Plan for Failure

April 11th, 2011

I found a great post by David Meerman Scott (highly regarded in the marketing and PR space) titled When failure is cheap, why not give it a go?

He starts his post talking about his daughter applying to universities… in the olden days the application process was tedious and costly.  Today, his daughter can easily apply online… and her application tendencies are more of a “throw mud on the wall” approach than what his approach was, which was more planned and calculated.

He specifically talks about job seekers, and how this applies to us also:

“Some idea is at play for job search. It is so easy to search for openings on online job boards and company web sites and then just zap over your electronic CV even if you’re not qualified. In the old days of paper it was more difficult to find out where the openings were and to actually apply required writing a cover letter, licking stamps and whatnot, so fewer people applied for positions.”

I am sad to think job seekers are sitting at home applying like crazy to job after job after job for a few reasons, but when I read this I realized that not only are you applying against other qualified applicants, you are applying against people who are completely unqualified but have a few minutes on their hands.

Optimistic view: yes, you might stand out more since you are actually a better fit,

Pessimistic view: my heavens, the candidate pool is MUDDY since it’s too easy to apply.  You are less than “just a number,” you’ve become, along with the others, a nuisance :(

David says: “The web has developed a culture of planning for failure”

Isn’t that interesting?

Yes, plan for failure, embrace it, move on from it… but don’t throw a bunch of mud on the wall and hope something sticks.

Read his entire post here, it’s great food for thought.



Favorite Friday: Using Slideshare Smarter on your LinkedIn Profile

April 8th, 2011

Optimizing Slideshare On Your LinkedIn Profile

This is a really recent post (from my LinkedIn blog) but I like it for a few reasons:

  1. I finally got to optimize something on my LinkedIn Profile, instead of neglecting while I work on other profiles :)
  2. I LOVE the Slideshare application and think that EVERYONE should have (at least) one PowerPoint presentation on their LinkedIn Profile.
  3. Before, I was giving my Profile viewers TOO MANY options, while I really wanted them to focus on ONE presentation.  Cleaning it up included the bonus of making that one presentation BIG (since it didn’t have to show 4 ppts in the same space).

Check out what I did, and get your presentation on your profile with the Slideshare app!

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How to get on the front page of Google? Check out

April 7th, 2011

I met the Vizibility guys at the last career conference I went to, in Baltimore.  At first I saw their product and thought “really, that’s it?”

“It” was enough, though.  There were a lot of career coaches and resume writers who were really excited about them…. I got two demos of their software and I can say, it’s something to check out.

I recommend you go to and sign up on their free level, and take advantage of their simple yet effective way to show the search results you want when someone wants more information on you.

The problem? Controlling what people see when they google your name.

The solution? A free account on Vizibility let’s you determine what people see (kind of – if they go through a link you create).

I like it.  It’s simple, easy, free.

An alternative is to blog daily for a few weeks or months… and claim your place on Google, but this 5 minute solution will be more practical for most of you.

I’m still a huge advocate of blogging, though :p

Here’s the page for you… on this page, bottom right, you can see the login for their demo account to play around with it.

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JibberJobber Partner: Beverly Harvey of Harvey Careers

April 6th, 2011

Today I’m introducing you to another JibberJobber Partner: Beverly Harvey of Harvey Careers.

I met Beverly at one of the conference I go to with career coaches and was intrigued by the respect she got from others at the conference.  She has been in this business for 20 years and has developed a successful business helping many, many professionals navigate their job search.

Beverly is anxious to stay up-to-date on technologies and trends and regularly attends my webinars.  I recently finished a social media for coaches training that focuses on LinkedIn, and she went through more than six hours of indepth instruction on how to help her clients get the most value out of a LinkedIn strategy.

Beverly Harvey is cleary committed to learning, as can be seen in her certifications in branding, career transitions, resume writing, job search, online identity management and career management.  Want to see the alphabet soup on her email signature?  Check this out:

Combine those trainings and certifications with what she learns every day from her clients as they are faced with new challenges and you’ll find a career coach who is absolutely passionate about being empowered with knowledge of today’s tactics and strategies for job seekers.

Beverly says:

“I love to work with senior-level operating and management executives who have trouble singing their own praises or bragging about themselves.  I have a unique way of turning those seemingly chest-pounding assertions into factual, quantifiable accomplishments that drive home their branded value proposition and get them hired.

If you’re a senior-level executive who is ready for advancement and would like an expert to guide you through the complexities of career management, call me at 888-775-0916 or send an email to”

Go ahead, give her a call… or check out one of her group training programs (at Harvey Careers).

Harvey Careers website

Beverly’s Harvey Careers blog

Beverly Harvey on LinkedIn

Beverly Harvey on Twitter

Beverly Harvey on Facebook

Does she have a book?  Yup.  Check out Insider Job Search Tips & Resources for 17 Top Industries.

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Why Do I Do What I Do? Why Do YOU Do What You Do?

April 5th, 2011

I got a message from someone who saw me speak in Columbia, Maryland on my Baltimore trip.  Again, sometimes I wonder if I, well, suck as a speaker.  In addition to what I wrote here, I wonder if people already know what I have to say, or want a different message.

I have to remember that even though I’ve said/heard the message hundreds of times, the people who come to see me speak haven’t.  And it’s okay to continue to share this powerful message.

I get very few email messages like the one below, and wanted to share this with you.  It really touched me. From Greg Gibbons (logistic & finance professional – check out his professional headline (VERY NICE :)):

*I was laid off due to a merger 10 months ago. I am normally a positive person but after the holidays even I was getting pretty frustrated with my job search. Jason visited a work center I had discovered just days before. I learned more useful information in the 2 evenings I spent with Jason then I have from every other seminar I’ve attended put together. Please convey to his family my sincere thanks for sharing him with us:)

How cool is that?

I really appreciated the message, and his consideration for my family for “sharing me” with others.

This is why I do what I do.  I find a lot of fulfillment in touching people’s minds and hearts when I’m on the road.  If I can provide hope and encouragement with ideas and tactics, I’m rewarded!

Thank you Greg, for the thoughtful message.  I’ll be sure to pass it along to my family :)



Preparing College Graduates for Job Search and Career

April 4th, 2011

If you saw my raw letter to university professors about what they should include in a semester curriculum you know I feel most schools are NOT preparing students for a career.

I’ve zig-zagged the country and been to a number of career centers, and visited with many career services directors. I have a strong opinion about the disservice college students are getting at traditional schools and online colleges, especially with today’s “new” career model. Unfortunately, not many schools have strong job placement programs like William Penn University. (if your school does, leave a comment and tell us which school it is)

It’s not necessarily the fault of the career center (generally speaking, they are trying really hard!), or the fault of the professors (who usually don’t care about anything outside of what they are “supposed” to teach), but it is a major problem.

I personally feel the level of education is not up to par (maybe that’s simply because of my own college experiences (two different universities, a CIS undergraduate and an MBA))… maybe I’m just a pessimistic whiner.

Nonetheless, I think things need to change.

What should change?

Check out Thom Singer’s post about how freshman are courted by the career center, and of course graduating students are courted by the career center, but what happens to the sophomores and juniors?

In his post, Networking and the College Student – Sophomore Year Experience (SYE), he writes:

I spoke recently to a “Young Professionals Organization” and found these career-minded twenty-somethings actively taking notes and asking questions.  Many had an “Ah-Ha” look on their faces as I explained how networking really worked.  Misconceptions stripped away, the group was excited to attend future networking events, instead of grimacing at the thought. One women queried why “networking skills” were never taught at her college.  She was mad that her expensive education left out this powerful part of her success toolbox.

I know some of you think that this stuff is 100% on the student and the parents… and that college is a more pure learning environment.

But why not include stuff in the university experience about personal branding, networking, career management, etc?

If that’s not part of an education, what is?

Wouldn’t it have been awesome if that was part of the education for all of these public school teachers who are getting laid off … they have no idea what to do because they spent their entire time learning how to teach kids in school, and now they are deer-in-the-headlights because they are faced with a situation they never, ever thought they would be in.

No discipline is immune from career management issues, and this should be interwoven much more into the education we pay for.

Did you know? A new breed of online distance learning universities such as Kaplan Open Learning are helping to bridge the gap between college and careers guidance – taking great care in providing the next step for its graduates.



New JibberJobber Service: Let Us Lay Off The Boss Who Laid You Off!

April 1st, 2011


Lay Off The Person Who Laid You Off With New Service From JibberJobber

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (April 1, 2011) –, the ridiculously popular job search organizer, has announced the much-anticipated new service called the Layoff Your Old Boss Service. Job seekers who are miffed that they were let go, instead of their more deserving ex-colleagues who worked less than they did, simply submit information in a form, including the date they were laid off, what they did before they were laid off, and which boss(es) they want JibberJobber to lay off.

“I just submitted the names of bosses from my last three companies so they can get laid off! I’m so excited about this new service and will recommend it to anyone I meet who is out of work!” exclaimed Janet Schlosky, an IT project manager who has been out of work for more than seven months. “One of them just emailed me to connect on LinkedIn, and said he isn’t with the company anymore!  What a blessed service!”

When a job seeker submits the form, JibberJobber searches LinkedIn to find the managers at the company and, using a pending patent-pending algorithm, determines if just the old boss should be terminated, or their superiors should also be terminated.

JibberJobber Pink Slip

Snapshot of the Pink Slip

JibberJobber sends a special package to your old boss(es) with their layoff notice and a professionally designed Pink Slip. The Pink Slip makes it clear the layoff is effective immediately. Instructions in the package direct the newly terminated boss to leave their badge and keys at the front desk, pack their things during lunch, and quietly sneak out of the office to avoid shame.

The package documentation makes it clear this is not a personal decision, but a business decision, and the company is sure they’ll do well in their future endeavors. There is also a canned, impersonal statement apologizing that no one at the company will be able to write them a letter of recommendation, or a give them a LinkedIn Recommendation, because the HR policies strictly forbid it. Every document includes a replica of a real signature.

For an additional fee you can have JibberJobber send two bouncer-looking people to escort the boss out of the office in what is known as “the walk of shame.”  You can also pay to send lay off notices to an entire group of managers, scheduled so they all get the news at the same time.

To lay off your ex-boss, simply login to your JibberJobber account and look for the Lay Off My ex-Boss link.

Jason Alba, CEO of, stated “we really didn’t want to be in the business of laying people off, although it makes sense. We’re hopeful a good majority of the people we layoff with this new service will end up using JibberJobber in their job search.” Alba said many of the laid-off bosses are actually grateful for their pink slip, saying “they were probably working in toxic, dead-end environments anyway. Seriously, haven’t you seen the stats on how satisfied the average worker is at their job? Not very satisfied!”

John James, an ex-boss who was recently given the layoff notice by the person he let go a few months earlier, mentioned, with tears in his eyes, “I’m not sure what I’m going to tell my kids. They were expecting me to pay for college, but now I don’t know how I’m going to pay for our next meal out.” James indicated he was glad to leave such an unrewarding role at his company, and looked forward to his job search, which he was sure would be short and smooth. With a whimper he said “I just don’t know how they picked me. I’ve always felt the company was going to take care of me, since I spent my days and nights thinking about, and taking care of, the company.”

The new service launches today and will surely be a popular show of reciprocity. launched in May of 2006, far enough away from from April Fools day to be taken seriously. Since inception JibberJobber has helped tens of thousands of job seekers navigate the complex job search with job search organizer tools and advice and support. To find out more visit, or register for the next user webinar to see how the software can make your job search less stressful.


Jason Alba, Media Relations



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