JibberJobber Features and Benefits

Since 2006 we’ve been adding new features into JibberJobber to make this a powerful tool for you. Whether you are here for job search, career management, networking, or managing your business, you’ll find reasons why JibberJobber is the right tool for you.

JibberJobber is full of Features

Organize & Manage Your Job Search

Want more peace of mind (and less anxiety) in your job search? Want to know when you should follow-up, so you don’t miss opportunities?

Organizing your job search means knowing who you talk to, who you need to talk to, where you apply, when to follow-up, who you want to apply to, when you applied somewhere, which version of which resume did you submit, how to contact someone (which email or phone number), etc. JibberJobber is a tool that helps you stay organized in your job search.

Managing your job search means being in control of what you are doing, instead of just reacting to circumstances. You organize your data, but you manage your activities and your relationships. JibberJobber can help you know who, when, what and even how when it comes to managing.

When you organize and manage your job search, you are in control. You aren’t reactive and whimsical. You are prepared, strategic, and purposeful. Want to be that job seeker? You need JibberJobber to help you.

JibberJobber Find and Track Jobs

Grow and Nurture Network Relationships

Track and maintain personal and business relationships with JibberJobber, your own Personal Relationship Manager

Networking is a big part of your job search, but meeting so many people in a job search is overwhelming and can quickly become information overload. JibberJobber’s networking tools help you keep track of who you meet, how you met, what you talk about, what you should follow-up about, when you should follow-up, and the complex relationships between your contacts and target companies and jobs you are interested in.

Track and Manage Target Companies

Target companies play a critical role in your job search. Track them easily with JibberJobber

Every job seeker should have a list of target companies they are strategically working on networking into. How do you keep track of every touchpoint you have with a company? It gets confusing and messy, and as time goes on you miss opportunities that would have gotten you closer to your next job.

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