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New Arrivals

User Orientation (8/8) 2m 16s

Orientation wrapup... and now it's time for you to add your own records!

User Orientation (7/8) 6m 18s

What Email2Log looks like. This is one of the most powerful features in JibberJobber and will save you tons of time. 

User Orientation (6/8) 11m 29s

What does using JibberJobber look like? Walk through the process with us as we create a Job, Contact, Company, Log Entry, and Reminder (these make up the core of JibberJobber). Note all of this could be done in seconds with Email2Log, which is the next video. 

User Orientation (5/8) 2m 36s

Where to find more and deeper help: The JibberJobber Video Library. 

User Orientation (4/8) 1m 43s

The Landing Page: what you see when you first login to JibberJobber (make it what you need).

User Orientation (3/8) 2m 47s

Logging in and basic introduction to JibberJobber.

User Orientation (2/8) 3m 11s

How JibberJobber helps you! What it is we do (no, we are not a job board).

User Orientation (1/8) 1m 19s

Introduction to this short Getting Started Orientation ... the time you spend here will be worth it!

Getting Started: Managing Duplicates (10) 4m 22s

Eventually you'll find duplicate records in your system. This video shows you how to find them and how to merge them.

Getting Started: Log Entries and Action Items Report (8) 2m 57s

Learn how to create very specific reports of what you have done (Log Entries) and what you have to do (Action Items) with this very powerful report.

Getting Started: Verifying Log Entries Got In (7) 2m 42s

Worried about whether your Log Entries got into JibberJobber? Here are three places to check.

Getting Started: Email2Log: Intro (4.0) 4m 22s

Introduction to the most powerful feature in JibberJobber. If you send 20 emails a day, this could easily save you an hour a day...! Let's get started learning how Email2Log works.

Getting Started: Email2Log: Setup (4.1) 4m 24s

There are only three fields to fill out to set up your unique Email2Log email address.  Learn about each of them here.

Getting Started: Email2Log: Writing Better Emails (4.2) 3m 53s

You write good emails. When writing emails that might become Log Entries, you can write them better. Learn from my years of mistakes and learning to write much better emails for your contacts and for your Log Entries.

Getting Started: Email2Log: Special/Reserved Lines (4.3) 3m 46s

Learn about the four special Reserved Lines to use to create new records (Contacts, Companies, and Jobs) and Action Item Reminders from your email!

Getting Started: Email2Log: Verifying It Worked (4.4) 2m 42s

Want to make sure the Email2Log emails are working?  Here are a few ways to verify they got in the system.