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We think everyone is a job seeker. You are an "active" job seeker if you are currently looking for a job , and a "passive" job seeker if you are not looking. Supposedly, passive job seekers become active job seekers every 3 to 5 years!

For professionals and executives, the job search can be a grueling process. You shouldn't waste any time in your job search trying to invent an organizational system, especially since JibberJobber is available for free.

JibberJobber allows you to keep track of the information you collect during a job search. Track the companies that you apply to (Target Companies). Track each job that you apply for, and log the status of each application (date of first interview, date thank you letter sent, etc.). Want to know where you sent your different resumes? Use JibberJobber to keep track of it!

Also, we're told to "network our way into companies," right? JibberJobber is based on traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and allows you to keep track of who is in your network, how strong your relationship is with each person, and associate them with your target companies.

Wouldn't it be great if all of this important contact information was available to you for your next job search? With the spiral notebook, sticky notes or your Excel spreadsheet, it probably won't be. But with JibberJobber you can have access to this information for the rest of your career. Finally, you have the perfect place to keep all your career information!

Sign up for a free account to help you navigate through your job search. If you are a passive job seeker, and want to be prepared for your next transition, click over to networking to see what you can do right now (in addition to keep track of prospective companies) to create income security!