Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a JibberJobber membership cost?

You start with a seven day unlimited trial. Then, you get an account for life (or until you delete it). You cannot add more Contacts or Companies if you have over 25 in your system. To unlock the premium features and remove limits, you can pay $60 each year.

As an example, let's say Jane decides to use JibberJobber to organize and manage her job search. She starts on the seven day trial and decides to upgrade. In a few months she lands her job and only uses JibberJobber every once in a while as she grows her network. When her year is up, she gets an email asking if she wants to upgrade for another year. She chooses not to. Her JibberJobber account is still available to her, but since she has more than 25 Company records and 25 Contact records, she can't add anymore. That is fine with her. A couple of years later she is in a job search again, returns to JibberJobber, and upgrades for $60 for another year. She has can now add new records, and see all of the Contacts and other information from her previous job search.


Upgrade here.

What is JibberJobber?

JibberJobber is different things to different people.

For people in an active job search, it is a web and mobile tool to stay organized in your job search. It replaces the job search spreadsheet, and is a reminder system to help you stay on top of your follow-up opportunities. It is a place to record notes of conversations, and keep track of jobs you apply to and companies you interview at.

For people working full-time, JibberJobber is a tool they use to create, track, and nurture network contacts as they prepare for a transition or promotion.

For entrepreneurs and business owners (recruiters, contractors, professional speakers, coaches, resume writers, etc.), JibberJobber is a very inexpensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that helps keep track of prospects and customers.

JibberJobber is a tracking and organizational tool to help you manage and organize your career, and everything related to it!

Who uses JibberJobber?

Most new signups are people who are actively in a job search.

Some new signups are people who are happily employed and are networking for a promotion, or simply want a tool to help manage their professional relationships. Some know they are getting downsized soon, and of course some are unhappily employed and looking for something better.

We also have some users who are business owners. Since running a business is all about relationships, entrepreneurs realize that using JibberJobber is a great way to to track relationships and prospect and customer information.

I’m confused… how do I get help with JibberJobber?

Click the Contact link, found on every page.

On that page you'll find a form to reach out to us.

What if I already use Monster, headhunters and other resources?

JibberJobber does not replace those tools, it simply complements them!

We designed JibberJobber to be complementary to any career or networking resource you can find, including job boards, recruiters and headhunters, career coaches, networking books (Never Eat Alone, Some Assembly Required, etc.), social networks, and more.

Where else can you store, track and organize all of the information you come across? You might be able to do a little in LinkedIn or Facebook or some job boards, but those tracking solutions are all partial and limited. JibberJobber is a great place to centrally store, and act on, information you collect from many different sources.

How is JibberJobber different from LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.?

JibberJobber is complementary to online social networks.

JibberJobber helps you manage and organize the information you collect from social networks. In LinkedIn you can connect with others but you cannot easily rank the relationship, log notes about your relationship, create reminders, tie them to companies. [update: LinkedIn is starting to offer some of these features but there are significant issues using LinkedIn as a CRM - like, what happens if you somehow get locked out of your LinkedIn account for violating a ToS that you didn't know about? Can you export that data (as far as we can tell, the answer is NO)]

JibberJobber allows you to do all of this in a private setting (which means, only you can see it).

You can import contacts from any system that exports to a csv file, such as CardScan, Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc. We do not care where your contacts come from, and they do not have to connect with you. They are your contacts and you should be able to log whatever information you want about them ... which is why you would use JibberJobber in addition to social tools.

What is the best way to use JibberJobber?

As CEO of Me, Inc. you need a professional tool to help manage all of the "customers," "vendors," and business relationships you have (which includes your employers).

Supposedly we will have at least ten job changes in our career (some say we will have over thirty). Experts say around eighty percent of jobs are found through networking, and JibberJobber is the tool to help you manage those network relationships.

There isn’t a single best way to use JibberJobber, but you can do any of the following (and more):

  • Create a list of target companies that you track,
  • Store current resumes and reference letters,
  • Store a list of responses to interview questions like "tell me about yourself"
  • Create and cultivate your network contact list
  • Create notes from conversations with your contacts, and about your target companies
  • Create follow-up reminders so you can nurture relationships over time and follow-up on job search opportunities
  • … and more!

As you use JibberJobber over time the amount of information you gather grows, and the value of that data increases!

How long should I use JibberJobber?

JibberJobber is a tool to use throughout your entire professional career, not just during a job search. Do you really want to lose track of that headhunter that was so helpful three years ago? What about the email address of that HR manager from the company you really wanted to work for? JibberJobber is the place to keep this information, whether you are passive or active in your job hunt. Having all your contacts at your fingertips could be priceless.

Why shouldn't I just use a spreadsheet?

You can make your own spreadsheet to manage your information, which is kind of how JibberJobber started. Here are some reasons why we wouldn't go that route again:

If you are like most people, your spreadsheet will continually change, until it gets to be too much to manage, or not make sense anymore.

If you lose your Excel file (it was on your computer at work, and since you got laid off, you don't have access to it anymore. Or, your computer crashes, and you lose everything), you lose all of your information. And you just might lose your mind!

How many spreadsheets have you started before that are meaningless now? The team at JibberJobber has a history of enhancing our features since 2006, with many years of improvements planned. Let us do the technical stuff while you focus on your networking and job search!

Advice for engineering-minded people: We know you spend hours, days and weeks creating and tweaking your spreadsheet. We hear it from you and from your coaches and counselors. Stop wasting your time tweaking the spreadsheet! Start working on your job search. JibberJobber is already set up - just use it and then go network!

What's in the future for JibberJobber?

Since we launched in May, 2006 we have continually enhanced the system for YOU.

We have a list a mile long and could keep busy for the next two years developing stuff you want, and refining what we have. Our development priorities are to enhance the existing user experience and add new features that will help with networking, organization, and reminders. If you have any requests, use the Contact form to let us know!

How do I sign up, and what next?

Click here to create your account

Once you login you get seven days of the Premium level at no cost (this is the Trial Premium period - full Premium features, and we don't charge you a thing)... we encourage you to import contacts from another system during this trial period. Also, make sure you use the powerful Email2Log feature!

How do I delete my account?

To delete an account, simply click on My Account, and then the Delete Account tab. This will take you to a page where you can tell us why you are leaving (yes, we want to know), and then you have to click the checkbox saying you really do want to delete your entire account, and then click a button to delete the account.

All of the data you have entered will be deleted, and not accessible anymore.

How do I change my personal information submitted on JibberJobber?

Click on My Account. In this page you can change your general information, password and email address.

How can I get in touch with Jason Alba?

You can get in touch with Jason through the contact us form or email him at


Is JibberJobber (and my data) secure?

Yes. There are multiple places where we encrypt data. By default, all JibberJobber pages are served with encryption.

How does JibberJobber protect my privacy?

Your data is 100% private -- we do not use the data that you put into the system for any purpose other than supporting your data/system. The data that you put in is yours (how refreshing!). The data is not shared with any outside organizations or 3rd parties.

We store anonymous user information that we collect through cookies, log files, clear gifs, and/or third parties to create a profile of our users. Our profiling is always anonymous and never tied to the users.


What if I did not receive the verification email?

You should receive a verification email within minutes of registering. If you don't, please login to JibberJobber and click on the settings icon in the top menu, then Account, then click Verification Email. Make sure the email address you entered is spelled correctly!

If you still don’t get the email, please check your junk or spam folders. If that doesn’t work, use the Contact Us form and we can manually verify your email address.

Finally, if none of this works, use the Contact Us form and we can verify it on our end.


Can I give a gift membership subscription to someone else?

We are happy to assist you with that. Let us know through the Contact Us form. Tell us how you want to pay (PayPal or credit card) and your friend's name.

What if I forget my password?

Click on the "'forgot your password?" on by the login and go through that process. Once you get logged in again go to My Account, Password and update your password to something you'll remember.

How do I reset my password?

To change your password, just log in to your account using your current password. Click on My Account and go to the Password tab. Fill out the form there...

How do I switch my account to a new e-mail address?

Click on My Account and go to the Email tab. Type in your new email address and your JibberJobber password.

How do I cancel a premium upgrade, made through PayPal?

According to PayPal's FAQ:

  1. Log In to your PayPal account.
  2. Click the History tab.
  3. Click the Details of the subscription in question.
  4. Click Cancel Subscription.
  5. You have successfully canceled the subscription.

Do I have to pay online, with a credit card, to upgrade?

You have two options: pay using your credit card or through Paypal.

Go to the Upgrade page (link at the bottom of all pages) to learn more.

I have problems paying with Paypal, can you help me?

Report any problem related with payments through the Contact Us form and we’ll gladly try to help.


JibberJobber services are billed in advance and are not refundable. There are no refunds or credits for partial months of service, or refunds for unused months.


How do I import contacts?

Importing is a Premium feature. Mouse over Contacts from the top menu and click on the Import/Export link. Go through the process on that page.

How do I enter the same Log Entry for multiple Contacts?

There are two ways to enter the same Log Entry for multiple Contacts:

Go to the Network List Panel and select the checkboxes of the Contacts you want to enter the Log Entry for. Below the List Panel click on the Add a Log Entry icon. Create the Log Entry in the box that comes up and it will be associated to every record you chose.

The other way to do this is on a Log Entry window... when creating a Log Entry, click on Contacts and add the names of other Contacts that should have this same Log Entry.

Why don't I see all my contacts on the Network List Panel?

If you have something in the search box right above the List Panel then you are filtering your data on that phrase. If so, delete it out and click the search button - this clears that filter and you should see all of your contacts again.


What is, and how do I enter a Global Company?

A Global Company is a company that you share with other JibberJobber users. This is helpful if you are out of ideas on what companies you should look at in your job search.

You create a Global Company from the Add Company page. The first checkbox, at the top, says "Add this company to the global company map." When you check that box, some of the general information is shared with other JibberJobber users.

You will not share Notes, log entries, Contacts, and other stuff - basically we are sharing the name, location and that type of general stuff.

What is the best way to put email conversations into JibberJobber?

Free (Regular) users can copy and paste relevant information from an email (or, email thread) into a Log Entry for the Contact (or Company or Job Posting).

Premium users can use the AWESOME time-saving feature of the special email address to create a Log Entry when they send an email.


How much does JibberJobber cost?

JibberJobber costs $60/year.

If you choose to not renew your subscription, your account will sit dormant. You can still login to JibberJobber, and access your records and most of the features, but you can't add more Contacts or Companies if you have more than 25 Contact or Company records. This allows you to use your data without paying, and keep the data there in case you want to come back in a few years for your next job search.

If I subscribe to the service at the premium level, what happens to my data if I downgrade once I find a job? Is it all there the next time I need to look for a job and upgrade to premium again?

You get a lifetime free account with the option to upgrade to a Premium account.

When you downgrade you will not lose any of your data - it is all still there and accessible to you. You can use and retrieve all of the data you have put in.


Please use the Contact Us form for more information on this program.

Click here to go to Contact page

Can I participate on your advisory boards?

We are currently not expanding the advisory board. You can use the Contact Us form to submit information about your qualifications for this role and tell us about your JibberJobber experience. The best advisors are those who have relevant industry experience (in the career space) or are JibberJobber users.