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Twitter for Job Seekers

Introduction to Twitter 2m 50s

Welcome to Twitter... as a job seeker you might want to get an account on Twitter. You don't have to... either way you can get value out of it. Start here for an introduction to this network that has over 100,000,000 signups and see what you could do for your job search and career management.

The Art of the Retweet 6m 15s

What is a RT?  Why should you RT?  What if someone RTs you?  The RT (ReTweet) is a powerful tool to share information and strengthen your network.  This video shares the how and why of effective reteweeting.

Twitter Tools 3m 57s

What tools can help you get more out of Twitter?  There are tons of tools out there - learn about some of our favorites here.

140! Shorten your URLs! 5m 05s

You only get 140 characters in a tweet - if you are going to link to a website (blog post, etc.) you should "shorten" the URL.  Learn how to in this video.

Twitter Homepage 7m 59s

Learn the different elements of the homepage, how to navigate through to do specific tasks, and how to learn about who you might want to network with. Understanding the homepage would help you understand how to get more value out of Twitter clients like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite.

How to choose a Twitter handle 10m 32s

Learn what a twitter handle is and why it's important to choose this strategically. Length, message, brand, etc are all important consideration. See examples of twitter handles and how good/bad they may be.

Choosing an Image/Avatar 3m 41s

Be careful how you represent yourself visually. Of course you wouldn't do something that is offensive or misbranding... or would you?

Watch this clip to learn about the different types of avatars people use to represent themselves and their brands and then determine what you'll use for yours.

What to Tweet 12m 42s

Figure out a tweeting strategy - what do you tweet to optimize your branding strategy and not be another noisy component in the twittersphere? See examples of on-brand and, by contrast, distracting and noisy tweets. Your tweeting strategy will help ensure you are seen as a though leader or subject matter expert, or at least passionate about the topics you tweet about.

Twitter Lists 6m 41s

Learn why you should use your own lists, how to make use of lists created by others and how to create lists. Discussion of why you would hide a list.

Who to Follow 7m 49s

How do you find people that you should follow?  Who is relevant to you?  Learn how to find the right people to follow - these people might help you spread your brand to their networks, and grow your own network.  

Getting More Followers 5m 50s


This clip talks about how to get more followers that are RELEVENANT to you.  There's little value in having 100,000 followers if they don't care about you and aren't relevant to you.  

There is significant value in getting a bigger network with relevant contacts.  Watch this video to learn what you can do to get people to click the "Follow" button on your Profile.

Twitter: Hashtags 7m 04s

What are "hashtags?"  (hint, they start with a # symbol)  Why are they used, how do you use them, and how can you get value out of hashtags that others use?  Watch this video and you'll #get #hashtags!

Understanding Account Settings 8m 27s

This webcast shows you why to click on the "Settings" link and what to do once you get there. From developing your Twitter bio/profile to permissions and security, you'll be set once you go through this training and make sure your settings are configured correctly.

Interface with LinkedIn & Facebook 3m 20s

Optimize the concept of repurposing content to and from Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Learn when it is appropriate to share data from one platform to another and how to do it.

Using Twellow 4m 54s

Here's one for all of those non-Twitter users out there (hey, we're not trying to convince you to get on Twitter!). Twellow is a directory of Twitter users, and you don't need to have a Twitter account, or login to Twellow, to use it. Learn how to find potential key networking contacts in your "space" with Twellow and start to tap into the tens of millions of people who have a Twitter account.

Twitter Conclusion 2m 25s

Now that you understand Twitter, what are you going to do about it? Can you use some of this in your career management strategy?