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LinkedIn for Job Seekers, 5th Ed.

02: LinkedIn Landing Page 5m 37s

Instead of skipping over the landing page, learn how to get value out of it, increase your networking (how and why to get in front of people), and find opportunities to share your brand.

03: Profile: Above the Fold 8m 53s

The Above the Fold part of your Profile is the top part that people see before they scroll down. This is the first impression, and should strongly communicate your brand messaging. Learn how to optimize this part of your Profile in this video, what a "mini-profile" is, and about the significant change in how your Summary is presented (and what you should do about it).

04: Profile: Writing a Better Summary 9m 15s

The Summary has changed! But the fundamentals of writing a great Summary have not. Learn how to write a great Summary that ties into the Above the Fold section, and really brings out the value that you bring to a company.

05: Profile: Below the Fold 9m 03s

How to optimize your the part of your LinkedIn Profile you see when you scroll down. This is below the Summary, to the bottom. 

06: Profile: Adding Rich Media 5m 45s

Adding powerpoints, pdfs, images, and even video can help your Profile stand out, and help you deliver your messaging in a format that perhaps readers will prefer over boring text. This video shows how to add rich media to your Summary and Experience sections.

07: Profile: Wrap-up of Profile Optimization 3m 35s

We've talked a lot about the Profile... here's a quick review and wrap-up before we move on to the rest of the videos!

08: Giving Recommendations 8m 14s

Giving Recommendations on LinkedIn could be a great networking and even branding exercise.  In this video we learn how to give a meaningful, powerful Recommendation to people in your network, and get a suggestion on how often to implement this networking tactic.

09: Asking for and Using Recommendations 8m 16s

Are Recommendations useful? YES! How do you get more, and how do you get your contacts to write them so they are impactful? Finally, once you get Recommendations, what do you do with them? Learn the answers to these questions in this video.

10: LinkedIn Companies 5m 40s

Learn if and where any value in LinkedIn Companies is... what you can check, and how you can proactively get in front of people.

11: LinkedIn Groups 13m 01s

LinkedIn Groups is the most powerful proactive tool you can use in LinkedIn. Learn what to do in Groups, and how and when to do it.  Once I help people understand how to optimize their Profile, I tell them to spend time on Groups. It really is the best use of your time.

12: LinkedIn Jobs 8m 57s

Learn how to use and get value out of the job postings on LinkedIn... get salary information, learn more about companies, etc.

13: LinkedIn Search Optimization 13m 51s

Learn how to search smarter and get more relevant search results. 

14: X-ray Search Tools 10m 20s

Learn powerful search techniques, even if you don't have the LinkedIn upgrade, and even if you aren't even logged into LinkedIn!

15: Communicating with Others 14m 43s

How do you communicate with others on LinkedIn? In this video we explore the tools and the best practices to have your messages read.

16: Settings and Privacy 13m 59s

Learn how to adjust your settings so you have stricter privacy and less unwanted messages.

17: LinkedIn Status and Articles 14m 53s

Use status updates and articles in your personal branding strategy, and help others better understand who you are and how they can help you.

18: BONUS: Exporting Contacts 9m 02s

You are building a great network... don't you want it backed-up? No problem... learn how to export your contacts in this video.

19: BONUS: Cleaning the Exported File 4m 47s

Once you export your Contacts, you can clean (or, scrub) them. You would do this usually if you are going to import them into another system (like, your CRM). In this video I talk about how I clean my files, and when I don't worry about it.

20: BONUS: Importing Contacts into JibberJobber 6m 30s

If you have exported your Contacts for a backup, why not put them into a format that makes them useable, and makes use of the your career management tool?  This video shows you how to import into JibberJobber.

21: BONUS: Four Frequently Asked Questions 5m 12s

Four of them most common questions I hear, with my answers!

22: BONUS: What Do I Do Now? 4m 24s

What do you do now? Here are ten+ ideas on actionable steps you can take, RIGHT NOW!