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July 15th, 2019

pluralsight_transparentThis week I’m in the Dallas area giving four presentations, and two in Austin. I’m giving out Pluralsight 30 day passes (if you haven’t gotten one, message me), and encouraging professionals in transition to binge-watch and absorb anything they want… including any of my 32 soft skill and professional development courses, as well as Casey Ayers Business Analyst and Project Management (PMP) certification courses… and MORE.

As I was preparing a slide to suggest a few courses highly relevant to job seekers, I thought I’d share them here with you. These are just mine, there are plenty of other great courses in this library of over 6,000 courses. And these only represent about 20% of my courses…

Here are the courses I’d suggest for most job seekers:

A course on how to develop a killer personal brand. No matter what you think about personal branding, it’s important. Neglect your brand if you want, but you’ll still have one. I say: you be the author of what your brand is, and create the narrative the way you want it to be. Otherwise, others will create it for you, and you might not like that.

A course on informational interviews. I believe there are no silver bullets in the job search. But I have said, across the country, that if I were in a job search I would spend about 95% of my time on informational interviews. Seriously, 95%. Haven’t heard of them? Or, they aren’t working for you? Watch this course and learn how to do them well, and get your job search MOVING!

How about a course on working with, and understanding, different personalities? Look, in your job search you need to understand how to influence others, and why others act and speak the way they do. Working with others can be baffling… but the more you understand human nature, personalities, and why people are the way they are, the better you can work with, communicate, and persuade others. You might even learn something about yourself!

Becoming a better listener is one of my favorite courses. It’s about the most important aspect of communication… and I think we all have some room for improvement. Listening better will help you in your networking, your interviewing… in every aspect of your job search! This course has the most ratings and comments of any of my courses. Come on over and listen!

I have one course on optimizing your LinkedIn Profile, and another course on a proactive LinkedIn strategy. I wrote the book on LinkedIn over 10 years ago, updated it to multiple versions, and have done countless trainings and consultations on LinkedIn. In these courses we cut through the rhetoric and noise and get to the heart of optimizing your time on LinkedIn. No kool-aid drinking, just smart and doable actionables.

You can get all of these, and more, for free with a 30 day pass from Pluralsight. If you don’t know how, just reach out and I’ll hook you up!

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Getting Started with Programming and Tech With Pluralsight

June 17th, 2019

smart-learn-pluralsightJust two more days until the $100 off sale at Pluralsight. $199 for a year of full access… killer deal.

If you are NOT in a tech role, but have always wanted to learn, I would definitely recommend dropping $199 and having a full twelve months to learn, and play, and dabble. I can’t think of a better way to learn about this stuff with the depth and breadth that Pluralsight offers. Here are seven courses that are “beginner” or “intro to” to get you started in various parts of the tech world:

Learning to Program – Part 1: Getting Started (by Scott Allen)

This 3 hour 12 minute course walks you through the basics and fundamentals of programming. It is introductory, so don’t worry that you won’t understand a thing. Scott’s table of contents shows you learn about a lot of the things you’ll need to know for just about any language. I’m bookmarked this to watch with my ten year old son, who wants to become a developer.

Introduction to SQL (by Jon Flanders)

3 hours and 2 minutes of one of the most powerful aspects of development. SQL is how you access databases… and it makes your web and app experience rich and dynamic. I’m not going to say I was a great programmer, but of all of the things I did, I LOVED database design and SQL. Funny story: in a job interview, when I was still in college, the interviewer asked what I knew about SQL. My response was “Not much, but how hard could it be? All you need to know is FROM, WHERE, SELECT, and a few other things.” He turned out to be one of the smartest software engineers I’ve ever known, and amazingly, I got the job.

Introduction to Maya 2017 (by Justin Marshall and Eddie Russell)

Maya is a 3D animation environment “that enables video professionals who work with animation film, television programs, visual effects, and video games to create highly professional three-dimensional (3D) cinematic animations.” That sounds freaking awesome. Maybe programming ain’t your thing but graphics is? From the course description: “This course is designed for new Maya users, so the goal is not to weigh you down with a lot of technical information. Instead, its goal is to help you form some really good habits and workflows, allowing you to see the entire start-to-finish pipeline for this project…”

Introduction to Web Development (by Nina Zakharenko and Brian Holt)

I cut me teeth on web development. You can too. This course is from 2015, and things changed, but the basics and fundamentals are always good to learn. The course is a whopping 11 hours (yikes!) … if you are serious about learning web development, buckle up and get learning. Oh yeah, who will you learn from? Nina and Brian, at the time their bios were up, were Reddit developers. Wowzers. Learning from developers of one of the hottest and most popular websites in the history of websites.

Introduction to CSS for Designers (by Susan Simkins)

CSS is freaking awesome. How old am I? When I moved away from programming, CSS was just starting to make waves. I didn’t quite learn it, but I understood it was super duper powerful. You can probably make an entire career out of just becoming expert in CSS. Or, if you do any kind of web development, understanding the basics of CSS will help you. This 1 hour 48 minute course should be a great primer.

An Introduction to Design (by Jason Roberts)

Design is underestimated. Software developers aren’t necessarily good at it, but they need to understand it. I tell my graphics-oriented friends they should look at UX (which is design for the user experience) as a career option. I was talking to a recruiter last year who said they could not find one single UX designer in all of Utah. They were all working. This is a hot, hot field. The course is about design in general, but I get excited about UX :) 1 hour 53 minutes.

Beginning Data Visualization with R (by Matthew Renze)

Have you ever heard the phrase “big data?” I think the potential career choices for people who go there are mega-huge. Here’s how I put it: I have a website with 13+ years of data. I know there are rich insights I should be getting from that data. But, I don’t know what questions to ask. I don’t know what I should learn from my data. I feel like I am MISSING OUT. If I had a big data person (or a data scientist), I might do things differently. I might grow my business and help my users more effectively. YOU could be that person. Just about every company out there has data and they are not using it in a way that can best help their users. R is a programming language, and data visualization can help managers and leaders make informed decisions. This three hour course will get you started in the right direction.

Seriously, $199 for full access to those, and THOUSANDS more? What are you waiting for? Save $100 before the sale ends (on June 19th).

Of course, you can watch my 32-and-growing professional development and soft skills courses here.

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Full Pluralsight for only $199? Nuts!

June 11th, 2019

Pluralsight is normally $299 a year. Since I’m a sucker for a deal I thought I’d share this one with you:

Until June 19th, you can get the entire Pluralight course library for 33% off.

Go here:   (that is my affiliate link, feel free to share it :p)

Not only do you get full access to the thousands and thousands of courses, you get:


Get this… to get the last three things, it’s only $349 (through June 19th, then back to $449).

This is a super duper deal.

Let’s compare this $199 for a year of full access to courses of some of the most amazing tech teachers to:..

A coding bootcamp.  Average price in the U.S. is $11,906 (according to Google). You could actually get the full price of Pluralsight ($299/year) for about 40 YEARS for that price.  Now, most of the time you go through the bootcamp and they prep you for a developer job, and help you land it. I don’t have a problem with that. But it is a little pricey.

A used textbook on how to program in C++. This is $111.99. Used. A textbook. Anyone ever pay for text books in college? Bleh. What a farce. For the price of one or two textbooks that are usually useless, you could get a full year of access to almost (or more than?) 7,000 courses taught be people who, in some cases, have actually written the book on their specialty.  I’m sure that textbook’s price is subject to change… but it is still ridiculous.

Attending a professional conference. Let’s say you go to a conference this year, at the early bird price of $599 (give or take a few hundred). Add on flight, hotel, food… you are now easily up to $3,000 (give or take a couple thousand). I’m sure you will get value out of the few days and sessions at the conference… but with a Pluralsight course for less than 10% of that cost you get value ALL YEAR.

The cost of doing nothing. Let’s say that if you were take a few Pluralsight courses, and get smarter in [security, databases, design, graphics, UX, a plethora of programming, and my favorite: professional development and soft skills :p], let’s just say that your new learning leads you to earning ONE dollar per hour more in your company. That is worth about $2,080 PER YEAR. Pretty good investment. Look, your learning didn’t stop when you graduated. Every bit of your job is likely being computerized… don’t you think you should understand more tech?

A college degree. Okay, let’s go the hear of job security (cough cough). A degree in computer science. I’m not even going to put money into this one – you can figure that out on your own (it’s likely at least $3,000/year for four or five years… which is super low). Let’s just talk about TIME. You spend four or five years going to school to be in classes where they are not using current versions of languages, so by the time you graduate you might not have seen or used the languages at the companies that hire you. Been there, done that. And you spent four years in archaic language. Sounds expensive to me.

That was fun. I could go on. But I don’t need to. You get the point.

Look, this is just a little more than a netflix subscription. But with Pluralsight, you could walk into an entirely different career.

Treat yourself. Get this $100 off deal. And then put the time and effort into learning. You can thank me later.

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Leadership For Those Who Don’t Have The Title

May 3rd, 2019

Pluralsight Course: Leadership for Non-managersI just released my 33rd Pluralsight course (my course count is 32 because one of my courses was retired/replaced). This course, titled Leadership for Non-managers, is on one of my favorite topics: personal development, specifically with leadership. I believe that everyone could and should develop leadership qualities. I think you should get ready for opportunities that will come your way. Now is the time to start, not when you get the opportunity.

In this very short (1 hour and five minutes) course I talk about what leadership really is, and discuss an epiphany that I had that helped me rethink and reframe leadership. The epiphany helped me better understand the answer to “what makes a great leader?” I talk about leadership styles, which helps you understand why different leaders seem different, and I give solid examples of leadership characteristics.

My favorite module is the last one. It is only 14 minutes long but I have what I think is my best “how do I actually implement these ideas? How do I make progress?” discussions. I give a seven step plan that you can implement to become a leader, regardless of your current title.

JibberJobber users can get double the JibberJobber upgrade when they self-report for watching this course. Just click the button twice for every one time you watch it.



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Pluralsight Channel: Jason Alba’s Career Management Courses

April 23rd, 2019

Another Pluralsight channel I recently created is called Jason Alba’s Career Management Courses. Again, if you need a 30 day pass, just let me know. Once you are logged in to Pluralsight, you’ll be able to see the channel (click the image below to get there, once logged in).

JibberJobber Pluralsight Channel: Jason Alba's Career Management Courses

The courses in this channel include:

Designing a Killer Job Search Strategy

Developing a Killer Personal Brand

Informational Interviews

LinkedIn Strategy: Optimize Your Profile

LinkedIn: Proactive Strategies

Effective Email Communication

Effective Phone Skills

Presenting to the Boss(es)

Prioritizing Time and Managing Time for Greater Productivity

Building and Managing Your Career Plan

Becoming a Better Listener

Career Management 2.0

Writing and Marketing a Book

How to Get Your Next Promotion

Onboard Yourself: What to Do After You Land Your Dream Job

I hope this helps you with your career and job search goals!

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Pluralsight Channel: Jason Alba’s Path to Management

April 19th, 2019

I just created a “channel” on Pluralsight called “Jason Alba’s Path to Management.” This is a collection of currently 13 Jason Alba courses, which are listed below. To get to the channel, you have to login on Pluralsight (want a 30 day pass? Ask me…), then click the link for the channel (here).


The courses there now, which will be added to as I do more courses, include:

Management 101

Leadership: Getting Started

Becoming a Better Listener

How to Have Difficult Conversations

Creating and Leading Effective Teams for Managers

How to Speak to Business Leaders

Prioritizing Tasks and Managing Time for Greater Productivity

How to Be a Great Mentor: Ge More out of Mentoring

Presenting to the Boss(es)

Working on a Team

Effective Email Communication

Working and Communicating with Different Personalities

Boosting Innovation: How Leaders Can Create Innovative Teams

Whew… that is a lot of learning! If you need a 30 day pass to Pluralsight, ask me.

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Two New Pluralsight Courses Added to the Tracker

April 17th, 2019

The last two courses I did were just added to the Pluralsight Tracker in JibberJobber. These were the courses I did after over a two year break. The first How to Have Difficult Conversations, which I was inspired to do because of my work at BambooHR. This was a big theme at that company, and they talked about it a lot. The course is one hour, thirty six minutes.

The second course is titled Boosting Innovation: How Leaders Can Create Innovative Teams, which is one hour, forty five minutes. This was a fun course to work on because I love the idea of innovation and creativity, and I love the idea of creating an environment where they are fostered and nurtured.

Once you watch those, or any other Jason Alba course, go into the Tracker (Videos, Pluralsight Videos, then it’s under Step 3), and click the plus button to show you watched it. You can do this as many times as you watch a course, even if it’s the same course over and over.


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Hacking Pluralsight to Learn More, Faster

April 12th, 2019

Pluralsight is a superb library of thousands of in-depth technical training courses designed for programmers, IT professionals, and anyone in the tech space. I have over 30 soft skill and professional development courses in Pluralsight. Watching any of my courses qualifies you to get free JibberJobber upgrades. I can get you a 30 day pass to the entire Pluralsight library! (to get your 30 day pass, first get a JibberJobber account, then click Videos from the top menu)


Some of my courses are designed for job seekers (Designing a Killer Job Search Strategy, Informational Interviews, a course on your LinkedIn Profile and another course on a proactive strategy for LinkedIn, etc.), some are designed to help you be a better communicator (Becoming a Better Listener, Presenting to the Bosses, Working and Communicating with Different Personalities, Effective Phone Skills, Effective Email Communication, etc.), some are designed to help you in your career (Career Management 2.0, Building and Managing Your Career Plan, etc.)… you get the point. See all of my courses here.

Disclaimer: as a “Pluralsight author” I get compensated for every minute… indeed, for every second that anyone watches any of my courses. Whether you are a paying member or use the 30 day pass and don’t spend a dime (you don’t even give them your credit card on the 30 day pass!), if you watch my course, I get compensated.

So, you got your 30 day pass… you have access to thousands of courses (there are over 100 soft skills courses, 30+ of which are from me, and tons of courses on everything from database design, game design, UX, project management, and of course, a plethora of programming courses)… how do you get the MOST out of your Pluralsight experience? Here are two hacks to get more out of your Pluralsight experience:

Change the Video Speed

This is my top tip. The default speed is, of course, 1x. You can go up to 2x, in .1x increments… Is 1.5x good enough for you? Do whatever feels comfortable… 1.3x, 1.5x, etc. It’s up to you. Here’s the deal: if you listen to a one hour video at 1.5x, it takes 40 minutes to go through it. You save 20 minutes! (Did you think it was 45 minutes? Here’s an easy explanation of how that math works – intriguing, I know :p)

To change the video speed, start to play a video, then in the lower-right area of the video player click on this button, to see the speed options.  Only do it as fast as you are comfortable… but if you can do more than 1x, you’ll finish a course faster, and be able to watch more courses!

Pluralsight Playback Speed to listen to more courses

Watch a Course on Your Mobile, Even When Offline

When you are on your mobile device, you can choose courses to watch while you are offline. This will download the course and allow you to play it from anywhere (think: while 30,000 feet in the air, while your phone is on airplane mode!). This means you can learn while you work out, while you are on the subway, while you are on vacation in the mountains (I know, I know)… anywhere. Once you get back online, the app communicates to the Pluralsight server and shows that you have watched the course. Remember, you still need to go into the Pluralsight Tracker on JibberJobber if you want to report having watched the course and get JibberJobber premium upgrades.

Here are the instructions to get and use the Pluralsight mobile app (you probably don’t really need instructions, but here they are).

Pluralsight Mobile App

Watch Jason Alba Courses while you do dishes

I put a lot of work into each course. I had fun doing the visuals, and spent hours agonizing over how things looked. I also realized that my courses did not require visuals to learn about the topics… the visuals were a nice complement but not necessary. I’m not saying don’t pay attention to the visuals, but if you want to just listen to my courses, as you work around the house, or drive to work, go for it! Think of my courses as something of a podcast, or audio booklet. If you feel like you are missing out on a certain visual, you can always switch back over to your mobile or PC and watch them.

Remember, after you watch any Jason Alba course on Pluralsight, go to Tracker in JibberJobber and report them to get free JibberJobber upgrades! There’s no limit on this.

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Pluralsight #32: Boosting Innovation: How Leaders Can Create Innovative Teams

February 7th, 2019

My 32nd course on Pluralsight is now live. You’ll only see 31 because I had one course retire (it was replaced by a more updated version). This course is pretty fun, it is titled Boosting Innovation: How Leaders Can Create Innovative Teams.


This course is one hour and forty five minutes. The meat is in the second and third modules, where I give dozens of ideas for leaders to create and nurture innovation on a team.

Some of the ideas you might wholeheartedly agree with. Others you might think are crazy (or, won’t work for your team). Others might be something you’ve never thought about before.

My hope with this course is that you take ideas that you can implement and work, one idea at a time, to create an innovative environment.

For JibberJobber users who are reporting back on the Course Tracker, go ahead and click twice for each view of this course for the next week. That’s right, double the JibberJobber upgrade each time you watch this course.


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2019 Career Resolutions for 2019 for Technologists

December 20th, 2018

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by a writer, asking what my recommendations for career resolutions could be for technologists. I had three things I shared that I thought were pretty darn good. You can see her article here: Career Resolutions Every Tech Pro Needs to Make for 2019

First, and I think the most important bit of advice, is to work on your soft skills. 

I was not the only one surprised by the results of Google’s study of what made their top workers so successful, where the FIRST seven of ten things were soft skills.

Isn’t that mind-boggling? The top seven most important characteristics of successful Google employees do not include technology skills!  I’m still shocked.

But I’m not surprised. Soft skills are so critical in today’s world, especially where there is a certain assumption of technical abilities.

I have 30 (and counting) Pluralsight courses that you can access that will help you with soft skills. You can see my soft skills courses on Pluralsight here.

While the primary audience of Pluralsight has been programmers, my soft skill courses are applicable to anyone. Want to become a better listener? Want to learn about leadership, management, even career management (of course)? I have that, and more.

I can offer you a 30 day pass on Pluralsight. Just get a JibberJobber account and then use the contact us to ask for more information.

Pluralsight costs around $300 a year, which is a steal considering what it would take to, for example, go to school or sign up for a boot camp. Many professionals around the world use Pluralsight to keep their skills up-to-date.  Sometimes they have special offers…

My main point is, for your career growth, work on your soft skills!

Second, help others.

When you help others, whether you need help as a desperate job seeker or you are totally comfortable in your day job, you are creating great value in your network.

I told the author of the dice article about an opportunity that I had… what would have been a sure job offer through the brother of a close friend. It would have been awesome. I was at a networking event a few days earlier and met someone who would have been the perfect hire. In my conversation with the hiring manager I said that I’d be happy to pursue this, but they really should have the other guy come in, too.

Long story short: the other guy was offered the job. And I felt awesome, for the small part I had in his success.

Helping others can be as dramatic as that, or it can be as simple as saying “yes, I would be happy to meet with you for 30 minutes.” Helping others means you make introductions, or make calls on behalf of the other person. It means you remember someone’s name, or just greet someone kindly. It means you speak kindly of others. There are hundreds of ways you can help others…. I hope that this can be a career goal for you in 2019 and for years to come.

Third, do The Thing you know you need to do.

When the writer of that article asked me (in an email) what every technology professional should have as a career resolution in 2019, the first and second things mentioned above came to mind first. As we were talking, I had another idea. It’s hard to say “all technologists should do this.” We’re talking about tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people.

My idea was the one at the bottom of the article, the one where I was cited. It was that you already know what you should do. There is, I’m sure, at least one thing that you should work on. I’m not sure if it’s to get better at a certain hard skill, or to expand your network, or to get ready for a a leadership role or to branch out as an entrepreneur… I don’t know. But I bet you know.

So my suggestion is to work on the thing that you know to do. I don’t have a silver bullet answer for you… you already have the answer.

So work on that.

Happy 2019!


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