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JibberJobber Orientation

User Orientation (1/8) 1m 19s

Introduction to this short Getting Started Orientation ... the time you spend here will be worth it!

User Orientation (2/8) 3m 11s

How JibberJobber helps you! What it is we do (no, we are not a job board).

User Orientation (3/8) 2m 47s

Logging in and basic introduction to JibberJobber.

User Orientation (4/8) 1m 43s

The Landing Page: what you see when you first login to JibberJobber (make it what you need).

User Orientation (5/8) 2m 36s

Where to find more and deeper help: The JibberJobber Video Library. 

User Orientation (6/8) 11m 29s

What does using JibberJobber look like? Walk through the process with us as we create a Job, Contact, Company, Log Entry, and Reminder (these make up the core of JibberJobber). Note all of this could be done in seconds with Email2Log, which is the next video. 

User Orientation (7/8) 6m 18s

What Email2Log looks like. This is one of the most powerful features in JibberJobber and will save you tons of time. 

User Orientation (8/8) 2m 16s

Orientation wrapup... and now it's time for you to add your own records!