Memo to Monster Regarding Layoffs: You Need To Offer JibberJobber & Videos as Outplacement Services

January 26th, 2012

Dear Monster Management:

I just read that you are laying off 400 people, worldwide. That is 7% of your workforce.  You are doing this so you can get your financial house in order, so to speak.

That makes sense, and we get that. Layoffs are “nothing personal,” of course.

I’m guessing you are offering outplacement services… which is great.  I’m guessing you’ll pay $2,000 average in outplacement for each of those people, which means outplacement will cost you 2,000 * 400 = $800,000.  That’s not too bad, and hopefully your terminated employees will use and appreciate the services.

Let me suggest that you consider one of two things:

  1. Complement the current outplacement offering with JibberJobber and my videos that I’ve created to help people in their job search. So, in addition to the $800,000 that you are giving to one of the big outplacement companies, ALSO buy your terminated employees a JibberJobber outplacement package (which will complement, not compete with, the other outplacement services).  OR,
  2. Don’t get outplacement services, and instead spend a fraction of the $800,000 and the JibberJobber package. A fraction of the $800,000.  High value services, less expense.

I know $800,000 isn’t much for a company your size.  I’m hoping that your 400 terminated employees, and then people that are left, will appreciate your goodwill gesture to help your alumni get back on their feet.  It’s all about a successful jobs search for them.

We’d love to be involved… contact me?


Jason Alba

Monster watcher and CEO of

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HP Layoffs

June 1st, 2010

I just saw an article about HP’s newest layoff news – they are laying off about 9,000 people over the next few years (they are picking up 6,000 people, so the net change is only 3,000 jobs affected).

This post is for the 9,000 people who will get laid off, or those who are worried about being laid off.

What do you do now?  I bet you weren’t counting on the retirement with the golden watch… and probably questioned the longevity of any retirement benefits you might have been working towards… but you might not have been preparing for a transition this soon.

Here are five bits of advice for you, as you prepare for your pending layoff:

  1. Get a JibberJobber account* and start using it. It is time to figure out what your professional network looks like, and work on nurturing relationships.  Get a good networking book by Thom Singer or Keith Ferrazzi and then resolve to network in a good, meaningful, sustainable way.  You’ll need JibberJobber (or a tool like it) to organize and manage your short-term job search as well as your long-term networking (because you don’t stop networking after you land your next gig).
  2. Get on LinkedIn** and start using it. You might be on LinkedIn right now but you aren’t using it and haven’t gotten any value out of it.  There is plenty of value-add stuff to do there – you can do more to be found by those who would hire you, and you can do more to find those and reach out to them.   There are other networks to look at but LinkedIn is not optional.
  3. Get a real resume done, and maybe even pay for it. I spent a week spinning my wheels looking for and ultimately recreating my resume.  It was a waste of time, especially considering my resume was keeping me out of interviews.  Yes, you read that right…. I didn’t understand how to craft a marketing document (aka, resume) that would get me interviews… a professional resume writer would have helped me with that.
  4. Start learning about the current job search. You might have been in a job search a few years ago, or it might have been a few decades ago.  I’ll tell you now, the job search of today is DIFFERENT than the job search of yesteryear.  It is DIFFERENT.  You need to learn what current strategies and tactics you should employ and what outdated stuff you should avoid.  Assuming you know what you are doing, no matter how smart you are, is a mistake (a mistake that I made, which cost me months of anguish).
  5. Pick your ego up off the floor. I know getting laid off feels like a slap in the face, and you might (will) feel shame.  However, this is the world we live in.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who have been laid off, young and old, experienced and green, competent and smart, rainmaker or back-office support. It’s probably not your fault – you need to not let job search depression, shame and other bad feelings point you in the wrong direction.

The job search is not easy, and many times it is not fun (it can be fun).  But it is now a career management skill that you must be comfortable with.  The better you manage your career the less painful this and future job searches will be (and there will be more).

* I can get you a discount on JibberJobber Premium to help your job search go smooth. Have your HR manager or department manager contact me directly for bulk pricing.

** I created the LinkedIn for Job Seekers (a LinkedIn DVD)and have various packages available for large organizations.



Affordable Outplacement

October 2nd, 2009

Three years ago I started to learn about this industry I had never heard of – outplacement.

I hadn’t heard of it because the company that laid me off doesn’t do outplacement.  When I got let go I got a very small severance and advice to go to a free resume clinic.

Outplacement, I learned, is a service provided by a company to help an employee who is being terminated to land on their feet.  Outplacement services typically include some coaching (individual or group), learning opportunities (seminars, webinars, etc.), and sometimes office space.  There are other perks of receiving outplacement, but those are at the core.

Outplacement packages typically start around $1,200 and commonly are more than $2,000.  Executive outplacement packages can easily be five figures.

As I was learning about this industry I thought about how cool it would be to offer something to companies like mine – there is no way they would have spent $1,200 per termination, but perhaps they would spend a few hundred dollars on each of us.  To that company, outplacement was too expensive.

Interestingly, traditional outplacement firms are not interested in going below a certain price point – there is a lot of overhead associated with traditional outplacement and they just can’t go that low.

My idea was to create an offering that could satisfy that price point.

Fast forward three years… I got an email from a recruiter a couple of months ago saying he was just let go and did I know of any opportunities.  After not doing anything with my idea for three years because (a) I didn’t have the mental bandwidth, and (b) I’m not a sales professional, I thought I’d throw the idea at him.

And here we are today, with a new website called Affordable Outplacement.  We’re definitely not going head-to-head with traditional outplacement, rather we are going where they have chosen not to go.

There’s more to the story, but I’ll leave it at this for now.  I think it’s quite exciting, and I’m anxious to see how things unfold over the next 12 months!

Oh yeah, I should mention, YES, we are looking for talent to help us move this forward.  Specifically (and only), right now we are looking for inside sales reps: