Obama, McCain, Age Discrimination, the Job Search, and Karen P. Katz

October 30th, 2008

What do all these things have in common?  The JibberJobber radio show!  Today I spoke with Karen P. Katz, owner of Career Acceleration and blogger who has some terrific thoughts on the job interview, and what we can learn from Obama and McCain in the ultimate job interview.

Karen P. Katz

Karen P. Katz

We started talking about why Obama has the position he has, even though he doesn’t have the credentials McCain has.  I’m not interested in a political discussion, so don’t go there, but think about it… doesn’t it seem that McCain has a lot of the “right things,” according to what a job description of the President of the United States (POTUS) would contain?

As job seekers, do we sometimes look at a job description and think it’s unatttainable, even though we might have done the same stuff somewhere else?  Yup, you guessed it, transferrable skills.  Karen talked a lot about transferrable skills on this one-hour job search radio show.

The Recruiting Animal

The Recruiting Animal

We got onto a very interesting point about age discrimination, and how to deal with age discrimination in a job search.  It was cool to have the Recruiting Animal on the show, as he provided a recruiter’s point of view.  What does an older job search candidate do if faced with discrimination in the interview?  We talked about that at length, and some great ideas where thrown around.

That’s all I’m going to tell you – you can listen to the hour long show here :)



DO NOT Lose Faith In Yourself

October 24th, 2008

Yesterday I had a wonderful radio show with Susan Whitcomb.  We talked about a lot of cool stuff, and the Recruiting Animal jumped on and added some great info (digging to “why I didn’t get a job if I’m such a smart guy, and so driven??”).  You can download it, or just listen to it online, at

Susan’s ending thoughts revolve around what she calls “Providence,” saying that in the end we just can’t lose faith that things will work out.  I truly believe this… can you think of anyone who is completely left out to dry, with no way to survive?  While some people may feel like it, things somehow work out (even if we don’t end up with the boat, and ATV, and other toys that we think we should have).

I’m not going to talk about Providence… you can listen to Susan’s interview here.

I want to talk about what happens to the professional as the job search goes longer and longer.  I went through this myself, and experienced some of the lowest days of my life.  And almost daily I hear from professionals who are in serious pain.

At the beginning of my job search, I knew I was pretty hot.  My credentials were strong, including a Computer Information Systems degree as well as an MBA.  I speak Spanish fluently, my past job titles include general manager, VP, CIO, IT Manager, etc.  I was involved in some very cool projects, and saw significant growth/improvement, etc.

I did not have a problem with feeling good about myself.

Until a few weeks went by… and I was not getting any return phone calls or emails.  I was sitting in my chair, with my laptop, wondering why people weren’t responding to me.  Couldn’t they see how incredible I was, and what I’d add to their company, and why they should hire me????

I started to doubt myself. Was I really that good?  Or maybe I was just in the right place at the right time, and lucked out in the previous part of my career.

I lost self-confidence. If companies weren’t interested in me, even for lesser jobs than I had in the past, maybe I wasn’t worth anything?  Did I go to the wrong school?  Was my employer badmouthing me when called as a reference?  Where my skills just not useful anymore?  Was I the commodity I never should have been?

I compared myself to others, in a really bad way. People who I thought I was better than, but guess what?  They had jobs and paychecks.  If *they* could get work, and I couldn’t, what was wrong with me??

It was easy to lose perspective.  You can read over 200 comments on my Depression Clouds Everything post, which talks about depression in the job search.  You can read why having this happen to you will only prolong your job search in my post about HR and recruiters being able to smell blood a mile away (like a wolf can smell blood of a wounded victim… are you a wounded victim?  HR doesn’t want to bring a wounded victim onboard).

Some things are in your control.  Like what time you get out of bed, what time you shower and get dressed, and how you take care of yourself.  You control what activities you do in your so-called job search.  Is it to sit on the computer and apply online all day, or will you do the right (and hard) stuff like pick up the phone or go out and meet people face-to-face?

One of my mom’s favorite sayings is “this too shall pass.”  Meaning, no matter what we are going through, we’ll get through it.

I KNOW you will get through your job search.  Does it suck?  It’s beyond sucking.  It’s a demoralizing state.  But it’s also a very common state, and many people are in it right now, and many more will be in it soon.  And you’ll be in it again.

But please, please don’t lose faith in yourself.  This job search will pass, and soon enough you’ll find yourself employed, pulling in a paycheck, and okay.  You may not have hit the bottom yet, but you will find that job you are looking for.



BlogTalkRadio for Job Seekers – Tips For Job Search In A Tight Economy

October 23rd, 2008

Today I am honored to have Susan Whitcomb join me for our BlogTalkRadio show.  It’s TODAY at 12:15 EST (15 minutes later than normal), and you can listen on your PC or we can take a few callers (last time I didn’t get to any callers, sorry).  Here’s the info to get on the call (or hear the archive):

To listen live through your computer, just go here at 12:15 EST: (you can also here past episodes there)

To call in and ask Susan question, call: (718) 766-4825

I’m thrilled to have Susan Whitcomb join us today.  I met her at a conference last year and see here at about every conference I go to. Aside from being a successful author, she runs the Career Coach Academy… she trains career coaches!  She is the one who teaches them systems, techniques, skills, etc. to help YOU find a job faster, or find the right job for you.

She recently shared a list of twelve tips for job hunting in a tight economy.  I can pontificate all day long about how to conduct a job search, but let’s face it: when I was in my (failed) job search, it was a “job seeker’s market,” and I still couldn’t get a job!  I think it’s great we get to hear from a career veteran on how to go through a job hunt in this not-so-fun economy.

Susan is a JibberJobber Career Expert Partner – if you can, join us live.  Otherwise, you can always download the interview (along with all other interviews) at the BlogTalkRadio JibberJobber page!

Next week we’ll talk with Karen Katz, of Career Acceleration, about Transferable Skills and the National Interview… she’s done a lot of thinking about the current election and has some brilliant ideas on what we, as job seekers and career managers, can apply to our own careers.

JibberJobber ONE THING has 98 subscribers… and we’ve sent out a ONE THING email every day (except one).  You can join here.  Today’s ONE THING had to do with starting your Job Journal… yesterday’s ONE THING had to do with easily nurturing relationships with three contacts… the day before was… I’m not telling.  Go sign up to get this small email sent to you daily :)

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