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Informational Interviews

Introduction 2m 06s

What are informational interviews?  Watch this short clip to get started.

Your Attitude 2m 55s

Your attitude can make or break the interview.  If you want leads and introductions you must control your attitude. This concept is critical.

What Value do you Bring 2m 48s

As a job seeker you might feel like you don't bring any value to a one-on-one conversation.  That's far from true.  In this clip you'll learn why you bring significant value to the table.

Topics to avoid 3m 23s

15 minutes will go by very quickly.  Make sure you don't spend any time on certain things... which I talk about in this clip.

Finding People to Interview 2m 54s

Where do you find people to interview?  What if you don't have a network... where do you start?  This clip helps you understand where to find them, and then were to find more.

How to get an Informational Interview 2m 46s

How do you ask for an informational interview?  Watch this video to avoid the common mistakes made when asking for one (and appearing as if you are a needy job seeker).

Ask for the Interview 2m 53s

If you ask for an "informational interview" you are doing it wrong.  How, then, do you ask?  What are you really asking for?  This video gives you an idea of the words to use when requesting someone's time.

What if: No Response 2m 27s

You won't get a response from everyone you talk to.  How do you respond?  The job search can be an emotional time.  Make sure you don't commit a faux paus and unintentionally burn bridges by your responses.

Preparing for the Meeting 3m 51s

How do you prepare for an informational interview?  If you don't prepare well you will not optimize the time you get with your contact.  Preparing right might be more important than the time you spend with them!  Learn how to prepare in this video.

At the Interview 6m 09s

The 15 or 20 minutes you get with your interview can be a grand success or quite a failure.  Know what you are doing, keep the conversation relevant, discard any distracting comments, and stay focused.  This video teaches you how to make sure you don't mess up the opportunity with your contact.

How to Follow-Up 3m 25s

How and when do you follow-up? If you don't follow-up you are missing out on the reason for the interview, and you risk eliminating a potential relationship.  Learn how to follow-up in this short video.