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Using Job Boards

Introduction to Job Boards 4m 47s

Job boards are all over the place, and you can spend all of your time in your job search on the job board.  Should you?  No.  Learn what to do and how to do it in these videos, starting with this introduction.

Job Boards in a Job Search Strategy 3m 55s

Where do job boards fit in with your overall job search strategy?  

After You Apply on a Job Board 1m 31s

What do you do after you apply to a job on a job board?  

Finding Contacts on a Job Board 6m 34s

We should network into companies... you can use a job board to help you.  Here's how.

Job Boards: The First Three Things 2m 53s

These are the first three things you need to know before you jump into using job boards.

Which Job Boards Should I Join? 4m 18s

There are tens of thousands of job boards.  You can't join them all.  How do you determine which ones you should join?  This video helps you figure that out.

Understanding Job Boards 3m 20s

What motivates a job board in their services?  Follow the money to understand what your relationship is with the job board, and understand why you might be frustrated by certain features or experiences.

Understanding Different Types of Job Boards 6m 09s

You can spend time on the tens of thousands of job boards out there.  This video breaks down the landscape and helps you understand how to categorize job boards and figure out what types of job boards are right for you.

Protecting Your Privacy in Job Boards 2m 41s

Worried about getting calls from non-legit companies, scammers or identity theft?  Here are two important yet simple tips to help protect your long-term privacy.