JibberJobber User Webinars (LIVE) – Evening Announcement

September 6th, 2011

You’ve asked (and asked and asked and asked) for an evening webinar.  When you ask I send you a link to the archived webinar.

But you still ask for an evening webinar.

So, I finally, finally scheduled one.  Depending on how many people come we might do this again.

On September 20th, Tuesday, at 5:30 MST (do the math if you are not in mountain zone), we’ll have our webinar. And I’ll go as long as I need to (usually that means 90 minutes).

By the end of the webinar I want you to feel like you are ready to get to the next step…

Click on the image below and find the webinar you can attend.  The evening one is on Sept 20th.

Please send this blog post to whoever you know needs it. People in transition, in a job search, people who are at risk of losing their job, people who are a tad bit disorganized, people who… are …. breathing :)

Thank you!


3 responses to “JibberJobber User Webinars (LIVE) – Evening Announcement”

  1. Brad Merrill says:

    Good idea, Jason! I am teaching a class that night or I might attend just for a refresher on some things.

  2. Jason Alba says:

    Thanks Brad – I am surprised to have double the amount of attendees as I have the next morning… I wonder if those are the underemployed or the unhappily employed?

  3. Brad Merrill says:

    Maybe a bit of both?