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Effective Email Communication

Introduction 1m 43s

Let's get started - this short introduction lays the foundation for the Email series!

Email address, "From" 4m 12s

This is simple to set up.  So simple that sometimes people do it wrong.  Make sure you set up your email address and "From" name correctly so the person who gets your email knows it's coming from you (sounds simple, doesn't it?  Why do so many people miss this?).  You want to make it easy for them to trust the message, and to find it later.  Watch this video to learn how.  This is a one-time task.

Set the Tone 4m 46s

When do you write Dear, when do you use a comma or a colon, when do you use my first name and when do you say Mr. Alba?  How you start the message sets the tone of the message. It might make me think we are professional peers, or you are someone about to ask me a very big favor.  Learn how to set the tone from the beginning with this video.

Compelling Subject Lines 7m 21s

The right subject line means your email message is open and read.  The wrong subject line means your email goes straight to spam, or the recipient deletes it right away as irrelevent or a sales pitch.

Learn how to craft a subject line that helps get your message to the person the right way and avoid the mistakes that we see so often in our inbox.

Virtual Introductions 8m 43s

As a networker you should have many opportunities to make introductions between your contacts, as well as receive introductions.  This video shows you how to craft an email introduction between two or more people, and how to appropriately respond to introductions.

Cold Emailing 10m 11s

Ideally, you'll get a warm introduction to a new contact, but that isn't always the case.  If you have to email someone who isn't expecting your message you'll want to follow certain communication guidelines to increase the chances of your message being read and responded to.  This video shows you how to do this.

Strategic Email Signatures 4m 59s

Don't miss the opportunity to help others understand who you are and how you can help them.  In this video you'll learn how to create a strong, well-crafted email signature that focuses on communicating your brand effectively.  

Using To, CC and BCC 5m 47s

When do you put an email address in the To, CC or BCC field?  Too often people do it wrong, which can creating communication problems and misunderstandings.

Learn how to use these three fields and show that you master this one piece of email.

When to use Reply All 4m 49s

"Reply All" is a powerful, and dangerous button!  Many times it is used improperly and is slightly annoying, but sometimes it is used inadvertantly and can cause some serious relationship problems.  This video shares ideas and tips on how and when to use the Reply All button.

Formats and colors 3m 45s

It can be exciting to format your email to make it stand out.  Your email can REALLY stand out if you change the background, font, highlighting, etc.  You can also make it so frivolous that people think you are a third grade chain letter spammer.  This video shares the best practices of WHEN you should change formatting, colors, and font size to increase the credibility of your message.

Highlighting a Response 4m 54s

Fonts and color can really mess up the tone of your message, but they can also make parts of your message pop out.  Learn how to effectively communicate without detracting from your professionalism and ensure parts of your message are clear.

Conclusion 4m 01s

Now you are ready to have more effective, more professional email communication.  Watch this wrap-up conclusion to ensure you captured what you need to, and refer back to the clips in this series if you need a refresher or reference.