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JibberJobber Short Videos

EMail2Log Introduction 9m 25s

In May of 2011 we introduced the Email2Log feature.  This is the original video, introducing you to how it works, how you use it, how you set it up.  While the look of JibberJobber has changed, and the Email2Log functionality is richer, this video does a great job of showing you the basics to get started and use the tool.

Saving Jobs with the Chrome Browser Widget 2m 52s

Have jobs to save from your browser?  Check out a super-easy way to get them into JibberJobber! A link to the Chrome widget can be found at the bottom of every JibberJobber page.

Add a New Contact 2m 41s

How do you add a network contact? Its pretty simple - this video shows some of the important fields you need to use.

Log Entries, Action Items 3m 39s

This shows how to add a Log Entry on a Network Contact. You do it the same way if you want to add a Log Entry for a job or target company. You can create a Log Entry / Action Item and tie it to multiple other records (Contacts, Companies, Jobs).

Create CSV File 4m 32s

Shows what key elements the CSV (simply a spreadsheet) needs to do a proper import.

Importing Contacts 4m 03s

Importing contacts is something you should do immediately – here’s how.

Manage Columns 4m 24s

The List Panel’s coolest hidden feature – Manage Columns allows you to customize your view. We don't pretend to know how your data should look. Also, what do all those icons do on the bottom left? They are to perform actions for multiple records at once... watch the clip and learn how.

Searching & List Panel 2m 35s

How to drill down with detailed search functionality – this is a must-watch!

Using the List Panel 3m 47s

At the bottom of your List Panel are little icons… check out this video to learn what you can do with those icons.

Merge Duplicates 2m 55s

When you have duplicate (or triplicate, or more) records, you may want to merge them into one. This is especially useful if both records have different notes, log entries, etc. This video shows how to combine more than one record into one. This is a premium feature.

Export from LinkedIn 2m 26s

This video shows how to export your contacts from LinkedIn, and what to do with the exported file before you import it into your account here. This is a premium feature.

Get Contact List 2m 53s

You shouldn’t be at your computer all day long - even social networkers need to get away and meet people face-to-face! Here is a way to print your contact list – including company and/or network contacts. Select and order the results by tag, category, etc. You can also export to a csv or vcard file which allows you to send to other programs (like Outlook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc.). There is a lot of functionality on this page, hopefully this tutorial will help you see how easy it really is. This is a premium feature.

Using Tags 1m 22s

You NEED TO use tags… if you don’t, then watch this quick video and see how easy it is to use them. It is super valuable.

Getting Email Addresses 2m 03s

This video shows how powerful tags are, and one of the most important things you can do with them. No matter who you are (active job seeker, small business owner, happily employed professional) this makes JibberJobber a valuable relationship management tool. This is a premium feature.

Network Relationship Goals 2m 21s

Networking is about relationships, and proactively improving the relationships. The Network Relationship Goals allows you to pick a section of your network and focus on strengthening the relationships. Check out this simple tutorial to see how it works. (The idea is simple, the results can be profound).

Drag & Drop from Outlook m 54s

The fastest way to add a new contact is by dragging and dropping from Outlook contacts. Watch this short video to see how to do it!

Degrees of Separation 3m 36s

It’s helpful to know who introduced you to who, and how many degrees a contact is from you.

Add Contact from Twitter 5m 48s

This is a cool feature to add contacts from your network on twitter.

Create a CSV file 1m 54s

This is perhaps one of the most important things to do when getting started. Since it is a premium feature, make sure you do it within the first 14 days and you won't have to upgrade your account later. Note that you can create your own csv files to import, which can be a lot faster than typing each company in one by one.

Importing from a CSV file 1m 46s

Make sure you import your companies in the first 14 days while you still have premium features for free! This video show's how to import new companies into your account (make sure you see the video "Create a csv file to import new companies"). The video says you can import 5, 500 or 5,000 records. Premium users have unlimited storage while, regular users are limited in the number of network contacts and companies saved.

Global Companies 4m 06s

Know there are more companies you should know about? See how to find companies other JibberJobber users are sharing with you.

Adding a Job 4m 22s

How to add a Job to your JibberJobber database.

Track a job posting 2m 49s

Managing jobs that you apply is simple when you enter them here. The ability to tie them to a company, indicate which resume and cover letter you use, associate reference letters, put important dates (date of interview, date of thank you letter, etc.) is really powerful.

Add a Job Feed 1m 31s

This short video shows how powerful feeds from job search engines can be. After you watch this video you'll know how to create a job feed and save it in your account.

Creating a New Job 1m 37s

Kind of Part II to the job feed video, which shows you how to quickly click on a job feed and add that as a job record. Very cool.

Using Maps 2m 29s

This tutorial shows you how Google Maps allows you to see your network contacts on a map, as well as where your target companies are. Note that you can save a company to the "Global Map" so that everyone can see it - this is helpful for others that may be new to your area and need help in their job search.

Expense Tracker 1m 45s

This is a very simple way to track expenses and mileage, allowing you to categorize each “expense” as you wish. You will get an e-mail at the end of every January with an itemized list that you can take to your accountant and perhaps get a write-off (not all job search expenses are tax-deductible, consult with your accountant). In some cases (job search, business ownership) the expense of JibberJobber may be tax deductible. This is a premium feature.

Power Statements 2m 46s

A power statement is made up of three parts, and concisely communicates a specific skill you have with quantifiable evidence. When you have prepared and rehearsed your power statements you convey your skills with authority. Each of the three parts contributes to this authority.

Me in 30 Seconds 3m 45s

The elevator pitch, 30 seconds, will help you in communicating with others, like in a networking meeting, over lunch or in an interview; to help them understand what you want/need and to help them understand how they can help you (or at least start to think about it).

Questions and Answers 2m 40s

This is the place where you can put questions. Spending a little time to craft answers that are concise and appropriate you can look like a superstar in the interview!