Ahem… for the record… #aws

March 1st, 2017

Recently we announced that we moved our hosting from an in-house server to Amazon Web Services. This is exciting for many reasons, and in general it went well. Immediately we got emails saying JibberJobber was simply faster… something we noticed, too.

Why did it take so long?

Partially because back in 2006, when we launched, AWS was new enough that they were still experiencing issues…. like something going down.  And when part of AWS goes down, it can take down tens of thousands of websites.  Literally tens of thousands.  Back then I chose to keep JibberJobber on our own server to have more control, even though there are plenty of things that could have (and some that did) go wrong.

Over the years I got plenty of emails saying “why not move to Amazon,” or AWS, as people call it.  The Amazon Cloud.

I just wasn’t ready yet.  Until a few months ago, when the sun, moon, and stars had aligned, and it was time.

We moved, it was good, and I’m excited!

However, the move isn’t without potential hiccups… AWS problems are not strictly a thing of the past. Just yesterday the AWS Northern Virginia site had issues, and took down a bunch of sites for about 4 hours.

Why am I posting this? Well, just as a point-of-reference documentation in case JibberJobber goes down again, to remind myself that AWS offers us loads of benefits, but it’s not 100% failsafe. There are always risks.

Alas, we take the bad with the good, and work to have a great solution for you, long term.  There’s a lot that goes into making JibberJobber a tool for job seekers around the world!



Well, it’s official: No 40 under 40 for me!

November 12th, 2013

I’ve waited for 40 years to land on someone’s 40 under 40 list… any 40 under 40 list… anything.

But as of today, I’m not qualified.  I am, as they say, over-qualified!

Darn 😉



What I did today

September 17th, 2012

Wow.  I feel weird writing this.

It’s Tuesday, but I’m backdating this so it shows up on Monday.

I don’t think I’ve ever done this in the last 6+ years I’ve been blogging.

Anyway, yesterday (Monday) I did some general maintenance stuff, then spent time doing four separate recordings, about one hour each, for a client.

I didn’t realize how fried my brain was going to be by the end.  I finished around 3:30, and then drove two of my kids and their friends to the library, where we hung out for a couple of hours.

I needed to get out of my office (or, away from my monitors) and brainstorm some stuff, so I took a notebook and pens (no technology) and I brainstormed the most amazing thing for JibberJobber.

No, really.  This is THE MOST AMAZING thing.

I had to have JibberJobber get to the level it is at now in order to do this.

If JibberJobber is “awesome,” the new stuff I designed/brainstormed at the library yesterday will take awesome to the nth degree.

It’s really that amazing.

I expect it will take 3 – 6 months before anyone can see any of it.  I can’t wait!

To finish the night, I had a fun evening watching Flushed Away with my kids.  Lots of laughing :)

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What’s Up??? (Plus: Killer announcement about my next book)

June 14th, 2012

Hey, sorry I’ve been gone for a while… over a week!   Here’s what I’ve been doing:

A few weeks ago my wife asked if I would help with my oldest daughter in a week-long school program.  Some of you know we homeschool… which means they are busy with lots of programs outside of the home.

This one is a week-long “government” simulation with kids age 12 – 18ish.  It’s kind of a long story, but in a nutshell, there is a group of people who left plane earth about 300 years ago to find a new planet, only to be stuck there.  In the last 300 years they grew from 1,000 to 500,000, and live in five countries.  Each of the countries is ruled differently (theocracy, monarchy, dictatorship, etc.).  The kids are split up into one of the five countries and have spent the last four days working within their own government system, understanding it, and also working with other countries.

It has been a BLAST.  This is my first time doing something like this.  I’m the King over the monarchy.  It was fun to figure out what kind of king I would be… nice or mean, eccentric or laid back, etc.  Yesterday I was asked to do something different because all my kids love me and my kingdom too much… doing something eccentric might jar them a bit.  So we basically declared war on a country during peace treaties.

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been from morning to night.  My brain is doing totally different stuff, so it’s like the first week on the job where you come home exhausted!  I love getting to know these kids better, especially since I’ve heard about them for so long. Today it ends, so I should be back in the work saddle pretty soon.

Speaking of which, I had an epiphany related to my next book, 101 Alternatives to a Real Job.

For various reasons, I’ve decided to call it 51 Alternatives to a Real Job.

Ugh, just writing that makes me feel like, in a sense, I’m quitting :(

Actually, there are some good reasons to take it down to 51:

  • With 51, I’m pretty much done writing them all up.  What was supposed to be done about 7 months ago can now get done in the next few weeks.  Yippee!!  Gotta get “to market!”  It was killing me thinking this project was going way too long!
  • With 51 ideas I’ll have room for more tips and actionable takeaways.  I was getting worried the amount of pages needed for 101 would be too big AND not leave much room for actionable stuff.
  • If I ever want to do a second edition, or a Part II, I realized finding 51 more would be A LOT easier than finding 101 more!

Those are the main ideas.  I’m meeting with the editor tomorrow to see what the next steps are, and I hope to have the 51 to a Real Job book out SOON!

Thanks for all your support!



The irony of Labor Day is…

September 6th, 2010

… that most people take the day off.

They don’t labor, they party… barbecue, etc.

Enjoy the holiday!

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No insightful blog post today

August 20th, 2010

I flew into LAX yesterday and drove to Malibu last night – today I speak at Pepperdine’s MBA orientation.  I’ve done this type of thing before and have really enjoyed it.

I’ll be back next week – today I’m hanging out on one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve been to with some really cool people :)


(This morning I got up early and walked the “horseshoe” which was very hilly… I saw some fun animals (deer, rabbits, etc.) and amazing trees and greenery (hey, I live in Utah – CA is really quite amazing))

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I’m Back In Town!

June 21st, 2010
The LinkedIn for Executives webinar is THIS WEEK (Wednesday)… details at Experts-Connection. It’s going to be awesome… seriously.

Last week I packed up my family (7 of us in a van) and we went on a special campout where we pulled handcarts to reenact a tiny part of the Oregon/California trail. This is the trail and area were pioneers who settled Utah and seekers or gold and adventure traveled in the 1800s. It was a terrific experience, even though we cut our last night short (instead of staying at a KOA campground we decided to just get home and shower and sleep in a real bed – 3 nights was enough :)).

Anyway, I’m back and busy catching up on emails and writing… pictures and stories of the trip will be on my Jason Alba blog in the next week or two.

(I didn’t announce this trip earlier since the house was going to be empty for days … something about bad guys looking for vacation announcements on Twitter, ya know?!?)

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Geeky Fun on April One

April 1st, 2010

Preorder the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD here.

Every year I think I’m going to plan for a fun April Fools thing at the JibberJobber level but two things happen:

  1. I run out of time – I usually have a DOH moment the morning of April 1, realizing I didn’t think of or plan for it in time, and
  2. I don’t want to confuse – My stuff is confusing enough already… and I haven’t come up with a non-confusing, on-brand prank that would be funny and not drive people away.

So I do… nothing.  Which kind of bugs me, because I like pranks.

Here’s a list of fun pranks companies did, collected by TechCrunch.  The list can take some time to go through, and while I don’t intend to distract you from your work or job search, I thought I’d pass the light-hearted humor on :)

Check out pranks from Google, TechCrunch, Kodak, TripAdvisor, Ben & Jerry’s, Indeed, and more here.



Ten Bucks for Keisha

February 3rd, 2010

My buddy Daniel Johnson changes his status regularly, and this one caught my attention:


Dan doesn’t know I’m writing this post right now. He just knows I contributed, that’s all.

Dan is… how do I put this… the salt of the earth.  Dan is one of those really good, genuine people.  We’ve known each other virtually since 2006.  I have always had a lot of respect for what Dan does for job seekers (a lot).

He’s one of the first bloggers I wanted to get to know, and I can say that having known him has enriched my life.

You may have already given at the office, given at church and given to Haiti. I’m just asking you if you’ll give to Keisha, so she can get hearing aids.  Just a few bucks.

I know Dan will greatly appreciate it.  And Keisha will (probably) love you for it.

Send $10 (or any amount) on PayPal.  Or use the widget below.

Much appreciated!



Update on my Wife’s Surgery

August 10th, 2009

I tweeted that I was going to the hospital with my wife for surgery – it was not anything big or unplanned – we’ve known about it since a little before the baby was born.  Thanks for all of the well-wishes, prayers, thoughts, emails, etc.

The surgery was necessary (and successful) – we went in on Thursday around 11am and came home from the hospital on Saturday.  My wife is walking around (she has to four times a day to prevent blood clots), but has good medication and is resting a lot.  It’s not easy to do this with a three month old baby, but we’re doing it.

My schedule has consisted of helping with the family during the day and my wife and baby at night.  Ugh. It’s amazing how hard it is to function without having a good night’s sleep!

Luckily we have a fantastic support team around us, including a cousin who’s family was with us for a few days, my in-laws who live an hour away, and a neighbor who has taken our four oldest for most of this week.  We’ve also had friends and family who have helped with meals, etc.

My wife should feel fully recovered by around Halloween.

Thanks to everyone for your concern – tomorrow I’ll share some thoughts on how to pay for this stuff without health insurance.  We’ve learned some tricks that hopefully we won’t have to use very often :p


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