Ask The Expert with Robert Merrill (internal recruiter)

February 26th, 2014

On Tuesday, March 4th at 9am Mountain Time (do the math on your own Time Zone so you don’t call in an hour early… or late!), we’ll talk with Robert Merrill.

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Robert is a friend of mine who I met at blog dinners many years ago.  While I haven’t seen him in person for years, we keep in touch mostly through chat and email.  Robert is a busy guy, and has had some crazy-cool recruiting jobs.  When I met him he was a tech recruiter at a staffing firm.  Since then he has been in-house at Novell (which was “kind of a big deal” here in Utah for a while), and is currently a senior “engineering and technical recruiter” at Fuision-io, which I think is the greatest thing to come out of Utah’s tech space in a long time.

Robert is a … how do I say this,… a geeky nerd.  Let me clarify – he has great people skills, and can communicate very well (which you’ll figure out on Tuesday).  But he LOVES to learn.  He loves technology and dabbles in it all the time.  He is also one of the better recruiting bloggers out there… check out his blog at Connected Well.  Click the link below to see his LinkedIn profile:



Anyway, join us on Tuesday.  And put your questions in the comments below, or shoot me an email so I can list them and be ready with YOUR questions.



51 Alternatives to a Real Job interview with Jeff Rock

August 9th, 2013

Yesterday I spent 30 minutes on an interview with Jeff Rock, a career and personal branding coach.  It is always fun to brag about your own stuff and Jeff was a gracious host.

The book is now available in paperback, on the kindle, and on other ereaders.

I hope this short interview inspires you – I really get jazzed talking about this stuff.  This is the stuff that helped me go from hopeless and depressed in my own job search to hopeful and excited when I expanded my vision from looking for a traditional job to being open to creating other revenue streams.

Enjoy the interview!  (click the icon to go to the blogtalkradio page, then push play there or click here to download)




Favorite Friday: Radio Interviews with Job Talk America

November 26th, 2010

I regularly do interviews on the radio… here are links to 4 I’ve done for Job Talk America:

10-12-10: “The Simple And Important Steps To Start Blogging To Help You Get A Job

6-30-10 : “How To Get Noticed Among 40,000 People In Linkedin

6-23-10: “How To Use Facebook To Get A Job

6-15-10: “Your Job Search Data Is All Over The Place. Now What Do I Do?

I like interviews but don’t do them as often as I did when the LinkedIn book first came out.

I hope you enjoy these short interviews :)

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College Graduate’s Job Search Going Bad?

June 14th, 2010

Here’s a great post from Thom Singer about a recent grad in a not-fun job search.  Thom has some good advice (6 points, including 1. Don’t get discouraged, 4. Ask your friends how they found their jobs, 5. Network like your life depends on it… because it does!).

One thing that jumps out at me from this story is this:

I never heard from her again. She did not have business cards, so I had no way of reaching out to her to see if she has made any progress in finding a job.

Do you have a business card?  People WANT TO HELP YOU.  They really do.  Thom just met this person but he was interested in following up.  And Thom is on track to know about 1/2 of the people in the U.S. this decade… wouldn’t he be someone you want in your corner?

She missed out on an opportunity because she wasn’t ready with a business card… it really takes just a few bucks and a few minutes and you can get your own. I get mine from Vistaprint.

College grads need to step up… they are out of the institution where their demands and expectations are artificially driven by professors… it’s time to be a professional.

At the very least get a business card.

(and call on your career center to get some coaching/help)

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Job Club Radio & Utah County Job Club

June 8th, 2010
This week we’re celebrating JibberJobber’s 4 year anniversary with special bundles.  On Wednesday, June 23 2010 I’m doing a LinkedIn for Executives: BEYOND the Basics webinar.  More info here.

Yesterday I was on a 45 minute radio show called Job Club Radio.  You can listen to the entire show here.  I think I’m getting bold, or grumpy… I don’t know, you tell me.  It was one of my funner radio interviews :)

jennifer_armitsteadI’m going to speak at the Utah County Job Club in August (8/18).  The meeting is from 8am to 9am, which means I have to … COMMUTE!  Ugh!  It’s about an hour from my house.  I’ll probably  give an updated Career Management 2.0 presentation… gotta think about that one.  Jennifer Armitstead (who interviewed me for Job Club Radio) started this group recently and I’m excited to see it grow.

Information about the Utah County Job Club:

The Utah County Job Club meets every Wednesday at 8am-9am at East Bay Cafe, the Novell Cafeteria. This group is about providing a place where job seekers can connect to support each other and learn about effective job searching. There is no fee to be a part of the group.

Join the LinkedIn Group

1800 South Novell Place
Provo, UT 84606

In other news, I’m looking for other job clubs to speak at this year – if you are around these areas please let me know what you know!

  • Dallas – September
  • Baltimore & Northern VA – September
  • San Diego – October
  • Pennsylvannia (around Lancaster) – December

See ya soon?



Giveaway Winner: Job Search Help for an MBA

April 13th, 2010

Queen SchmoozeSorry about yesterday (no giveaway), I got hung up doing taxes (done) and getting the LinkedIn DVD ready to ship to the replicator (the person who makes duplicates in bulk). I have a giveaway all ready, and it’s really sweet… but you’ll have to wait until next week!

Today I announce the winner of last week’s giveaway… Nick Corcodilos (Ask the Headhunter) chose Queen Schmooze (aka, Mischa Iseman, @QueenSchmooze)).  Here’s what Nick says:

“[Queen Schmooze is] my pick. Why? The Queen suggests the same strategy that’s at the heart of Ask The Headhunter. Job hunting is not about you – it’s about the work an employer needs to have done. And your challenge is not to get a job, it’s to demonstrate to the employer how you’re going to help it achieve its goal to be more profitable. Nice work, Queen Schmooze! You’ll learn more about this approach in your free book, How to Work with Headhunters. I hope you enjoy it!”

Nick Corcodilos

You can see the original question here, and Queen Schmooze’s response here.  She gets three months of JibberJobber premium AND Nick’s book – not too bad for sharing her thoughts!

Watch the blog on Monday for the next giveaway… I’ll tweet about it at @jasonalba.

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Career Management Interview with Liz Lynch

August 3rd, 2009

I was on a radio show last week where I thought we were going to talk about LinkedIn (for the umpteenth time)… but Liz asked some great questions and the conversation went in a totally different direction.  We spent more time on Career Management than I normally get to… this was a fun interview – spend 30 or so minutes and listen to it here :)

Liz is a pretty awesome person with a lot of networking advice… you can learn more about her here.

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Uncomfortable Networking

June 23rd, 2009

When I started my job search I knew I wouldn’t have to waste time networking.

I was too busy looking for a job to spend time networking.  I didn’t want to take hours each week in the car, spending money to going to events, and schmoozing with people who really had nothing to offer me.

One day I broke down and thought I’d give it a try, but I did it on my own terms.  I really was uncomfortable putting myself out there in front of people, not sure how to network.  And of course, since it was on my own terms, I didn’t get much value out of it (and I guarantee I didn’t give any value to anyone).

My terms included:

  • going to the meeting late… heaven forbid I got there early enough to have to talk to people,
  • leaving the meeting as soon as the speaker was done… again, no need to talk to people!

Reading Never Eat Alone and Thom Singer’s Some Assembly Required helped change my thoughts about networking… I got excited about those meetings, and changed the way I thought about the attendees.  I started going earlier and stayed until almost everyone was gone.  I started asking for lunches from individuals, and following up in email and on the phone.

Everything changed.  Even, and especially, the results.

At lunch a few days ago I was talking with a local entrepreneur and I had a thought – sometimes you have to be uncomfortable in your networking.

If you look at me now, especially if you don’t want to network, you might think that I’m a networking fool… a crazy networker who does nothing else, and thoroughly enjoys networking.

The truth is, many times I am uncomfortable.

I am not saying we have to be in ethically or morally uncomfortable situations, but many times we are sitting in the network meeting, or in the parking lot before the meeting, or right by our phone before we make *that* call, and we are uncomfortable.  Queasy.  Scared.

I’m going to guess that everyone, even Mr. Networker himself Thom Singer, who has written multiple books on networking, gets uncomfortable sometimes.

But let me encourage you to go through with it – don’t let the discomfort be a show-stopper for you.

Go into that meeting, open your mouth, meet people, and grow your network!  Uncomfortable is OKAY.



The Unethical Job Search

June 3rd, 2009

A few weeks ago I got an email linking to a story about a guy who did something different to land a job.  You can read the entire story here.

In short, they guy found a job he really wanted.  Instead of applying for it, he decided to:

… [pose] as a comparable employer and posted a comparable job opening online. He asked applicants to send a resume, cover letter and salary their requirement.

He got dozens of “applications” from poor, unsuspecting job-seekers. His little ruse allowed him to gauge his competition, and to identify an appropriate salary range. With this new-found omniscience,  he applied for the job. And guess what… he got it.

This rubbed me wrong, but I couldn’t figure out why.

Sure, I think it’s unethical (well there you go, the red flag).  But here’s the deal – while in a job search it’s easy to get in a position where you would do something you normally wouldn’t do… don’t you think?  I mean, if your ethics were in-any-way shaky, and you were between a rock and a hard spot, maybe you could bend the unwritten rules just once… don’t you think?

I finally figured out why this rubbed me wrong, no matter how desperate you are.

First, it’s wrong. It’s unethical.  You have violated a lot of people’s trust (not in you, directly, but still, trust was violated and you took advantage of unsuspecting people).  That should be reason enough.

If that isn’t, then here’s what I came up with this week:

Second, we don’t need more shady ethics in our world. It destroyed Enron (I think).  I can’t imagine that good ethics has helped GM get to where they are at today.  Ethics are a huge issue in our world – if you are going to stoop this low to land your job, what will you do to make a sale once you got the job?  Where are the boundaries?

Keep moving boundaries and I’m sure to not want to hire you… I can’t have unethical things going on in my business… can I?

Would you like to work for someone who is unethical?  (IT SUCKS, trust me)

Would you like to work at a company with shady ethics?

Then why would you land that job with questionable ethics?

I get the “I have to survive” thing.  Been there.  Working through it.  But lowering your standards should not be acceptable.

Think this is a black-and-white subject?  Read the comments – it’s polarized… unethical behavior is applauded by some and frowned upon by others.

Where do you stand?



Merge Excel and Word To Send Newsletters

March 27th, 2009

One of my favorite premium features in JibberJobber is the Get Contacts List page, which allows you to export your contacts from JibberJobber into various formats, including a .csv file (which opens in Excel).  This is what I use when I send my newsletter to bloggers, or to family/friends, etc.

This allows you to slice and dice your data.  You can see a two minute video here.

I asked my Twitter network how to merge a csv file and a Word document and my California buddy Walt Feigenson was kind enough to create a whole blog post out of it.  You can read his post, How to use Microsoft Excel and Word to send multiple emails, at the link.

Why is this important?  Because it helps you send newsletter-like emails to your contacts.  This is HUGE and something I think every job seeker should do.  How? Read this post on newsletters for job seekers.

What’s more, every PROFESSIONAL should do this, imho.  In The Google Story it talks about how the Google founders sent their friends and family newsletters announcing what they were doing, their projects, etc.  This was a personal newsletter.

Whether you have “the next google” or not, you should reach out to your contacts with a newsletter.

(thanks Walt, for the awesome post)

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