JibberJobber Testimonial #blush

August 12th, 2019

JibberJobber testimonial from Charles L Pourciau JrHey, I’ll be the first to tell you that we, at JibberJobber, have A LOT of work to do to get it to where we want it. That’s the challenge every product team has.

But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t doing some things right. Here’s part of an email I got from Charles L. Pourciau, Jr., Principal at Pourciau & Associates LLC in Pennsylvania:

“The main reason I upgraded is that this is the best software for managing my network and current job search. Thank you for an excellent piece of software.”

Who am I to argue with someone with this kind of a background!

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JibberJobber: A Different Tool for Different Stages of Your Career

April 12th, 2016

Steve Krum is a long-time JibberJobber user.


He shared this in response to a recent update/announcement:

I love all you are doing with JJ.

I have been using for maybe 6 months in my job search and am now beginning to see the benefits.

The power has always been very apparent; however, it is so feature-rich that is can be overwhelming and determining the most effective way for me to use has taken some time.

At this point (job search) what I have found is that everything revolves around the Jobs List Panel.

As soon as I come across a job, I enter the basics, especially the Job ID. I am vigilant about the Log Entries so I can track each and every step in the life cycle of the job.

I will enter the company and any contacts related to the new job, but at this point will not spend a lot of time on these records within JJ.

The key with JJ is using the features that meet my needs at different points in my life. I will beef up the company and contacts as they are important (especially the contacts) but not as critical at this point in my life.

Thank you for a tool that has helped me be efficient in my life and a key to landing a great job.

This is a great email.  While I don’t like to think that people struggle with it, that it can be overwhelming, and that it takes a long time to figure out, Steve provided great insight to us.  It’s one reason why we’ve been working with a UX designer, to help make JibberJobber more intuitive and easier to get up and running.

The bigger message that I get from this email is that JibberJobber is a versatile tool that helps you with career and relationship management where you are. Right now it might be in job search, tomorrow it might be in contact management.  Or, as Steve said in another email: “That it really depends on where we are in our life and what needs we have. And, these needs change over time as our life changes and as the software improves.”

Thanks for sharing Steve!


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Mark Hoven, Executive Leader in Melbourne, Australia, on JibberJobber and Empowerment

April 14th, 2014

Mark Hoven is a sharp senior level executive based in Australia.  Here’s part of an email he recently sent me:

mark_hoven_small“JibberJobber has been a very helpful organisational tool for me over the past 3 years I have been using it. Your tool is a great reference, forces a discipline to my search and documentation efforts, and provides a small sense of control over proceedings which can make a big difference in those ‘dark’ moments when you wonder if anyone values your professional skills any longer.”

I love how he says JibberJobber “forces a discipline” to his job search and documentation efforts. Many professionals who start a job search are frustrated by the lack of systems and accountability in their job search, wonder if they are doing the right things, and get lost in all of the freedom and choices they have to make.  JibberJobber helps alleviate this a bit with structure and tools to accommodate the job search system that works for you.  (this means that some people are extremely structured, some have aggressive metrics, others have less time and less data to manage – JibberJobber accommodates any job search system)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how he talks about the dark moments, which I’ve blogged about repeatedly, and especially this statement: JibberJobber “provides a small sense of control over…”

As a job seeker we feel like we have little-to-no control.  Many times we feel like we are spinning out of control.  Do this (network) but don’t do that (apply online).  Oh wait, someone just applied online and they got the job that we are more qualified for… ?  I don’t get it!  I’m confused!

Going from a JOB where you are in control of so many things (you might not realize this until you don’t have a job anymore), to unemployed and looking where you are at the mercy of so many things (people’s vacation schedules, the economy, weather, your ability to pay for help/services, etc.), you feel out of control.

When I started JibberJobber, eight years ago, I knew I wanted to EMPOWER job seekers and professionals.  I wanted to make this bigger than just a spreadsheet-like tool.  I wanted to make the features much richer than what you would get in your homemade spreadsheet.  I wanted to give you stuff you didn’t even think about, but stuff that first class citizens (that is, people who have jobs) would expect.

I want to take away your sense of being out of control and replace it with a sense of EMPOWERMENT.

If you dare to use JibberJobber, that’s just what you’ll get.  Empowerment.  Control.  A peace of mind.  No more “am I forgetting something???”

What a difference that would have made in my own job search!

Thanks for sharing, Mark!


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JibberJobber, Unemployment Insurance, Staying Organized in a Job Search

November 26th, 2012

Check out this very cool email I got from Carolyn in Minnesota:

[JibberJobber] is wonderful. It helped me organize my job search quickly and I was ready when summoned to the unemployment office to show that I’m doing everything I can. She said no one ever comes in having done so much in just four weeks. I brought my jobs report and told her about JibberJobber.

JibberJobber users… more organized, more productive.  That could lead to a bit of “peace of mind,” don’t you think?

If you aren’t using it yet, or don’t feel like it’s a significant part of your job search, sign up for the next user webinar (we do it every Wednesday).

While there, sign up for the Ask the Expert webinars – they are all free, and all awesome!

(Please tell your workforce services person about JibberJobber… many don’t know about it, but they should!)

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Can Job Seekers Still Be Enthusiastic? YES! Read This….

August 28th, 2012

I LOVE getting positive feedback.  Actually, I love getting negative feedback (because it helps me know what to improve/change/polish).

But yeah, the positive stuff is super cool.

Here’s a message we got through our Contact page… is this awesome or what??  From Anne S. in Chicago:

I just signed up for JJ and completed the 9 part webinar and it’s the FIRST TIME I ACTUALLY LISTENED TO A WEBINAR IN ITS ENTIRETY!

I am (potentially) without a job starting in November and it’s overwhelming to think about the administration of the networking/search activities, let alone deal with all the other emotions and tasks.

Which is why I am RELIEVED to have stumbled across your product on LinkedIn.

I am UBER impressed with this CRM-like tool, having been through the customization of this type of database in my current role and knowing how important user acceptance is for overall adoption.

I am charged up and ready to roll forward with your career management software and I plan to tell everyone else about Jibber Jobber!

You can also expect that I will send along a feature enhancement or two as a repayment for giving this tool away for free.

Thanks for losing your job six years ago so that you could help others by pursuing your own dream.

Sincerely — Anne S. (Chicago)

Anne, thank you for making this business worth it.

Aside from being a viable business, we have other goals:

We want to help people like you feel less overwhelmed.

We want people like you feel RELIEVED.

We want to UBER impress people like you!

We want you to tell everyone about JibberJobber!

We definitely want you to send us feature enhancement requests.

And you are welcome not only for losing my job, but for being a crummy ineffective job seeker who no one would hire 😉

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JibberJobber Testimonial: “I will continue using JibberJobber…”

August 17th, 2010

Last week I got this fantabulous message from a JibberJobber user. I really appreciate the time people spend to share this type of feedback. This was out-of-the-blue, unsolicited.

Hi, I just wanted to thank the JibberJobber staff for helping me stay organized during my latest job search. I had been unemployed at other times in my life and it was much easier to stay organized this time with JibberJobber at my disposal. I found hunting for a job to be less grueling as I was able to organize contacts and companies online, instead of using paper and pen as I had previously been doing. I received a wonderful offer Friday from one of the contacts I had stored in my JibberJobber account, and I credit your service with helping me stay organized enough to find employment.

I will continue using JibberJobber for storing information about companies and contacts. This way if or when the time comes when I need to look for work again, I will be able to use previously established contacts to shorten that job search.

Thank you again for offering this great service. I will continue recommending JibberJobber to others who are looking for work.

– Melissa C.

Thank you Melissa!  What a great story to share with me and my team – we LOVE to read this stuff!

Also, congratulations for “getting it.”  You say “when I need to look for work again.”  That time will come and your preparation now will help make the transition much smoother than it would otherwise be!

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Anthony Kanner made my day last week!

July 26th, 2010

Out of the blue I got this email from Anthony Kanner (@a_kannerCPA):

I’m a big fan of JibberJobber and I have used it since May 2008.  It helped me then to get an audit job in public accounting in NYC and I have relocated to Los Angeles this year and am looking to work for another CPA firm.

Thank you Anthony!  I noticed he has logged in more than 150 times since he got his account.  Very nice!

Anyone have any contacts for him in L.A., especially at a CPA firm out there?

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JibberJobber Rocks (right?)

July 15th, 2010

I don’t often get emails like this… the kind that make my entire week.  Unsolicited, from Crystal in California:

Dear JibberJobber folks, I want to thank you for giving me (and everyone) two extra Premium months**! I’m jobless (duh) and every penny counts. Thank you for your generosity.

I have found JibberJobber to be an invaluable tool in keeping track of my job search. It certainly beats my makeshift Excel spreadsheet all hollow. JJ makes it so much easier to see where I’ve applied, and when, and to whom.

Kudos to JibberJobber, making my job hunt easier! (now if only the economy would spring back)

Thank you Crystal – how kind it was for you to take a few minutes and send that message :)

** the extra two months was part of our last anniversary celebration.  You can see current specials/bundles here.

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