Premium Features

JibberJobber Premium Features Tour!

This is a slide show to illustrate some of features that premium users enjoy, and usually find invaluable. The philosophy behind the premium features is to add more convenience to your job search and networking.

There are a lot of slides, but they are all short and easy to read. If there is any feature that compells you to upgrade, just click on the Upgrade Now link - the lowest committment is $9.95 a month - if you don't like it, you can cancel it at any time!

If you want a discount, consider purchasing a 12 month, 24 month or lifetime membership.

Manage Employers - Multiple Contacts

Your first contact at a company will likely lead you to another contact. What if you meet 3 hiring managers in a panel interview? You definitely want to keep track of their information, which will expand your network. Premium users can add more than one contact per company - you never know when those contacts will come in handy!

When you have entered these contacts as real contacts, and not just put their information in a log entry, you can then include each contact in your printable phone directory (that's coming up in a few slides!).

Manage Employers - Rank Employers

Ranking your network contacts is critical, and free to Regular users. But as a Premium user you can also rank the prospective employers and keep track of those you are really excited about (and those that are duds). Not a big deal when you are dealing with 20 or 30 prospective employers, but once you get a few dozen it is really nice to be able to categorize them by the potential!

Then, in the Company list panel, you will be able to order by the rankings.

Manage Recruiters - Add Multiple Contacts

Each recruiter is actually entered as a company, and you'll quickly find out that there may be different recruiters at each company that can help you. Some may be focused on temp-to-hire, while others may have industry focuses. You should keep track of each of these recruiters at each company - and Premium users can!

Manage Recruiters - Rank Recruiters

Premium users can can rank network contacts and prospective employers... why stop there? As a Premium user you will be able to keep track of who the great recruiters are, and those that are not doing much for (or with) you.

Then, in the Company list panel, you can filter on just recruiters and then order by the rankings.

Manage Job Boards - Multiple Contacts

You never know who you will meet from a job board, especially smaller, niche boards. Usually you can find at least one contact at these niche boards, and every contact can help. Premium users can keep track of any job board contacts that they meet. These contacts are typically employees or agents of the job board - don't confuse this with your personal network!

Manage Job Boards - Rank the Boards

Some boards may be more helpful or pertinent to what you are doing - you'll want to make sure that you spend an appropriate amount of time on each board, so ranking them will help remind you of their importance to you.

Then, in the Company list panel, you can filter on just job boards and then order by the rankings.

Manage Your Network - Import Records

Premium users can import their own contacts into their JibberJobber network. If you want, just export it from Outlook (or whatever you use - as long as you can export it to a .csv file), and then in JibberJobber import it.

After upload your spreadsheet, JibberJobber tries to match your headers with fields in our system - which you can either accept or change. And, you can choose to accept which records get uploaded.

Manage Your Network - Export Records

Premium users can choose to export these important records one-by-one or in bulk to either a .csv file (which defaults to Excel) or as a vCard (which defaults to Outlook). Note that if there are multiple records, and you choose to export to as vCards, it will create a zip file, which has individual vCards.

Once you import them into Outlook (or Palm Desktop or whatever you want) you can then have them on your PDA!

You can also export each contact as a vCard anywhere you see this icon:

Reminders - Interactive Summary Report

You can see your reminders on the home page, on the detail pages (for companies, recruiters, job boards and network contacts) - but if you were Premium you would be able to see them listed all out in one convenient report. And, from this report you can close any Reminder you want with one click!

Reminders - Get Them E-mailed to You

Each time you login to JibberJobber you will see your Reminders on the front page. Premium users get an extra benefit - they can choose to have each Reminder e-mailed to them! These are simple reminders to help you remember that call, appointment or other event that you can't forget!

Once you click on the checkbox, at the bottom of the Log Entry panel, you will see this box appear, which allows you to override the default of when you will get an Reminder e-mailed to. Make sure your e-mail address is correct!

Job Tracking - Interactive Summary Report

This is a great report where you can see all of your job postings, and their event status, on one page. Further, you can click on the "close" icon which creates a log and closes that Reminder. This is a great view to help you see how many jobs you've applied for, where you are at on any of them, and perhaps draw your attention to any areas where you need to follow up. And, this report can be used for unemployment claims to show that you are applying for the jobs that you need to each week. This is much better than what Regular users get to see, which is one job posting at a time.

Job Tracking - Rank Jobs You Apply To

Oh the ranking fun never ends. This feature allows Premium users to rank each job that they apply to, or find out about. This can be very useful because, as time passes, it is easy to forget something exciting from last week, when other opportunities come up. Sounds wierd, but when you are applying for many jobs each week, it is easy to lose track of what your favorites are. This is just another great way to keep all of your information organized.

... and then you can order and group them on the List Panel, according to their ranking:

Library - Access to Personal Library

If you have a hard time keeping track of books and links that other people recommend to you, keep them logged here. You can make it a practice to ask people that you respect what their favorite books are - and forget the sticky notes and e-mailing yourself - put the info into your personal library and have it accessible from anywhere.

Document Manager - 10 Times the Storage

Premium users can upload 10 times the documents in the Document Manager. If a Regular user can only upload about 5 documents, the Premium user would have room for about 50 documents!

Assuming the average document is about 40k, the regular user gets to upload something like this:


... and Premium users would get something like this:


... and if you store small .txt or .html files (like, job descriptions), then you could store quite a few more!

Interview Preparation - Categorize the Answers

Ok, picture this. You have applied to 3 totally different types of companies. One is a small high-tech start-up, another is a hospital chain, and a third is in the hospitality industry. Should you use the same "Me in 30 Seconds" at each interview? What about your Power Statements?

Actually, you should prepare for each interview differently - whether the industries are different or because the jobs you are applying to are different (ie. management vs. analyst).

So, once you enter a bunch of interview prep responses, and you are asked to go to an interview at the hospital chain, you can go in and print out just the interview prep responses related to that category.

Interview Preparation - Unlimited Length of Response

Regular users are limited to only 500 characters for the Interview Prep responses. Premium users can enter as much as they want to, which is helpful when you want to "wordsmith" - that is, keep some ideas and thoughts in the response, and eventually whittle it down until you have the "perfect" response.

This is what Regular users see.... Premium won't see this limit at all.

Enhanced Reports - Interactive Job Posting Summary

(yes - this is a repeat slide)This is a great report where you can see all of your job postings, and their event status, on one page. Further, you can click on the "close" icon which creates a log and closes that Reminder. This is a great view to help you see how many jobs you've applied for, where you are at on any of them, and perhaps draw your attention to any areas where you need to follow up. And, this report can be used for unemployment claims to show that you are applying for the jobs that you need to each week. This is much better than what Regular users get to see, which is one job posting at a time.

Enhanced Reports - Interactive Reminder Summary

As a Premium user you can get a summary report of all reminders, either network reminders or company/recruiter/ job board reminders. And, as an added feature, you can close any Reminder right from this report.

Enhanced Reports - Custom Phone List

JibberJobber was designed to help you in your job search, not create a time-wasting task. Once you get the information in the system you should get on the phone, or get out and network. You can quickly create a phone list customized to whatever you want - include or exclude fields such as cell phone, address, e-mail address, etc. Then, print this out and take it with you - you'll have all of your important contacts with the most updated information. And if you lose this printout (it happens!), just come back to the website and create another one.

Also, if you want to share some contact info with someone else, you can create a special "phone list" just for them - that is, you can select any of the contacts that you want to share with that person, create the phone list, and send it to them in a file (or print it out and give it to them). Of course, if they were JibberJobber users you would be able to just send them the information electronically and have it automatically go into their JibberJobber system!

Expense Tracker - Log Expenses

Some job seeking expenses are tax write-offs (there is an article on this in the library, written by an H&R Block guy). Premium users can track their job-search related expenses and mileage, and get a report to include as possible tax deductions. They can also opt to get an e-mail on February 1 of each year with the expenses so they don't forget to declare them! Little things add up! Consult your accountant before you declare any item, as some things are not write-offs.

Expense Tracker - Log Mileage

Just as some expenses may be write-offs, some mileage might qualify. Consult your accountant, but at least during your job search you can keep it logged and be prepared to itemize the mileage.

Expense Tracker - Get Summary Report

At the bottom of the list is a summary of expenses and a summary of mileage. You can quickly see how much you might be able to write-off.

Expense Tracker - Automatically E-mailed on Feb. 1

No matter when you enter expenses or mileage into the system, you will conveniently get an e-mail sent to you around the first of February, just in time to prepare your taxes. Even if you forget about these possible deductions, JibberJobber will send them to you!

Preferences - When to Get Reminder E-mail?

As a Premium user, you will be able to schedule e-mails to prompt you about upcoming reminders. The default setting is to get an e-mail 2 days before the Reminder is due. You can change this system default to whatever you want. Don't forget, you can override this default on each Reminder, when you create the Reminder!

Preferences - Date Formatting

Some people have a preference about date formatting.... Premium users can adjust the formatting to be more consistent with what they are accustomed to.


Preferences - Set E-mail Addresses to "One-Click"

If you use Outlook or some other e-mail client you will love this feature. Premium users can make e-mail addresses hyperlinks and automatically create an e-mail when you click the name (using your client).

On the other hand, if you use web-based e-mail, it can be very frustrating if the address is hyperlinked, and your computer tries to open Outlook or Outlook Express. We know how big a pain this is - so we are giving you the option!

... so Regular users would only see this:

... and Premium users can choose to see this, and in one click, they can be writing an e-mail to whoever they click on:

Miscellaneous - Site-Wide Quick Search

Premium users can do a quick search on their companies, contacts, network, and the library. At the top of each page is a search box. Just enter a search phrase, or part of a word, and get all of the results with links to take you to the right place. This adds a ton of convenience to your JibberJobber experience!

Note how the search results are color-coded, and have icons to depict whether the hits are from the company, profile, or wherever it came from!

Miscellaneous - No Upgrade Prompt Boxes

It might not be annoying, but it does take up space! And, once you upgrade, it won't be there constantly reminding you about upgrading.

Miscellaneous - Optional Google Ads

The Google ads are pertinent ads for whatever page you are on. Some Premium users don't want it on their screen, but some do, as there are recruiter or job sites that they might want to check out. Premium users can turn these ads on or off at their convenience.

Miscellaneous - All Upgrades Included

When you sign up for a Premium account, all future Premium features are automatically included - as soon as they are uploaded on the server, they are available to you!

Miscellaneous - Price Protection

If you choose to pay the monthly fee, and JibberJobber increases its prices, you will still only pay the monthy fee that you have been accustomed to. This locks you into the price from when you started paying.

Note that if you cancel your membership, and then decide to sign up again, you will sign up at the NEW pricing, not the pricing you had when you cancelled.