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Career Management 2.0

Introduction 3m 33s

Let's get started - this journey on career management will get you thinking differently about your job, income, job security, a job search, networking and tools and strategies more than ever before!

Who is Jason Alba? 5m 02s

My name is Jason Alba and I designed JibberJobber and many of these videos.  In this video you meet me and learn why I came up with these ideas. I didn't care one bit about managing my career because I thought I had already done all of the right stuff and my company(ies) would take care of me.  

I was in for a surprise.

Job Security? 4m 52s

What is Job Security?  Do you believe it exists?  In this clip learn about what it was, who owned it and what the new phrase should be.  This is one of the most important concepts for every job seeker to understand as it frames this job search appropriately and helps you understand how what you do in this job search affects the rest of your career.

Do you have a personal brand? 4m 56s

Whether you like the term "personal branding" or not, you might just have a personal brand!

In this video learn how pervasive personal branding is and what you can do to avoid unintentional, negative personal brands that you don't even know you (might) have.

Bad Personal Brands 10m 21s

There's a lot of talk about personal branding and how to do it... unfortunately it's easy to do wrong. Here are examples of people who have tried to implement personal branding advice into their career strategy but have, unfortunately, done it wrong. Not just wrong but WRONG, getting results that were the opposite of what they wanted to get.

P.B. Secret Weapon 5m 02s

What is the secret weapon in personal branding? Is it a business card? Is it a 30 second elevator pitch? In this clip I'll show you what it is and how to optimize it. You have the chance to use this multiple times a day - now figure out how to use it right!

Why Social Tools? 5m 02s

Of course you've heard about social tools in a job search (or long-term career management), but let's talk about WHY. Why do you spend the time there, what are you hoping to accomplish? In this clip you'll learn the three main reasons why you should incorporate social tools into your career management strategy.

Substantiate Yourself 3m 21s

I networked and job searched for 5 solid months before something amazing happened. One day I had multiple people say "NOW I know what you do! You need to talk to my boss!" What triggered this? They could finally understand what my value proposition was. I found a way to "substantiate myself." Learn how in this video.

Job Search SWAT Teams 3m 48s

What I learned about a successful job search from job clubs in California: SWAT Teams for success. This concept is so critical to anyone in a job search that I recommend it pretty much everywhere I go.

Job Search Newsletters 5m 09s

I'm a big advocate of having a regular newsletter, whether you are unemployed or happily employed. This video shows you what you would have in a job search newsletter - the three main parts, who to send it to, etc.

Coaches and Accountability 3m 46s

In my failed job search I didn't have anyone I was accountable to. I've since learned the value of having a coach, whether paid or not, that would sit down with me weekly to hold me accountable to what I should have been doing. Learn about the importance and power of having a coach during your job search - this is something that EVERYONE needs.

Informational Interviews 4m 05s

Informational Interviews are one of the most powerful tactics in a job search. Learn what they are and why they are powerful here in this introductory clip.

Conclusion 2m 30s

You should now think differently about career management and a "job search." Are you empowered? Does this change your outlook and strategy?