How to Follow-Up

February 13th, 2013
Designing and Executing on a Proactive LinkedIn Strategy. I’m doing this killer webinar on March 1st.  I tend to over deliver, and am planning on making this high value.  Details here.

I was reminded of a blog post I wrote back in 2011 titled The Art of the Follow-up.  That is an excellent (short) post with some great thoughts.

As I travel around the country I teach people that a big part of networking is “nurturing relationships.”  Too many people network by:

  1. meeting someone,
  2. recording their information or storing their business card, and
  3. feeling overwhelmed that their network is getting bigger.
  4. … maybe they will ask for a lunch meeting, which never happens.

Networking is hard.

Nurturing relationships is harder.  It means we need to strategically,  purposefully and consistently work on something more than just storing information about the person.

There are a lot of posts online about how to follow-up.  Here’s one from lifehacker: How to Follow Up on a Job Interview (Without Being Annoying)

You can read all about tactics on how and when and what to say.

Here’s my tip: JUST DO IT

Email the person. Keep it very short and concise, not desperate but professional.

Call the person. This is scarier, but there’s something about a real phone call.  Call after hours if you are chicken, and leave a purposeful voice mail.

Send a snail-mail card. This is different and it might help you stay top-of-mind for the person you are following up with.

Go to their office. This is kind of weird, but if you go with a purpose (to hand deliver something?) then it is less weird.

Look, you can sit around and fret about should I do this? Have I waited enough time?  Or you can do it.

I guarantee your competition is doing it.  Don’t get left in the dust because you are too shy or scared to write an email.

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JibberJobber New Features

February 12th, 2013

JibberJobber launched in May of 2006. I had the idea in February 2006, just three months earlier.

Since then we’ve worked full-time making enhancements, big and small.  Last night we made a release with a bunch of things… here are the ones I can document (some are simply hidden from you or more for the admins than for users, so they won’t make sense to list here):

Premium Users: Send action item texts to your cell phone

This has been requested over the years and we finally did it.  You must go into the Account/Preferences page to set this up.  Once set up, and if you are a premium user, you’ll see this box on on the Log Entry / Action Item:

All Users: Custom Fields Now Show on List Panels

You can now choose to show Custom Fields on List Panels.  Simply click the Manage columns icon () and then you’ll see your Custom Fields on the list in the first column… click the checkbox and that Custom Field will show on the List Panel (these Custom Fields will now show on my List Panel):

All Users: Degrees of Separation more intuitive

Did you know we help you keep track of the real Degrees of Separation in your network?  It’s actually quite brilliant, and a bit different than how LinkedIn defines it.  When you meet someone through someone else, and enter them in JibberJobber, you can say they were “referred by” the person you met them through.

This image shows a snippet from a Contact’s Detail Page, on the right side.  You can see DoS with an image of 3… before that was just a text number and it always seemed kind of hidden (especially if the number was a 1… which just looked like a line).

Now it’s more obvious how you met the person.  If you click on the icon it will take you to the valuable Tree View.  It also shows, right under the number icon, who introduced/referred you.  I know this is a really minor enhancement (the functionality has always been there, we just changed the text number to a more prominent icon), but this is great info when you are networking!

All Users: Auto Save on Notes and Log Entries

One of my favorite users (hi Brad!) asked for this… he has been on a call with a prospect and then something happened to his browser or computer and he lost the notes he was taking…. now we are auto-saving Log Entries and Notes every 30 seconds to avoid that.  As you type you should see this message in blue (the message goes away after a few second):

All Users: Pull a URL out of an Email Address

This is another minor thing but I will LOVE it.  Many times I’ll put someone’s work email address in the system and then think “darn, I have to practically retype the URL into the URL field.”  No more insanity!  Now, in the URL field there is a little icon that, if you click it, will pull the URL from the email address.  Here’s an email address but no URL:

When I click on that little icon (), it pulls the URL from the email so I can have this:

Minor, yes, but we’re doing everything we can think of to make it easier to get data into the right places.

All Users: Easier to set dates to TODAY, yesterday, etc.

Another tweak to help you, with a few clicks and no typing, put dates into he system.

For example, on this detail page I want to say I met you last night at a networking event.  I double click the gray area to open the edit field, then I click the back arrow to go to yesterday, and Save.  OR, I can click on Today, and then use the arrows to go forward or backward… easier than (heaven forbid) I actually type the date in.  I will overuse this feature :)

All Users: Get Emails is now a free, not Premium, feature

We have had discussions about what should be free, what should be premium.  I’ve finally figured out my “guiding principles” to help me figure it out, which means a number of previously-premium features will be moved to the free side.

From the Contact List Panel you have a bunch of icons on the bottom, one of which allows you to select a bunch of Contacts and then get a “report” of their email addresses, formatted perfectly for copying-and-pasting into an email.  This is now a free feature.  You are welcome :)  Here’s the icon you would click to get the email addresses:

Once you click on that icon, the Contacts you have checked will show up in this report.  Sorry for erasing out the contact info but you can see in highlight the separation… the format is this:  “Jason Alba” <>, “Next Name” <>, etc….

… and a number of other fixes, minor enhancements, typos and other things that I’m not going to mention here.

My team is awesome, and I really appreciate them.   It still consider it a miracle we’ve been able to build something so cool and valuable for people to manage and own their careers and networking!

I can’t wait until the next release… it will be some of the biggest news we have for JibberJobber… and we’re all on pins-and-needles with anxiety until it releases :)

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Ask For Help In Your Job Search

February 11th, 2013

If a friend came to you today and asked you for help, and you could help them, would you?

Imagine this is someone that is a good friend, or someone you want to be a good friend.

Would you help them?

What if they are more of an acquaintance, but they asked you for something you could do, and it wouldn’t be a significant inconvenience to you.


I am guessing that the people who read my blog WOULD indeed help.

Why aren’t you helping them RIGHT NOW?

Because they haven’t asked you. You aren’t aware of what they need.  You don’t know what would be important to them.  You think they are fine.

Folks, that is exactly what your friends and acquaintances think of you right now.

They don’t know how to help you.  They don’t know what you need or want.  They think you are fine today.  They don’t hear from you and they think you are busy doing your thing.

All the while you are sitting there wishing, hoping for some help.

Here’s my challenge for today: Ask someone for something.

I’m not talking about asking for a handout, or begging.  I’m talking about COMMUNICATING how someone can help you.

You can ask for:

  • An introduction
  • Advice or information
  • Someone to help you do something (not reviewing your resume, unless they are a professional resume writer)
  • Feedback on your elevator pitch
  • An informational interview (never ask for an “informational interview”
  • _________?

We’re much better at giving help than asking for help, but we need to get better at asking for help.

So… that’s my challenge to you.  Ask someone for help.  Today!

Or it



Learn to LOVE Rejection (like Jia Jiang): 100 Days of Rejection

February 8th, 2013

Jia Jiang is working on a project where he is trying to have 100 rejections.  He comes up with ridiculously crazy requests thinking people will say NO WAY, videos them, and then shares on his blog:

I learned about him when he didn’t get rejected by the Krispy Kreme employee who said YES.  Video way below.

As a job seeker I think we feel like we are living the 100+ days of rejection, right?  Jia is having a lot of fun doing this because there really isn’t anything to lose.

But as a job seeker, getting rejected means you might not be able to pay your bills, and a whole lot more (one of my favorite blog posts on this here).  It seems that EVERYTHING depends on NOT getting rejected, right?

There’s a great Yahoo/Bloomberg/Businessweek article titled Rejection Therapy: A Hundred Days of ‘No’ that talks about Jia’s project.  My buddy Marty Nemko, who interviewed me on his radio show, was quoted a few times.

Read that article… it’s juicy and great.  I know some of us are trained, like salespeople, to think:

Each NO means I’m closer to a YES!

In other words, embrace the NO because that means you are getting closer to a YES.

I think that’s good advice, but for the person who keeps getting no’s, that doesn’t help much.

At the end of the Yahoo article are four points, which I like:

1. Don’t look on the bright side

2. Accept that you’re not perfect

3. Watch out for paranoia

4. Try not to be a jerk

The article breaks each of those four down.

So, should we embrace the NOs?  Or is that too PolyAnna?

I think we should…. but HOW, when the stakes seem so high?

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Salary Surveys and Negotiating Your Salary (based on payscale,, etc.)

February 7th, 2013

This is from Nick Corcodilos’ newsletter: Will a consulting firm pay me what I’m worth?

In short, the answer is… just kidding. Read Nick’s answer.

Here is an interesting snippet from Nick’s response:

First, if you’re relying on salay surveys, know when to fold them. Generalized surveys are okay to give you an idea of salaries in a particular field, but they are not a good place to start negotiating your own salary.

I’ve always disliked the salary surveys and information online. I remember a boss I had who hated them because the numbers were unrealistic for our area, or our industry, or our company, or the position (or a combination of all of those).  But people would come in demanding what they found online, which was impossible.

Unrealistic expectations were set and people were disappointed.  It wasn’t good.

I’m sure the survey results have gotten better but I doubt using data from those websites as gospel truth is the best strategy.



LinkedIn Proactive Strategies Webinar: March 1

February 6th, 2013

After doing the two hour and twenty minute webinar on the New LinkedIn Profile, I realized there has to be a Part II.  Not because I want to string this on all year but because I am NOT a believer in “if you build it they will come.”

I am a firm believer in “if you want it, go after it.”  And that’s what this webinar is all about.

On March 1 at 9am MOUNTAIN TIME I will spend at least 90 minutes (that’s what I said last time, but there were so many good questions we went much longer) talking about the PROACTIVE side of your LinkedIn strategy.

Having a killer Profile is, in my opinion, passive and reactive.  It is important… even critical.  But if no one knows about you, and if no one hears from you, and if you are too chicken to actually reach out and start the conversation… what good will the Profile do you?

It might be awesome, but let’s not sit around and wait for awesome.

Let’s proactively be awesome!

I haven’t figured out what the bonus options will be yet for non-career professionals.  Career professionals have different bonuses (ask and I’ll tell you, but I don’t want to blog about it).

Here’s the information page with more information.  Here’s the signup page.

Same as January 17th:

  1. This will be start-to-finish full of meat and content.  No frills, no wasting time.
  2. This will be recorded and you can access it streaming, as often as you want, through your JibberJobber account. (not downloadable)  As long as I don’t have emergency surgery the next day, the recording should be available within 24 hours.
  3. I will not use this as a time to try and upsell you on something else.  This is a content presentation, not a vehicle for me to sell more stuff to you.  No “and if you buy NOW you’ll get a free pony!”

Want to get in on this?  Here’s the link.

Note: this webinar is optimized for anyone serious about getting value out of LinkedIn.  That includes job seekers, recruiters, entrepreneurs, business owners, career professionals, etc.

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Ask The Expert: Tim Tyrell-Smith and Developing Alternative Income Streams

February 5th, 2013

Here’s the recording from this morning’s Ask The Expert call:

This was a fun conversation.  We talked about a variety of things including:

  • support from the spouse, family, friends
  • consulting vs. developing products
  • features vs. benefits (and what you are communicating)
  • a “portfolio career” and a variety of income streams
  • getting financing
  • relationships, referrals, word of mouth and JibberJobber (as a CRM to use)
  • and more.

Tim is smart and fun to talk with… check out the video.  His website is here: Tim’s Strategy

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Ask The Expert (Tim Tyrell-Smith): Non-traditional Jobs, Alternative Income Streams

February 4th, 2013

This is an exciting topic for me, especially since I’m working on 51 Alternatives to a Real Job.

Join us tomorrow morning at 9am Mountain Time.  This is a free webinar. Registration here.

While I’ve had this topic on my mind for years, and have talked about it in my presentations across the country, when Tim wrote the blog post Is It Really Possible To Make A Living With A Non Traditional Job?, I knew he was the right guy to interview for this month’s Ask The Expert.

Join us tomorrow?

Read Tim’s post and be mentally prepared.

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CareerCloud – Social Resumes: Interview with Chris Russell

February 1st, 2013

This post is epic for me.  About 6 1/2 years ago Chris introduced me to the blogosphere.  I launched JibberJobber on Saturday, May 15, 2006 and on Monday Chris had a blog post on a blog that I think doesn’t exist anymore, with an interview.  I was giddy and honored.

Today I finally get to return the favor as Chris has just launched Social Resumes, which is at CareerCloud.  Below are the questions/answers, and at the bottom is a one minute video on what social resumes means.  Enjoy!

1. What is CareerCloud?

Our mission is to help job seekers connect with employers through social and mobile technology. We’re building a variety of cool web tools and apps for job seekers to help them stand out and get ahead in a competitive job market. The first two products are our Social Resume system and the Hidden Jobs App.

2. How does the Social Resume work and why should job seekers use it?

Our system lets anyone with multiple social media accounts sync them all on one page. Users can aggregate their Linkedin, Twitter feed, Facebook page, Foursquare and Google Plus accounts.

Since your paper resume is what you did, your Social Resume is who you are. Employers want to know what you’re like. Things that you say and do on social media give them a peek inside your character. An increasing number of companies are using social media to help evaluate you as a candidate so its in your best interest to be proactive and show them your social resume as well.

Our platform lets you stand out as a job seeker and promote yourself. Each user gets their own unique URL (just like Linkedin), and plenty of tools and badges to share and promote yourself across social media. You can even use the ‘Social Apply’ form to proactively send it to an employer if you know their email address.

3. Tell us about your apps?

Our first job seeker app lets you discover and read articles about companies in your state which have announced future hiring plans. Its available for iOS users and works on all their devices iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Just select your state and read about thousands of new jobs coming your way. It also helps you google the company and offers push alerts for up to five states.

4. What else are you planning?

Oh lots of good stuff. Next up will be a way to network with your friends and see what jobs their companies have open.

5. Why are you so passionate about helping job seekers?

Its in my blood. After I graduated college I’ve always been interested in the job search process. I even got my start moonlighting as a resume writer! Along the way I learned that technology can be helpful in finding a job. So it was a natural fit for me. Since no one teaches you how to job hunt, there needs to be tools for us to use that make finding a job more efficient (and maybe even fun). I hope to bring that passion and innovation to the social recruiting space. So stay tuned for lots of new tools from CareerCloud.

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