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Social Networks for Job Seekers

Introduction to Social Networks for Job Search 2m 51s

This is where it all starts - watch this first to kickoff the entire series.

What is Social Networking 2m 40s

What constitutes a social network?  When someone says "social network" what are they referring to?  This video introduces you to the concept of social networking.

Why? The three reasons we spend time in these tools 4m 21s

Why should you spend any time online with social networks? You should have a strategic purpose - in this clip you'll find out three reasons to spend time. You can then determine WHAT you will do once you understand WHY you are there.

How much time do I spend on this stuff? 2m 11s

People tend to get overwhelmed when they think about what they could do with all of these tools, and a major concern is the time spent to do everything you could do.  Don't worry about all of the stuff you could do. This video helps you understand how to create a time management strategy and drive the process, not become overwhelmed by the process.

Determining which networks to join 4m 30s

There are literally tens of thousands of social networks you *could* join - how do you know which ones you really should join? Don't join all of them that come your way - learn how to decide where to spend your time.

How to keep track of your network and job search? 5m 09s

An active job seeker should make a lot of network contacts and manage a lot of data (phone numbers, email addresses, dates, conversations, etc.).  Whether you find this information online or offline you'll need a single tool to manage the data.  Learn where the JibberJobber personal database system fits into your career management.

"Connect with me?" What does a Connection/Friend/Follower mean? 5m 03s

Across social networks there is a notion of becoming a friend, a trusted connection, a follower, etc.  What exactly does this mean?  This video explains how the idea of a connection fits into your social strategy.

Personal Branding by accident or on purpose? 4m 56s

One of the three main reasons to spend any time with these networks is to develop and share your personal brand.  Too often a personal brand "just happens," which means the brand communicates a message that isn't what we want communicated.  This video explores how this happens and how we can control the brand message.

Social Marketing Strategy 4m 28s

As CEO of Me, Inc., you need to think about "marketing" your company (that is, Me, Inc.) with these social tools.  This video shows how the different tools work together in a complementary fashion, and it shares different social tools that might be of interest in your professional networking and branding.

Repurposing Content 2m 24s

It is stressful to think about coming up with new content for Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, Facebook, etc.  You don't have to!  This is a brilliant idea that can help you leverage your existing message and knowledge to various audiences without spending a lot of time trying to come up with fresh content.

Five important things to do 3m 12s

With an understanding and overview of social networks, now you can consider how they fit into your career management strategy.  This video shares five important tactical things you can do on social networks.

Six things to know 3m 37s

In addition to the things to DO, here are things to know, so you don't make common mistakes when you network online.

Tactics: Examples of what you could do 7m 47s

Being "on" a social network is no good if you don't know what to do when you are there. In this video you'll learn some tactical, task-oriented things to actually DO. Some are one-time tasks, some are repeat tasks. The point is: DO SOMETHING!