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Using Email Groups

When to Reply Offlist 3m 40s

Too often group members clutter inboxes with nothing more than clutter.  This clip shares group etiquette to help you know when to "take it offlist."

Introducing Yourself 6m 15s

When you join an email group, you can introduce yourself to other group members.  Some people do this really well, others do it poorly, and spend months or years trying to correct their brand messaging.  Learn how to do it right with this video.

REintroducing yourself 2m 13s

If you've been in the group for a while, why not reintroduce yourself?  It could give you a chance to reinforce your brand and share news since the last introduction. Also, it will be the first introduction to new members.

When to Leave a Group 4m 05s

Finding the right groups is hard.  Deciding to leave a group can seem harder.  This video explores some ideas on when to stay, and when to go.  Whether it's an issue of personal sanity or a prioritization of time, don't stay in a group that you shouldn't be in.

Email Signatures 5m 46s

Your email signature might be one of the most important things you create online.  It has the potential to be seen by many people. Create it, polish it, and use it as a branding tool.

Posting Frequency 3m 12s

If you don't post enough, you will miss opportunities.  If you post too often you can be the most annoying person in the group.  This video helps you create your frequency plan.

Don't Send JUNK! 3m 30s

You know you shouldn't send spam, but are you sending other messages that are harming your brand?  This video shows examples of types of messages you don't want to send.

What is Lurking? Is it okay? 1m 52s

Some apologize for lurking.  Is it bad?  When should you do it? This short video tells you what you need to know about lurking.

What is Digest Mode? 2m 38s

Getting too many emails?  Need to manage your inbox better?  Perhaps digest is a good option for you.  Watch this video to learn about digest mode.