Keyword Tips For Resumes (cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, etc.)

June 13th, 2014

chris_russell_headshotChris Russell is a job seeker’s advocate. I met him before I started JibberJobber, and in a way, he introduced JibberJobber to the world (in a blog interview he did back in 2006).

He has a great LinkedIn article/post titled Keyword Tips for Every Job Posting.

His first and last tips are my favorite… are you optimizing your marketing material so it is seen by others?

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Ask The Expert: Fred Coon, Outplacement and Job Search Expert

April 25th, 2014

My call with Fred Coon was awesome.  There were a lot of gems throughout this call.  I have two regrets:

  1. We didn’t have more time.  It seems like Fred just skimmed the surface on an 8-step plan… I think we could have talked for hours more.  BUT, what he was able to share in 90 minutes was a great foundation for anyone.
  2. I asked Fred, impromptu, to provide a little banjo music in the back while I wrapped it up.   He did, I wrapped up, and I mistakenly stopped the recording when I was done instead of when he was done.  I’ve never been banjo’d before… it was very cool :)

Below is our conversation.  I encourage you to take notes, and if you want, let us know what impacted you most, and the minute mark of that impactful moment, so we can get to it easier.

Enjoy!  (vimeo provides a full screen option comes on after you click play, but there is no visual… you can put this on while you do something else (like take notes?))

See past Ask The Expert recordings here.

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Ask The Expert (ATE): Robert Merrill, Internal Recruiter, Sr. Tech Recruiter

March 5th, 2014

This call was AWESOME. Off the charts. Seriously. There is so much good information in this call that it should be required to listen to.

I’m sure there are recruiters who do things differently. That’s one of the challenges that job seekers face: there is no single right or best answer for the situations we face (like, working with recruiters). Robert gives us a great look into the processes and systems that we need to know about. You can tell he has a heart for job seekers. Enjoy:

Note: This is hosted on Vimeo.  To make full-size, push play and then on the bottom right click the icon that looks like this:



Ask The Expert: Job Search Edition

March 3rd, 2014

Tomorrow morning is the next Ask The Expert, with Robert Merrill. Have you heard of these?  They are AWESOME!

Tomorrow’s is with Robert, an internal recruiter specializing in high tech and engineers.  You can learn more here, or just sign up here.

You might not be familiar with the Ask The Expert series so let me share the back-story.

Over a year ago I decided I wanted to help my amazing contacts who have expertise in career-related topics intersect with my users, people who are interested in job search, career management or JibberJobber.  What started out as a fun idea turned into a very cool series of interviews.  You can see ALL of the Ask The Expert calls we’ve done at (feel free to share that link).

Below is a list of recordings, to date. I don’t expect you to spend 15 hours and listen to them all right now, but I do suggest you check them out over the next few weeks – there is GREAT stuff in these interviews (the name links to their website, after the dash links to

Kim Mohuiddinon your resume

Jon Sozapersonal branding

Charlotte Weekscareers in the association, society and non-profit world

Karen HullerI have my resume, now what?

Jason Alba (me, Jan 2013) – 13 things to do for your career in 2013

Tim Tyrell-Smithalternative revenue streams

Nick Corcodilosworking with recruiters and headlines

Dick Bolles (the legendary author of What Color Is Your Parachute) – open questions

Jason AlbaCareer Management 3.0 and 51 Alternatives to a Real Job

Jack Chapmansalary negotiation

Dave Perry guerrilla marketing for job hunters

Mark LeBlancbusiness growth coach (principles of business growth for an individual in career management mode)

Dan Schawbelpersonal branding and millenials

The Recruiting Animal external recruiter talking shop, experiences, etc.

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Ask The Expert with Robert Merrill (internal recruiter)

February 26th, 2014

On Tuesday, March 4th at 9am Mountain Time (do the math on your own Time Zone so you don’t call in an hour early… or late!), we’ll talk with Robert Merrill.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER SO YOU CAN JOIN US. This is free, and we aren’t here to sell you anything. Just come, enjoy, ask, and learn.

Robert is a friend of mine who I met at blog dinners many years ago.  While I haven’t seen him in person for years, we keep in touch mostly through chat and email.  Robert is a busy guy, and has had some crazy-cool recruiting jobs.  When I met him he was a tech recruiter at a staffing firm.  Since then he has been in-house at Novell (which was “kind of a big deal” here in Utah for a while), and is currently a senior “engineering and technical recruiter” at Fuision-io, which I think is the greatest thing to come out of Utah’s tech space in a long time.

Robert is a … how do I say this,… a geeky nerd.  Let me clarify – he has great people skills, and can communicate very well (which you’ll figure out on Tuesday).  But he LOVES to learn.  He loves technology and dabbles in it all the time.  He is also one of the better recruiting bloggers out there… check out his blog at Connected Well.  Click the link below to see his LinkedIn profile:



Anyway, join us on Tuesday.  And put your questions in the comments below, or shoot me an email so I can list them and be ready with YOUR questions.



Dave Perry on How Much To Tell A Recruiter (and background checks)

February 3rd, 2014

Last August I did an Ask The Expert call with Dave Perry… it was awesome.  You can access it (and others) for free here.  In a blog post announcing his interview I got a comment with a great question… and Dave answered it.  Here is the complete question/answer.  If you think Dave is great, you have to devour his book and check out his other stuff.

Bruce’s question is about disclosure to a recruiter:

My wife is in a quandry.While working in a full-time job, she began the application process for a new job on December 15th. The new firm has an extensive process with a number of tests, interviews, etc.

On January 10, her company let her go.

The new company looks ready to make an offer, but the firm’s recruiter announced that they’ll be doing background and employment checks.

Should she inform the recruiter that she was let go two weeks ago?

It is now January 31.

What to do????

Dave Perry’s response is:

Bruce, here are the only three things she needs to do right now:a. Tell the recruiter the truth – that she was let go, and why,
b. Hand the recruiter a list of references – whom she’s already spoken to and can talk on job success — at the same time she tells the recruiter (yes get in the car Monday and drive over to the company and talk to the recruiter in person)
c. Make a list of all the other companies she wants to work for and get resumes out to them because she wants to create competition for her skills in case the company’s process ‘drags’ a while.


a. The recruiter is going to find out — unless they are stupid, AND they’d have to really be dumb to not pick up on it during a reference call. Preempting their discovery takes the sting out of it – if indeed there is any sting in it! AND most importantly it shows you are honest AND may light a fire under the recruiters posterior to grab you before you start looking elsewhere,
b. Giving them the reference check saves the recruiter hours of work trying to find the info themselves, and you somewhat guide them to the people they should be talking to.
c. A little competition is good for the ego and keeps employers honest!

The future is in your hands.

David Perry

I love Dave Perry… don’t you?


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Critical Job Search & Social Media Thoughts from a Recruiter (Steve Levy)

January 30th, 2014

Since before I started JibberJobber there was this blogger/recruiter out there named Steve Levy.  I became friends with Steve online, then we roomed together at a conference, and we’ve had phone calls thoughout the years.

I recently asked him for some input on a project I’m working on and he replied back with a link to a blog post that really answered all my questions. It had been a while since I had read Steve’s stuff and I found myself looking through a bunch of his blog posts.  I LOVED this one since it really summed up a lot of high-value tips for job seekers with regard to social media:

Random Social Media Thoughts for #Jobseekers

He really sums it up. If you are new to this stuff, read it and use most of it as your roadmap.  If this is “old hat,” read it and compare what he says with what you are doing.

I don’t want to spoil anything but his last line is absolutely critical to understand:

Job search – like recruiting – is a contact sport. For all the press given social media, in recruiting we like to say that the two most important social media tools are the telephone and the handshake.

Awesome stuff.

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The Recruiting Animal Ask The Expert Recording

November 22nd, 2013

Here’s the Ask The Expert call we did this month with The Recruiting Animal.  Candid, of course.  Enjoy!

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Psychology of Job Hunting: The Recruiting Animal – Free all day today

November 6th, 2013

The Recruiting Animal told me this would be free all day today, as a follow-up to yesterday’s Ask The Expert call with him: The Psychology of Job Hunting

If you miss the free today download (for the Kindle… you can download a Kindle app for free on your PC), then just pay the $2.99 tomorrow.

Thanks Animal!



Recruiting Animal on Ask the Expert on Tuesday at 11am Eastern

November 3rd, 2013

recruiting-animal-realJoin us for a candid conversation from The Recruiting Animal.  Animal has hosted his own radio show for years, talking to and with other recruiters.  Not only is he really knowledgeable about how to get a job, he is HONEST about it all.  He has no agenda, nothing to sell to you, he is FRANK and CANDID.

Register now and then join us on Tuesday morning (make sure you double check the time zone so you are there at the right time!

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