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Tag: Captions

Robert Merrill: Internal Tech Recruiter 1h 19m 32s

March 2014. Insightful advice from a senior tech recruiter.  The suggestions Robert gives are priceless!

The Recruiting Animal 1h 04m 18s

November 2013. The Recruiting Animal is a no-nonsense guest.  An experienced recruiter who cares about job seekers, this is a don't-miss interview. His website

Mark LeBlanc: Business Growth Coach 1h 01m 22s

September 2013. Mark LeBlanc is a business coach who helps small businesses get clarity and focus. I've found his strategies and tactics to be essential for my own business. Since we are all CEO of Me, Inc., I'm convinced that his stuff is totally applicable to each of us.  His website: Small Business Success

Dave Perry: Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 1h 48m 18s

August 2013.  Almost a 2 hours of AWESOME stories, examples, tactics and results!  Dave's website is