, we’ve communicated a ton over the years, and I’ve appreciated her friendship and the way she thinks.

I love her post from today titled A “Coach” You Can Afford: the Jibberjobber Job Search Program. She helps me see my own stuff from a different perspective. She should help me see things differently, considering her specialty is as a job search interview coach. If you are getting interviews but not winning them I highly recommend you invest in yourself and get an expert to help you win. The alternative is too costly.

Speaking of too costly, Thea writes the average job search is five months. YUCK. If you make $50k a year, 5 months represents a loss of almost $21,000 in income. How much should you pay to reduce that? Every month is worth a little over $4k. Thea writes:

“It would help to have a coaching call with a job search expert every morning, but many job seekers can’t afford that level of support.”

And that is where the JibberJobber Job Search Program comes in. Even from me, though… go see what Thea writes on her post about it.

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Job Search Program Feedback 2 from Rob Joseph

July 30th, 2019

Rob Joseph MBA Finance Executive OhioYesterday I introduced you to Rob Joseph, MBA, a finance executive who is in Ohio. I shared a bit of our communication, and his thoughts about the Job Search Program. A couple of weeks after I got that email, I got this:

“Yesterday, my second voicemail request for an informational interview resulted in an immediate callback, a 40-minute phone conversation, and an invitation for me to interview in person with a consulting firm in two weeks time.  Fantastic!

[This] method really works!”

That email made my day! The principles of the job search and Rob’s willingness to do it, and end a job search, is what works! Great job Rob!
This can work for you! There’s no silver bullet, nothing magical… and no secrets. It’s a system, based on principle, and your consistent efforts. Ready to get started? Follow the instructions here.

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Job Search Program Feedback 1 from Rob Joseph

July 29th, 2019

Rob Joseph MBA Finance Executive OhioRob Joseph is a finance executive in Ohio. He came across JibberJobber a few months ago and I invited him to be an alpha tester of the Job Search Program. He jumped on it when there wasn’t even an app… I sent him a link to the audio every day. What did he have to say about it early on?

“The key advantage of [today’s audio] is that it got me free from analysis paralysis that has had me stuck for some time.  I was under the impression I had to read every job search book in my library before getting started with my actual, systematic job search.  You told me to get started, and I did.”

This program is all about getting moving. I don’t intend to make you an expert in job search strategy… I also felt like I had to read a lot and study before I could dive into the job search. Instead of spending days and weeks studying to understand, trust me, and work this job search program. You’ll learn as you go, but you don’t need to delay progress and results while learning. Rob continues:

“Also, as much as I liked and learned from your PluralSight videos, this short podcast was much more action-oriented.  I got me to take action.”

I love my Pluralsight courses, too. But they have a different intention and a different audience. This job search program is intended for a job seeker who is serious about making progress and landing a great job. They are ready to put in the work and do hard things. Is that you? Follow the instructions here to get started.

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Announcing: The Jason Alba Job Search Program

July 22nd, 2019

jibberjobber-jason-alba-job-search-program-launchI don’t know if we’ll keep that name. But Project HOPE is already taken (by a really cool charity). The JibberJobber Job Search Program doesn’t convey the right meaning (because the program doesn’t center around JibberJobber). The Jason Alba Job Search Program sounds a little pretentious… but more important than the name is what the program is.


The Job Search Program is a day-by-day system that you work on on your own. You listen to audio of me instructing you what to do every single day. It starts, I think, slow and simple. But within a couple of weeks you are doing the most important thing you can in a job search: informational interviews. You are doing these effectively and you are getting introductions and you are getting closer to hiring managers and influencers.

I know, that sounds kind of scary.

But let me tell you a scary short story:


That might be the scariest short story I’ve ever written. But I’ve seen it, in real life.

In my job search program we build up to it. We start off gently. You learn tactics and get training and practice. Eventually you are having the right meetings with the right people and getting the right introductions. And then you find yourself focusing your time on people who are in your target companies and roles and industries, and you are having the right conversations. You are finally making progress in your job search.

No more spinning wheels. No more being chicken for days which turn to weeks which turns to months… we start NOW.

Ready to do the work? Ready to end this horrid status of being unemployed?

Let’s do this, together.

Go into JibberJobber, click the little funky app icon on the top-right, and then click the Job Search Program icon. You’ll need to set up an account and pay $197. And then, we get to work so we can get to work!


Let’s do it!

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