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August 14th, 2014 is a job search app.  Many, many years ago, close to the 1900’s (2006, to be precise), was launched to help people organize a job search.

What does organize a job search mean?  Anyone who’s been in a job search for more than a week knows that it can be a long, harrowing process.  The delusions of grandeur they once had, and the expectations of finding a job faster than the competition, quickly erode as they don’t get interviews, their resumes get lost in the “resume black hole,” and their self esteem erodes to the point where they believe they don’t deserve network introductions.

Forcing yourself to meet new people, listing new companies you learn about, and applying to jobs (whether you do it on their pathetic online submission form, or you send a resume in to someone at the company) takes a lot of work.  Before you know it, you are inundated with “data” from all sides – names of companies, phone numbers, dates of application, when you should follow-up, who introduced you to who, what you need to do today, etc.  You start out organizing all of this with a spreadsheet, and then learn that your “system” is a house of cards… and you start to miss follow-up opportunities.  You need something more, and the career counselors at the school you went to who recommend a paper-based form that you print out and fill in all of the sudden lose credibility.  (yes, this happens all the time. Even in 2014.)

When you are more organized, you are in more control.  No longer does the recruiter at the other end of the phone hear you respond to their call with this: “Sorry, what company?  I don’t remember applying there.”  Put yourself in the place of the recruiter… when you say that you sound disinterested.  Lost.  Disorganized.  Not exactly what they were hoping they would hear when they called to see if you were still interested in the company they are recruiting for.

Imagine if you said “can you hold on a minute?  I need to find my notes…” and then you do a quick search for (a) the recruiter’s name, or (b) the company name, or (c) the job title you applied to, or (d) anything else that quickly comes to mind.  This quick search, and the results, can get your mind in the right place to have the right conversation.  Even if it is a company you don’t remember applying to.

When you are organized, you are managing your job search.  Too many job seekers let their job search manage them.

JibberJobber is the app you want when you start a job search.  Get started on the right foot, organized from the beginning.  Don’t try to create your own organizational system, wasting days or months setting up a spreadsheet, or switching from one system to another.  Jump in, get and stay organized, and be in control.  While we aren’t new to the world, we are new to job seekers.  If you have a friend who is in a job search, let him or her know about JibberJobber.  As one of my early users said, JibberJobber is my virtual assistant.  You don’t have to go it alone – leverage JibberJobber as one of the most useful apps in your job search.

Bonus: you probably realize that this won’t be your last job search… if you start using JibberJobber, you’ll have your own personal tool that holds all of this rich data (contact info, job titles, past discussions, etc.) for the next job search.  And the next job search.  And every job search from here on.  How empowering is it to not have to start from the beginning every single time!

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How To: Last Action Column on the List Panels (follow-up tool!)

June 27th, 2014

When is the last time you communicated with your target audience (or family, or coworkers, or prospects, or hiring managers, or recruiters)?

We recently fixed the Last Action column on the List Panels (Contacts, Companies, Jobs).  You can turn this column on by clicking on the Manage Columns icon (and then finding the Last Action column):


Once you turn it on, you’ll see it wherever you put it (you can drag it around on the Manage Columns page, so it can be in the right column/position).  The date will be the last time you communicated with that person, based on your Log Entries.  If you click on the date, it will open the Log Entry in a shadow box, and from there you can edit it, or print it.


I use this column when I’m trying to figure out who, in a subset of people, I need to reach out to.  For example, when I’m talking to career center professionals, I’ll filter my search (tags:university_career), and then order by (click the triangle icons below or to the side of any column to order by that column).  This will show me the ones who I have contacted by descending or ascending order.  Very useful!

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Finding a Personal Relationship Manager (You’ve Found It!)

June 23rd, 2014

I’ve had people say they looked on google for a personal relationship manager and JibberJobber didn’t come up… “why is that?” they ask.

Without going into the technicalities of how search works (Google owns the entire space, and makes changes at will that can (do) bring a company to their knees), let’s go into what it means to have a personal relationship manager.

In the olden days, the late 1900’s, someone figured out that salespeople could use a software system to help them manage and organize relationships with prospects and customers.  This system would help them stay focused on what they needed to do to close more deals (and make more money).  The system would allow them to search for their contacts, get reminders of when they needed to follow-up with them, etc.

A few weeks into my job search, in 2006, I realized that I, as a job seeker, needed a similar system.  I was applying to a lot of companies and it was really frustrating trying to keep track of that with a spreadsheet. I was finally starting to “network,” and meeting new people just added to the level of complexity.  A job seeker should be one of the busiest salespeople around… and they really need an industrial strength system to help them keep track of everything, especially when they need to (or have an opportunity to) follow-up.

This need eventually became JibberJobber, and for more than eight years, as we’ve continued to work on the system and learn about your needs, I’ve come to realize that JibberJobber is not a job search organizer.  It is much more than that.  It is a system to help you manage and organize any of your relationships.  I use JibberJobber to:

  • organize and manage my jobs (I do contract work, speaking, selling stuff, etc.), and I need to follow-up and keep track of where those opportunities are, as well as push reminders in front of me.  This is what a job seeker needs, and is exactly what a contractor/freelancer needs.
  • organize my personal stuff, like rotating the tires on the car, making house or car or credit card payments, keeping track of the garage door and appliance repairman numbers, dates of service, costs, and maintenance coming up.
  • keep track of personal relationships, including family and extended family, and things like birthdays, important dates to them, important conversations, etc.

I’m not keeping track of EVERYTHING in JibberJobber.  Very personal things are not getting logged (use a journal (book) for that)… mundane or normal conversations are not getting logged, unless there is an important follow-up date I need to be aware of.

JibberJobber starts as a job search organizer for a lot of people, but then becomes a tool to help them with their life management.

No, of course you don’t NEED something like this… but it sure helps take the stress off of trying to remember everything.

Not in a job search?  As long as you are alive, I bet you could benefit from a JibberJobber account.  It can easily be your own personal relationship manager!


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Mark Hoven, Executive Leader in Melbourne, Australia, on JibberJobber and Empowerment

April 14th, 2014

Mark Hoven is a sharp senior level executive based in Australia.  Here’s part of an email he recently sent me:

mark_hoven_small“JibberJobber has been a very helpful organisational tool for me over the past 3 years I have been using it. Your tool is a great reference, forces a discipline to my search and documentation efforts, and provides a small sense of control over proceedings which can make a big difference in those ‘dark’ moments when you wonder if anyone values your professional skills any longer.”

I love how he says JibberJobber “forces a discipline” to his job search and documentation efforts. Many professionals who start a job search are frustrated by the lack of systems and accountability in their job search, wonder if they are doing the right things, and get lost in all of the freedom and choices they have to make.  JibberJobber helps alleviate this a bit with structure and tools to accommodate the job search system that works for you.  (this means that some people are extremely structured, some have aggressive metrics, others have less time and less data to manage – JibberJobber accommodates any job search system)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how he talks about the dark moments, which I’ve blogged about repeatedly, and especially this statement: JibberJobber “provides a small sense of control over…”

As a job seeker we feel like we have little-to-no control.  Many times we feel like we are spinning out of control.  Do this (network) but don’t do that (apply online).  Oh wait, someone just applied online and they got the job that we are more qualified for… ?  I don’t get it!  I’m confused!

Going from a JOB where you are in control of so many things (you might not realize this until you don’t have a job anymore), to unemployed and looking where you are at the mercy of so many things (people’s vacation schedules, the economy, weather, your ability to pay for help/services, etc.), you feel out of control.

When I started JibberJobber, eight years ago, I knew I wanted to EMPOWER job seekers and professionals.  I wanted to make this bigger than just a spreadsheet-like tool.  I wanted to make the features much richer than what you would get in your homemade spreadsheet.  I wanted to give you stuff you didn’t even think about, but stuff that first class citizens (that is, people who have jobs) would expect.

I want to take away your sense of being out of control and replace it with a sense of EMPOWERMENT.

If you dare to use JibberJobber, that’s just what you’ll get.  Empowerment.  Control.  A peace of mind.  No more “am I forgetting something???”

What a difference that would have made in my own job search!

Thanks for sharing, Mark!


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