May 08 Personal Branding Winner of the Month – Morty Schiller

May 30th, 2008

Congrats to wordsmith Morty Schiller for using online technology to enhance his personal brand and position himself in a way he can become more “findable!”

Morty is a professional writer. In fact, he writes junk mail. Lest you think that is bad, or he is evil, I point you to his Confessions of a Junk Mail Junkie article. This is a guy who understands his business, and the perception thereof, and is not afraid to address the perception.

Morty Schiller’s brand comes across as someone who is competent. And passionate about what he does. And credible. And if I had something that could benefit from a direct mail strategy, I would be compelled to talk with Morty.

Again, not that there aren’t other experts in the space… but Morty’s websites (the main site and his blog) help me (a) find him and (b) trust him. Here’s what I like:

The personality… and sense of humor. As you read through his stuff, he is simply a likeable guy… non-threatening, approachable, etc. This is not a cold, clinical sales pitch… you can actually feel like you know Morty.

The competency. Check out his blog posts… these are smart. They are on-brand… related to wordsmith stuff. For example, Don’t use these words and The death of words are two posts that let me feel his passion for his trade, and help me know that he deeply thinks and cares about current issues in his area. It makes me think subject matter expert, and/or though leader.

The simplicity. There isn’t noise here… no google ads, no widgets, etc. Well, a little noise on the right side of the blog, but really, it’s quite clean and not distracting.

Personal branding winner of the monthSomehow, Morty puts his brand very assertively without being pushy… and that, he’s branding himself in a role that some might find unappealing! It’s very, very cool.

Of course, he’s doing a lot of other things right, too… you can see past winners and see a lot of consistency with each winner.

Morty Schiller, congratulations! You join a special group of professionals and have earned a coveted link from my monthly winner’s blogroll area (on the left), six months of premium JibberJobber (you can transfer/award this to someone else :) ), and a cyber-high five! And, a new addition to the prize list is the two hour (!!) minute recording of Blog Marketing 201 – 501 (part of the CEO Training for Me, Inc. – listed at $49.95 (but much more valuable than that!).

Feel free to post the You Get It award on your site!

Here are the past winners:



“Resume Forensics – How to find resumes on the internet” by Jim Stroud

May 29th, 2008

There are a few people in the recruiting space who are, well, famous. Jim Stroud is one of them. In the last two years I’ve found him to be known and respected by his peers, and I know why. The guy is a gentleman… a class-act. I’ve had the fortune of bumping into him online and even on a podcast, and I genuinely like the guy.

When Jim speaks, people listen. And I want to share a recent project of his with you. This will cost you nothing but your time.

Jim wrote a book which he plans to get published and sell, but for now you can download it for free from this blog post.

At first I thought “Resume Forensics” was a forensic examination of resumes by a recruiter. In other words, what a recruiter sees when they look at resumes.

But when I opened the PDF I realized it was something completely different (I admit, I don’t read the subtitles, which would have given it away). Jim Stroud’s book is teaching recruiters and sourcers how to find … YOU.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because you should know what tricks and techniques recruiters and sourcers use to find the right candidate.

Understanding what they do can help you be found!

The book has a bunch of gems… from an acronym finder website (brilliant) to how to find talent on YouTube
to how to use blogs to find talent… I strongly encourage you to download this and sift through it to see what YOU can do to optimize your chance of being found.

Jim, thanks for sharing! Maybe one day I’ll share the ultra secret book on Job Seekers Secrets :p

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Blogging to Bigger Job Opportunities – Interview on

May 28th, 2008

Last night I saw an article on where they quoted me regarding blogging as a career tool. It’s a great article, and the journalist has great information from other people regarding this proactive career strategy.

I would like to expand a little on this one paragraph:

“I don’t know of anybody else in the alumni space who blogs about alumni directors,” Alba said. “If you’re an alumni director and you need info, you’re going to look in Google and it’s most likely you’ll come up with his blog posts. He’s not necessarily any smarter than any of them – but he is the guy that’s branding himself in the alumni space through his blog. Just by virtue of the quality and content that he’s putting up, he’s the expert.”

Being one of the subject matter experts (SME) or thought leaders in your space is a powerful thing. Let me clarify that I’m not saying that Andy, or any of my other Winners of the Month, are not smarter than their peers. Maybe Andy is the most brilliant alumni director to ever take that role.

I’m not in a position to say whether Andy is the smartest alumni director, or Micheal Schaffner is the smartest CIO or Adelino de Almeida is the smartest marketer, or Kent Blumberg is the smartest CxO, or Robb Hecht is the smartest PR guy

But that’s not the point. It’s not a “smartest” contest… rather, there is room for anyone, including YOU, to show others what you are made of. If your blogging happens to be smart, or clever, or thought-provoking, you can become that SME or thought leader. Over time you can develop your following and community.

Your goal is not to show that you are smarter, faster, or better! Your goal should be to let others know what you are made of.

And this becomes your personal brand.

The whole point of my You Get It recognition is to point out regular people who have done it, show what they are doing right, and hopefully encourage YOU to think about what YOU can do for your personal brand.

After all, no one else is going to build your brand for you.

What are YOU doing for your personal brand today?



Phil801’s Daughter Has Cancer And What Else Is Wrong With Healthcare

May 27th, 2008

I met Phil801 a couple of years ago, and we’ve bumped into one another a number of times over the two years. He’s a short, stocky wrestler-type. I met him when he was employed, but just a few months later he had started his own company, and has since worked for himself.

He’s a software guy, and a visionary. He loves the mountains, has a large family, and used to have goats and chickens (not sure if he still does). Phil801 is a blogger, in fact, one of the bloggers who got me started blogging.

Of course Phil801 is on Twitter. And that is how I found out his daughter has cancer.

My heart goes out to Phil801 and his family. Not to sound sappy, but I cried yesterday as I read through his recent blog posts, where he is sharing the experience, and pictures. As a father, I can’t imagine the pain he is going through. Here is a picture of Phil and Serenity, in the hospital bed:

From her dad’s blog post this morning:

Serenity – Go, Fight, WIN!!!

While Phil801 says he hasn’t really thought about the money part of this ordeal, it is something that has terrified me for over two years.

Phil801’s experience reminds me of the time I cut my hand open two years ago. I had been unemployed for a while, had no health insurance, and was long-past the time when the money ran out (or at least it felt that way).

I was also in the low part of my job search where there was significant despair… I *should have* landed my job by then, but no one was even looking at my resume!!

One evening, as I was trying to separate two frozen hamburger patties with a very sharp knife (dumb, I know), it happened.

I found myself leaning over the sink, washing my wound, wondering how I would explain how dumb I was. I was nauseaous, and wondered if it was because of the blood and gore (okay, it wasn’t that bad, but I was getting lite-headed), or because of the money.

As an unemployed chump, with no money in sight, and no insurance, it made me sick to think about how much this was going to cost.

That’s why I chose to use super glue instead of going to the doctor. I finally dragged myself to our doctor a few days later when I was sure it was infected (it wasn’t). He said to keep up the super glue treatment. And he didn’t charge me for the visit.

Otherwise that would have been a $80 visit. Stitches would have probably been a few hundred dollars. But what if something worse happened?

When my then-three-year-old fell off the bed and broke her arm, it was an excruciating $500+ bill.

What if there were something else? A skateboard accident for my son? Cancer, or some other very expensive health condition for any of us?

Accidents and illnesses have been a major concern since I got laid off, since we didn’t have that insurance safety net.

Luckily the government was kind enough to have come up with COBRA, but seriously, that is an absolute joke. How would I pay $700+ each month for sucky insurance coverage? I have heard others say they have paid over $1,000 per month for crappy COBRA coverage.

What do you do, declare medical bankruptcy?

What is an unemployed family supposed to do to get healthcare so they don’t become a burden on society? Heck, what is an employed family supposed to do?

It is scary. I’m not a pessimist but this is a huge issue that I don’t see a good resolution for anytime soon.

And for that, I’ll continue to live in fear.



Marketing Manly Products: A Case Study In Personal Branding

May 23rd, 2008

While in Minneapolis I had the opportunity to meet Shane Smith. Shane specializes in selling stuff to men… from putty knives to buckets of paint to industrial HVAC systems… if a man makes the purchasing decision, Shane is your expert.

Want to know how I know this? Because his personal, professional tagline is “Marketing Manly Products.” Check out his e-mail signature:

Of course, this wasn’t my first impression of Shane… he was introduced to me as the Marketing Manly Products guy. Everyone who networks with Shane knows this is his specialty.

It piqued my curiosity and I wanted to know what that meant… and I asked him over lunch.

Isn’t that the purpose of your personal brand, or in this example, your tagline?

Shane took it one step further, and customized his LinkedIn vanity URL to include the tagline… like this:

Pretty cool, eh? Check out Shane’s LinkedIn summary, which is one of the best I’ve seen… can you see how compelling, strong, and reinforcing this summary is for Shane, the guy who specilializes in Marketing Manly Products?

My personal brand is “marketing manly products’ and key promise is forward thinking, straight talk. The marketing of industrial, agricultural, business-to business or consumer durable products from big boy toys to heavy equipment.

I’m Passionate about establishing and exceeding goals and solving problems in a cross functional team environment.

But what gets me excited are companies who think strategically, allow marketing to develop value propositions, and expect every employee to exceed customer expectations in order to create a competitive edge.

I believe that positioning + positive attitude + the customer experience = Brand.

I am forward thinking in solving problems or creating opportunities. Some may call this out of the box thinking, visionary, or systemic thinking. But if we want different outcomes, we have to change.

My communication preference is straight talk. The willingness to communicate with respect, listen, and offer honest opinions. And while some people prefer to spend their time saying yes to everything and like to work on their hidden agendas, I believe more is to be gained with a more open communication style and a true team approach.

My ideal job would have strategy and marketing elements with branding as a real plus. A company that either has or wants a strategic plan. A management team that see problems or change as really an opportunity for new ideas, understand the difference between good and great and importance of strong relationships across departments.

If you feel I may have the right stuff to help your company, let’s start with being LinkedIn or even an email. Please understand I do not expect you to have any current openings. However, I would appreciate a discussion to seek your ideas, understand your key business issues, comments and reactions on how I might achieve my objective of marketing manly products.

That is an awesome LinkedIn summary!  Out of curiosity I Googled “Manly Products” … his LinkedIn profile was the fifth result!

Excellent job Shane, there are things here that we can all learn from your example!

My question for anyone reading this is: what is YOUR professional tagline?



Today Is The Last Day Of The $99 Special Offer

May 21st, 2008

Just a quick post for any of you who didn’t know about the buy-one-get-one-free offer to celebrate our second year at JibberJobber – we had to extend it through TONIGHT.

Pay $99 and each month turns out to be $4.13 … ! That’s a pretty sweet deal. Why would you do this? Here’s a few of my favorite reasons:

  1. JibberJobber is a LIFETIME career management tool! You might be in a job search now, but when you land your job you’ll be in-between job searches! The government says we’ll be in transition every three to five years (yes, that sucks), but my partners who work with executives say that, depending on your role (CxO), you might be in transition every 12 – 18 months. WOW! What are YOU doing about it?
  2. The premium version e-mails you your action items. I don’t expect you to login to JibberJobber to see what you have going on today… but I do suspect you live out of your e-mail (I do). I’ve missed too many appointments, and in my job search I missed a call-back because my calendaring system was messy. As a premium subscriber you can choose when you get the e-mail – two days before it’s due? Cool. Five days? No problem. Twenty days… on the day… whenever? It’s up to you!
  3. The premium version has NO limits on number of records stored. Currently, anyone who subscribes as a premium user can have as many target companies, network contacts and documents (resumes, reference letters, etc.) in the system.
  4. The premium version allows you to import and export. Have your contact lists elsewhere? Target companies in a spreadsheet? You can simply import them into JibberJobber. And if you are concerned about backups (more than what we do, which is a nightly tape backup), you can export your data as often as you please.
  5. The premium version has a “Get Contact List” option. This allows you to get your contacts in a variety of formats, including .csv, .html, vcard, etc. Want to send an e-mail to just a segment of your list? No problem, the Get Contact List was made for that…

As a bonus, anyone who is a premium user, with a one-year-or-more subscription, can get any of the CEO Training webinars for 50% off… anytime!

Trying to figure out LinkedIn or Facebook? You can get the webinars at just $24.95, instead of $49.95.

Want to get a book out and enhance your personal brand, develop yourself as a subject matter expert and thought leader? Write Your Book has gotten great reviews, and you will be able to get it for just $24.95.

Have a great blog that no one reads? This two hour special recording of Blog Marketing 201 – 501 will be just $24.95 if you take advantage of this special.

So go login now, upgrade for $99.95, get two years of premium features, and then head over to the CEO Training site and get some webinars!

Who should take advantage of this? YOU!

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Guerrilla Marketing For Job Hunters Excerpt Courtesy Dave Perry

May 20th, 2008

A while back I signed up for Dave Perry’s three free chapters, and subsequent newsletters, from the Guerrilla Marketing For Job Hunters website. I LOVED the three chapters, and the subsequent e-mails have been very valuable.

Here’s their message from the front page of GM4JH:

If you’re looking for a job, you’ve probably realized that typical tactics—like cold calling and bombarding companies with resumes—don’t work well in today’s intensely selective and competitive job market. With real-life war stories from successful job hunters and expert tips and tactics from prominent headhunters, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters gives you plenty of insurgent ideas for finding and landing the right job.

Dave has given me permission to post the three chapters, free, for you (right click here to download the pdf). But if you want more meaty information, tips, techniques, stories, etc., I suggest you go to GM4JH and sign up (on the left of the screen). Oh yeah, if you want the book, it’s less than $13 on

Thanks Dave!



Book Review: The Right Job, Right Now by Susan Strayer

May 19th, 2008

The Right Job, Right Now!I met Susan Strayer shortly after JibberJobber was created, in 2006. Susan was working on a book called The Right Job, Right Now and felt that JibberJobber might be a perfect complement to her book. In fact, she started to talk about JibberJobber as she marketed her book, in fliers and presentations. It was pretty flattering that someone of her stature was talking about JibberJobber, and I was gratified that she felt it complemented her stuff (which was one of my original goals – to complement career offerings).

I got a copy of The Right Job, Right Now and have been thumbing through it for quite some time. I really like what she’s put together, but it has taken me longer than I expected to make progress with the book. I initially approached it as I have most other books, with the intention of reading it quickly, from beginning to start.

That was the problem… this can be a “beginning to start” book, but I find it’s more like a career management user’s manual than anything else. While it’s subtitled “The complete tool-kit for finding your perfect career,” it is more than that. Let me break it down to show why it’s more than just “finding your perfect career.”

Part I has five chapters, and is named “What Do You Really Want To Do? A Career Plan for the Rest of Your Life.” This is where she walks you through various exercises to help you come up with your “sweet spot,” helping you figure out exactly what you want to be when you grow up. I like her approach more than tests that I’ve seen where they say “you’d be a good mortician. Or software sales rep… either one would suit you fine!”

In these first few chapters Susan Strayer walks us through the “Kaleidoscope Career Model” where we actually figure out what our perfect job would be. What is my risk level? What kind of hours will make me happiest (and most productive)? How do I value benefits, salary, security, etc? During these chapters, and with the concept of the kaleidoscope, we can find that sweet spot, which she argues is where we really need to end up.

I can’t argue with that.

Part II is named “Career Action: Getting It In Gear.” This is where she breaks down the job search process, including networking, resumes, personal branding, etc. The last two chapters of Part II (which has seven chapters) are Closing the Deal (chapter 11) and Taking and Making the Job (chapter 12).

I think this is where most job search books end, right? After you find the job?

Susan Strayer put in a Part III, which is what you do after you land the job… very cool. There are six chapters in Part III: Managing Your Career: Staying Challenged, Sane, and Motivated. Here are three very cool chapters:

  • Chapter 16: Making the Grade is about employee reviews/evaluations. Susan has significant HR experience, and learning about how to make the most of a review is pretty cool (most of my reviews where a joke).
  • Chapter 17: Playing the Political Game is self explanatory… again, her HR (and recruiting) experience provides a great perspective on how to deal with office politics.
  • Chapter 18: The Fond Farewell. Maybe I don’t read enough, but I can’t remember another book that talks about how to get out. Brilliant. In business, a purpose of contracts is to figure out how all parties can walk away from a deal. How come we don’t read more about how to walk away from an employer the right way, with regard to our career? What a cool ending to this career management manual.

This book is not a lite read… but it is a great insight into career management from someone who has experience as an HR professional, a recruiter, and of course a job seeker. Do yourself a favor and spend the $10 to $16 on Amazon… I bet you’ll find yourself referring back to this book over the years!



Thinking Out Loud About The Next Year

May 16th, 2008

As I wrap up this week’s anniversary posts, I figured I’d talk about how I see the next year unfolding. Some of this might be news to you, so consider it an announcement :p

I should mention, Monday is the last day to get the Buy-1-get-1-year special. This makes the monthly price for JibberJobber less than $5 … just login and click on the upgrade link at the top of the screen!

In a comment on Monday Darlene from Interview Chatter said “Have a great 3rd year!” It may sound dumb to you but I was so wrapped up in the first two years that I didn’t quite think about us being in our 3rd year. That means so many things to me.

We’re not a startup anymore (are we?). As the CEO, we *should* be at certain places with our metrics (revenue, profit, subscribers, conversions, visitors, blog posts, etc.)… I’m mentally thinking about where we *should* be and where we are, and what we need to do to get there.

In my original business plan I had goals to realize in the first 2 – 5 years… and now we are at the first part of that! Man, that went fast. Mark from Hirevue commented “I remembered when you first launched, it seems like only yesterday.” Yes indeed, I feel like that too… it’s really been two years?

Here are some things I see happening in the next year:

Increase in rate of JibberJobber signup and user growth.

I would like to pretend that all signups are “users,” like I’ve seen other websites report (“we have xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx users!”), but really, it would be a disservice to those of us who really watch the metrics to mix the two. Not everyone who signs up for a web service uses the service.

Over the next year I see the rate of signups and users increasing significantly. We’ve been on a good rate of increase, but I’m talking about a big increase, for various reasons. Contributing factors include the formalization of JibberJobberUSA, as well as a few strategic partnerships not yet announceable.

I should note that this is one of two key focuses for me this year – growing the signups and user base of JibberJobber. The other things below are fun, exciting and good, but this is the core of my business and my focus.

Make more valuable information available to my “audience.”

I have to put audience in quotes because my audience does not consist entirely of JibberJobber users. It includes blog readers, newsletter subscribers, and those who participate with me in social environments (Twitter, Yahoo! Groups, LinkedIn, Facebook, Ning networks, etc.).

The valuable information I’m talking about is found at the CEO Training series. I’m not sure if my favorite training is “Blog Marketing 201 – 501,” which turned out to be a two hour webinar full of what I’ve learned (and what I do to increase blog readership, etc.), or “Write Your Book,” which is a seventy minute webinar sharing ideas and knowledge to help you get your book going (we talk about publishing options, marketing, etc.).

These are things I had no clue about two years ago, but have played huge roles for my personal/corporate brand as well as my networking. You can get on any training live, or buy the recording.

I have partners who are developing their material to contribute to the CEO Training, which I’m excited about. One of my partners correctly requested that I focus on the technology and leave the career advice to them, since my advice was, um, not adequate :p So really, do you want to get job search advice from me, the guy who couldn’t get a job, or from my career expert partners, who know this game/industry from the inside-out??

Promote career, networking and job search services more.

I have 30ish official partners. These are career experts who are paying for an annual license. I’ve been asked by other firms if there is a simple (free) affiliate program, but I think there’s a lot to be said for a service provider who forks over money for the license fee…

I am regularly asked who I would recommend for resume writing, or job coaching, or something like that. I’m going to formalize this part of JibberJobber this year, so that people don’t feel like they need to ask me (rather, they see it clearly when they come to JibberJobber). One thing we did was put up a Career Experts page that has much more information about each of my partners (this is not done yet, but you get the idea here).

Increase strategic partnerships.

There are various entities with whom I’d like to partner. I have been investigating the outplacement world for almost two years, and have been in talks with various groups. There are exciting possibilities here.

I’m also interested in partnering with the right websites, companies or organizations where they can see JibberJobber would provide value to them and their users/viewers. I’m in talks right now with about half a dozen groups, and it’s pretty exciting. Again, hopefully there will be a few announcements coming soon.

Allow for job postings.

When I started I specifically stated that I didn’t every want to enter the job board space. It’s a muddy, noisy space (as far as I could tell). Monster “owned” it (that’s what I thought), and there were over 40,000 boards out there. What a frustration, from a job seeker’s perspective!

And then of course there are all of the problems with job postings. Nothing was more frustrating than getting a call during dinner from an “employer” who found me on Monster, only to find it was so I could join a MLM, or become one of his insurance sales agents (commission only). Seriously, what a let-down.

But guess what… I’ve been getting inquiries over the last few months about posting jobs. And it just seems to make sense. JibberJobber subscribers and users are… dare I say, smarter than Monster users. That might be crass to say, and if Monster ever wants to acquire JibberJobber they will probably make me take that statement down, but think about it. Monster is the default place to go, which means everyone goes there.

JibberJobber users are more sophisticated… they have a better understanding of career management, networking, using a CRM-like tool, understand technology (the Internet, websites, etc.), and more. These are people who are more career conscience. So yeah, I think you are smarter than the average Monster user.

And recruiters and hiring managers are, and will, notice this. This is a good reason to put job posting dollars into JibberJobber… right?

Who knows, maybe job posts on JibberJobber will be a total bust… we’ll see. And if it takes away from the overall value of JibberJobber for individuals, I’ll take it down.


I entered the world of professional speaking, and it’s a blast! I enjoy speaking, and I think I have fun and interesting stuff to say. I would love to be on the road every single week, speaking about the stuff I speak about (social networking, social tools for revenue generation, personal branding, corporate branding online, and all-things-career). Aside from actually getting paid to do this (!!), it gives me an excellent opportunity to travel the globe, get face-to-face time with JibberJobber users, and present at job search and networking clubs, as well as meet with potential strategic partners.

Yep, weekly, is what I’d like to do. I doubt that’ll happen this year, but I’ll work towards it. I’ll speak at association conferences, company conferences, chamber of commerce meetings, etc. Hopefully I’ll come to a town near you, and we can meet in person!

So that’s kinds of a brain dump of JibberJobber in it’s third year! Shoot me any ideas or suggestions you have, if this seems off-base, or if there are opportunities I’m missing!



Two Years Ago Today, A Website Was Born

May 15th, 2008

Today is our two year anniversary! We are offering a buy-one-get-one-free offer for a one year upgrade (through Monday night) to JibberJobber – click here for more info!

I’ll never forget it… anticipation had been building and everything was coming together.

That night, May 15, 2006, I closed shop and drove 20 minutes away with my five year old son for a “fathers & sons” campout. I was anxious because sometime while I was gone, JibberJobber would go live. I remember calling my wife about every half-hour asking “Is it live yet? Is it live yet?”

I doubt I slept well that night.

The next day we left early, instead of playing all the games. I rushed home to see the site… what would become my new career. My eight year old daughter surprised me with a birthday cake for JibberJobber… this was definitely a family affair!

I sent e-mails to friends and family and we had our first few hundred signups. I’m not sure if any of the first signups are still using JibberJobber, but it was cool that we had people signup :p (If I ever do this again I doubt I’ll announce it to friends and family asking them to signup!)

Let me share some of the “wins” that we have had in the last 730 days of JibberJobber:

  • we were introduced to the recruiting blog space by CM Russell, author of Secrets of the Job Hunt, when he did a five-question interview asking what the heck JibberJobber was
  • we announced our military special which led to a podcast interview with Peter Clayton
  • from that podcast interview we established a relationship with various groups, including Spherion’s outplacement division (which has since been acquired), and then a relationship with the largest technology association in the world, IEEE
  • I started blogging, almost daily (except weekends and holidays), which for more than a year was the most important thing I did for marketing, for the brand, and for my networking
  • the blog led to a mention in the Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal (they moved their link, so I can’t link to it :()
  • I joined three career associations attending their annual conferences and participating where I could on their eLists and in other ways
  • because of my blog, and relationships I created, I was invited to speak at the largest career coach conference last April (I think I was the first speaker who wasn’t a career expert)
  • I increased my blog networking strategy and came across some amazing people, some of my very close friends
  • I signed a contract and eventually, finally wrote the book on LinkedIn: I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???
  • I subsequently got interviews with all kinds of places that I had been trying to get ink in, including the NYT, Newsday, Wired magazine, CIO, etc.
  • I ended up in PRINT, a full page, in US News & World Report
  • I started speaking, and getting paid to speak, which has evolved my company and offering
  • during all this time, my development team has faithfully plugged away, polishing and enhancing JibberJobber
  • our rate of subscribers has continually increased each month, each year, as has the conversion rate (those who upgrade)
  • we finally released, which formalized the offer we created almost two years ago
  • I started other blogs, including one for the LinkedIn book, the Facebook book, JibberJobberUSA, and one where I rant about personal issues
  • … what am I missing? There are some pending partnerships in progress, but I can’t announce them yet.

So let me give some thanks, where thanks are due:

First, to my wife. If I can’t think of any other critical success factor in a business like mine, for a married guy, than the support of the spouse. Even though we both grew up with government-employed parents, she has a grand capacity for this crazy entrepreneurial venture. If anything could have shut down JibberJobber, it would have been her – but she has a vision of how JibberJobber helps people when they most need it, and is fully supportive of these last 2 years. Thank you!

Next, to my kids. My children have been very supportive as well. Their excitement when I share “wins” with them, when I come home from work, when I come home from a trip… it’s contagious and helpful. I especially appreciate hearing them include JibberJobber in the evening or meal prayers… it’s on their mind and they are my greatest champions.

Next, to my extended family. From investing in JibberJobber to passing business cards around to acting as sneezers and champions and tippers, I’ve felt immense support from you and I’m deeply greatful.

Next, to my very competent team. We feel extremely blessed to have our dev and QA professionals behind us… these are the people who make us look good! I’d like to talk more about them but I don’t want anyone to steal them away :p

Next, to my career partners. I am honored to have partnered with some of the biggest names in the career coaching and resume writing industry. It’s humbling, in fact, when I think about who has partnered with JibberJobber, and their continual support, encouragement, and advice.

Next, to all of my cheerleaders and champions. Whether they are users or not, there are plenty of people throughout the country who recommend and talk about JibberJobber. How cool is it that I’m not in this alone, and having people who help spread the word!

Finally, to all of the people who have taken a few minute to signup, and start using JibberJobber. I hope that this is something that has proven useful to you. I have a virtual group of users in my mind who have sent me feedback, ideas, suggestions, requests, and even bug notices… YOU have helped mold JibberJobber, and I thank you!

Okay, has it all been roses? Nope, absolutely not. Check out this e-mail that I just got:

“I want to unsubscribe to this damn thing…”

For the record, only once in two years have I heard JibberJobber called “this damn thing.” :)

But there are far more fun/exciting times than down moments. The future is bright – here’s to Year 3!


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