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Blogging for Job Seekers

Introduction to Blogging 5m 19s

Blogging is a powerful medium to complement your social networking strategy. We like to refer to it as the "anchor" of your social strategy. Whether you have your own blog or you accomplish your goals through others blogs, you can get considerable value out of incorporating a blog marketing strategy into your career management and job search.

Frequency of Posts? 4m 18s

Should you post once a month (some people do, they call it their "newsletter"), or once an hour (one of the top blogs in the world has multiple posts per day (  How often should you post?  This video talks about frequency, and a range you should consider.

SEO Tip: Keywords in URL 3m 04s

SEO = Search Engine Optimization.  Basically, is your site optimized for search engines?  This simple, one-time tip/fix will help you ensure your blog posts are optimized at the most basic level (most basic doesn't mean everyone knows about it, or does it).

Write better blog posts 7m 21s

Too often a blog post says all that can be said.  Commentors don't leave comments because there's nothing to comment on (other than "me too" or "you're great").  This video shows you how you can write better blog posts that inspire and get people talking, as well as leaving comments.

Tips On Blog Post Ideas 3m 40s

Worried about not having enough content, or figuring out how to come up with a schedule of blog posts?  In this video Jason Alba shares his simple system to keep it organized and on-purpose.

Blog Platforms and Options 6m 38s

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out which tool, or platform, to use for your blog.  It shouldn't be.  Watch this short video to see what the considerations are, and then pick one that works for you!

How to get more readers 9m 23s

Getting more readers requires work.  Understanding where readers come from, why they come, and figuring out how to get your blog in front of more people is important, fun, and an excellent networking strategy.  Learn how to do it with this video.

What if nobody reads it? 4m 57s

People are worried about blogging for... nobody.  Well, is that bad?  What if NO ONE reads your blog?  No one, except that one special person.  This video helps put your audience into perspective and shares why you should blog, even if you aren't good at marketing your blog to the masses.

Why Should I Blog? 6m 24s

Not sure if you should blog?  This video shares some ideas on what value you might derive as a blogger.  Blogging isn't for everyone - it requires time, committment and consistency.  But the pros might outweigh the cons on this decision - watch the video to learn more.

Developing Your Strategy 6m 24s

Learn how to develop a blogging strategy - how often do you post, what do you write about, how do you write a strong blog post? This video helps you get started on the right foot and move forward in the right direction with a well-communicated brand.

What to Write 5m 38s

How do you figure out WHAT you will write, week after week, month after month? This webcast helps you figure that out based on your brand boundaries (to help ensure you attract and retain the right readers). In this video you will learn: - How to come up with your blog categories (in essence, a "table of contents" for your blog), - How to ensure your blog posts are relevant to your space, - How to come up with 1,000 potential blog posts (it is easier than you might think)

How to Find Relevant Blogs 5m 32s

You need to find blogs in your space (or, blogs that are relevant to you) for a number of reasons. You want to network with the bloggers and even their readers, write about what they write about and leave comments on their blogs. Whether you have your own blog or not you can get value out of using other blogs in your strategy. In this webcast you will learn: - How to identify what blogs in your space mean (when does a blog qualify as relevant?), - How to find blogs in your space using more than just google, - How to keep track of the blogs you find so you can easily come back to them later.

Commenting on Blogs 8m 07s

Commenting on other blogs is an excellent tactic for networking and spreading your personal brand. Your own blog might only have 3 readers but other bloggers have their own readership - leaving comments puts you in front of the blogger and potentially their readers. In this video you'll learn: - How to leave relevant comments on relevant blog posts, and - What information to put so that you help others know how to find you (without looking like a spammer), and - How to keep track of the blogs you want to check back on to see if new comment opportunities arise.

Admin for 4m 59s

This is how to administration a blog that you have more control over (.org, not .com). If you have a website host you likely have access to the .org system, and this is what you'll need to know to keep it humming along. Alternatively, watch the other admin video for

Admin for 10m 44s

Most of you will use instead of paying a monthly fee to have more control over your blog. This is how to administration a blog. If you have a more robust host that you are paying for you should probably watch the admin video for