How are you wrapping up 2012? One Year Inventory…

December 31st, 2012

How was your 2012?  What did you accomplish?  Who did you become?  What are you prepared to do in 2013?

Today is the last day of the year when the world was supposed to end.  But it didn’t.

If you lost your job, you might feel like the world ended, but I’ll tell you this: IT DIDN’T.  There is life after layoff.

So, how was your 2012?

What did you accomplish?

Who did you become?

What are you prepared to do in 2013?



Dumb Little Man: How to Keep Your Sanity After Losing Your Job

December 28th, 2012

Check out this post from Dumb Little Man: How to Keep Your Sanity After Losing Your Job

This year a lot of people lost their jobs.  Whether you were fired or laid off, the company shut down or you left because of chemistry (bad boss, etc.), or even if you left to pursue something else that didn’t quite work out… you aren’t alone.

Lesley Knowles wrote the article and she includes 6 points:

  1. Accept and face reality
  2. Go on and mourn
  3. Learn valuable lessons from the snake’s venom
  4. Assess and improve your way of thinking
  5. Be thankful for what you still have
  6. Get moving!

I know that when you have lost your job you go through a lot – mostly emotionally/mentally, but also socially (in many cases you just lost the social group that you were around 40+ hours a week), physically, financially, etc.

I like Lesley’s points (they make more sense on her article, where she drills down on the concepts), and I know that if you are depressed then points don’t do much.  But maybe they can do something to get you moving forward again.

What did I end up doing after getting laid off?  Immersing myself into the right thing, at the right time, saved me from the pit of depression.  Here’s a bit of my story:

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How to REALLY Relaunch your Job Search (David Drescher)

December 27th, 2012

David Drescher and I have been corresponding for a long time over email.  He sent me an email this week outlining how he has gotten awesome success in his job search.  His email is below, with my comments in bold italics.

>> I went to potential employer vendors websites.

Brilliant. A great way to find new target companies that you might not have heard of before, but help you understand the industry better.

>> Once there, I extracted 200 target companies. From employers websites,, and, I was able to identify the company owners.

Those are great research sources.  They don’t have the entire picture, but surfing around can help you get more and better information as you prepare for that phone call.

>> I procrastinate when I am home and have a task I do not want to do.

Don’t we all? :)

>> So, I went to the department of labor in Morristown, NJ. There, I anguished over writing a phone script since I undervalue my skills and my worth to employers.

If there is a list of the top 5 things that keep job seekers from success, this has to be on that list.  We are capable but we undervalue what we can do!

>> Somehow, I got enough of a script down on paper.  I forced myself to call about 50 of the 200 owners in the span of one week.  I will get to another 50 next week.

Key phrase: Forced Myself.  Folks, job search is not a walk in the park.  It’s not easy.  We don’t all love the tasks we need to do.  Sometimes we just HAVE TO DO IT.  Force yourself!  You might find it’s not so bad… and with more practice you might get better…

>> From calling, I got most everyone’s email addresses and cell phone numbers and followed up.

Two major successes: 1 – getting more info, 2 – FOLLOWING UP!

>> In the next week, I have 5 interviews scheduled. Not bad, ~1 interview per 10 phone calls. NONE of the positions were advertised and some may be created for me.

WOW!  WOW!  I guess forcing yourself can give good results, huh?

>> No one likes cold calling unless you are a sales maven which I am not.  Do not expect you will like it. Just get out of bed and do it – awful if need be.  Shaky hands, poor script, and quivering voice is OK too.  You WILL get better each day. Your fears will subside. You will eventually come across relaxed and natural.  The interviews will come.

This is awesome, David, thank you for that last paragraph.  JUST DO IT!  Even if it is not perfect…

>> Stay away from job boards, career gurus, useless networking meetings (you are building your own) and wasting time perfecting  your resume.

Valid thoughts… let me address each one:

Job Boards: have their place and value – they are great for research, not so great for applying online (although people do it, and it works).

Career Gurus:  This is a hard one.  If I had a career coach or resume writer, I would have gotten a job.  But there are charlatans out there and you have to be able to find the real ones, not the get-rich-quick scammers.

Networking Meetings: you said “useless”… so of course that’s something to stay away from.  Aside from that, figure out which meetings to go to and do it right.  Don’t just show up, be a warm body, and feel like you’ve networked… there’s more to it than that.

Wasting Time Perfecting Resume: Yep. It’s easy to hide from the hard stuff (phone calls) by tweaking… a resume, a job search spreadsheet (use JibberJobber instead), etc.  Stop tweaking if it doesn’t lead you to interviews.

>> It is OK to tweak it for a particular job but do not spend more than 20 minutes doing so. It is also a good idea to join a few professional organizations that do what you want to do. You can do serious networking there.

Good thoughts…

>> Take all those rules you have in your head about getting an interview and trash them. You are selling your ability to make your employer money. Period. Call and find out who is buying. Anything beyond that is a waste of time.

There is other good stuff, but this goes to the core of what you need to communicate…

David, I’m glad this is working for you – now, go make more calls!



New LinkedIn Profiles Are Here: Webinar!

December 20th, 2012

I’m doing a 90 minute webinar on optimizing the new LinkedIn Profiles. Supposedly everyone should have them by the end of 2013.

This webinar is… how do I put this: not free.  I like doing free stuff, but my accountant likes it when I charge for my services, knowledge, passion, etc.

I have done over 100 presentations on LinkedIn, and I know this is going to be worth it the price.

Who should come? Everyone who is on LinkedIn, period.  These new changes have a HUGE impact on your Profile.  Some have said LinkedIn “blew up” their Profile, others have had things disappear without their knowledge, and others have their picture messed up.

Not only that, but changes with the Apps (changes = they went away) and what they are replaced with is powerful, but I’m sure we’ll see gross abuses of the power (embedding video for Funny or Die?  Oh boy… :/)

Come join us on the 17th.  If you can’t, I’m recording it and you can access the recording.

Click here for more info… including one of three bonuses to choose from, and my commitment to not pressure-sell at the end.

Oh yeah, the price goes up after 1/11. Sign up now:)  Here are some changes… and that’s just the top:



Finally: I got the new LinkedIn Profile! And announcements…

December 19th, 2012

I finally got it… the new LinkedIn Profile :)   Now I can dig into the Profile and see what’s up.

First thing I notice, I need a new picture since the current one emphasizes my balding too much.  I even had a company contact me and say they could doctor up the image to make me less balding :p

Second thing I notice is that my slideshare is slideGONE.  I’ll dig in more, but more than one person has said LinkedIn has “blown up” their Profile, and they are frustrated.

Check out this comment from John who is pretty made about the changes… he even uses ALL CAPS to stress his unhappiness with it (and signs off as “Disgusted in PA”) :(

On another note, do you know the difference between Like, Comment and Share on LinkedIn?  One is useless, the other is all-powerful, and the third is… hardly useful (but still okay).  Check out this post to learn about it:
LinkedIn: Like vs Share vs Comment

Finally, I’m doing a New LinkedIn Profile webinar on January 17th. It is discounted right now to $97 and includes bonus goodies, and my commitment to not upsell you on anything during the webinar. Learn more here and sign up.  The new Profile, and the announcement that Apps went away (and are being replaced) is HUGE, and impacts about, oh, 187,000,000 people.

If you’ve been on my webinars you know I tell it like it is, I don’t drink the kool-aid and try to convince you to upgrade, and I don’t go through link by link to tell you stuff that is boring.  This is for busy people to optimize their LinkedIn Profile.  You can sign up here.



Why Discrimination Won’t End: Stupid Article about Social Media Manager Age Limit

December 18th, 2012

I don’t want to focus on this ridiculous article: Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25, or the 600+ comments on the article, most of them probably blasting the author.

I want to focus on a reality and truth:

YOU are being discriminated against.  Period.

As long as there are articles like this (and the many thousands of people who think like the author, but don’t have a platform or the time or guts to write about it), discrimination will exist.

I think this article had a backfire effect, which is to show young recent-grads as entitled, out-of-touch, and having poor judgement skills.

How do you defeat discrimination?  You can call for legislation (yeah, that will work – not), or you can figure out how to deal with it.

How do you communicate that the reason you are being discriminated against is not a liability?  Head-on and tactfully.

How do you do it? This is not a pink elephant… this is front-and-center, and probably the biggest concern my audiences across the U.S. worry about.

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Jargon, Alphabet Soup, A Spoon

December 17th, 2012

If you have heard me speak you know how I feel about JARGON.

Check out Dawn Bugni’s post on Facebook:

Wow. This #resume should have come with a spoon. So many undefined acronyms, person’s value is lost in alphabet soup.


There you go.  New etiquette rule: if you put the jargon and acronyms in, include a spoon :)

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Job Search & Selling: Communication

December 14th, 2012

Remember the JibberJobber theme for 2012?  It’s all about your communication.

I am rereading Mark LeBlanc’s brilliant little book titled Growing Your Business.  On page 15 he says “…selling is nothing more than a communication process.”

Let me rephrase that for job seekers:

Selling yourself is nothing more than a communication process.

The communication comes in many ways, including what comes out of your mouth.

How are you doing selling yourself?

In other words, how are you doing communicating?

Or more scary:

What are you communicating?

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Crystal Ball Stuff: Top 7 Recruiting Fails For 2012

December 12th, 2012

You know I love reading Recruiting Blogs.  I get great insight from “the other side” of the job search.  I found a post I really liked titled: The Top 7 Recruiting Fails For 2012

One reason I love this post is that there is a lot of hype about new stuff for job seekers… but this post shows that not everything actually adds value.  Here are Jason Buss’s 7 failures, with my comments (out of bold):

#7 – Recruiting with Pinterest: I love what he said on his post: “Gag.  Enough said.”  Just because Pinterest is so successful, and it is “social,” doesn’t mean you should recruit there.  Maybe it has happened, but I wouldn’t recommend you spend time there.

#6 – Mobile Recruiting: Jason says there is still time left for this to work out, but it the idea of recruiting people using mobile devices as a tool just hasn’t happened… yet.

#5 – The Taleo Acquisition: If you apply to openings online, you’ve probably seen the  “Taleo” name.  Oracle acquired them, but Jason says that was a failure.  Not sure what he thought the acquisition should lead to, but he says the acquisition was “catastrophic.” Not for the owners of Taleo… maybe for Oracle.  I’m not sure job seekers have seen any change, though.

#4 – Social Recruiting: Read the link on Jason’s post about social recruiting (not just Pinterest)…

#3 – Talent Communities: This idea is that companies would create communities they can tap into, more than just have a database of resumes they are creating.  I think this is going to be a hard nut to crack, but I have some ideas on how to crack it.

#2 – BranchOut: Wow.  The numbers are nasty on this one.  Read Jason’s post.

#1 – The Facebook Job Board: He’s sour on this… I’m not real big on job boards but I think Facebook might have a chance to provide value to people with job postings… only because they are so big and have so many “users.”   But, no one thinks the job board thing at Facebook has been successful.  It doesn’t matter.  Facebook has so much money this won’t make-or-break them, but it could be a strong revenue stream and they *could* reinvent the job posting world.  I doubt they will but they could.

There you go – again, I’m sharing this because I think understanding what recruiters think helps us with job search and career management.

Do you think any  “failures” should be added to the list?

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Big, Big, Big, BIG Changes at LinkedIn

December 11th, 2012

Yesterday I heard that LinkedIn was pulling the plug on some Apps, including and TripIt.

Today I learned more.

I blogged in depth about it on my LinkedIn blog: Dec 11: The Day The Apps Went Away (and LinkedIn Profiles became Relevant!!)

At first I thought “they did it again… another change that doesn’t make sense.”

Then, after digging around LinkedIn’s documentation, it made sense to me.  A LOT OF SENSE.

This is cool – read more here.

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