Awesome, Awesome LinkedIn Profile Formatting (Håkan Thyr, Austin, TX)

March 31st, 2014

I came across Håkan’s LinkedIn Profile and I LOVE something he is doing with the formatting.  What he is doing gets around something that bugs a lot of people…. they want real bullet-point formatting!

Alas, for the last many years, and even today, LinkedIn doesn’t allow hardly any formatting in the long description areas.  But check out what Hakan has done:


In #1… how did he get that bullet?  In #2, how did he make the lines below the bullet indent, the way that bullets are supposed to?

Very, very simple.  I blogged about it on my LinkedIn blog here. Scroll down on my profile and you’ll see a bunch of bullet icons you can copy, and then paste to your own Profile.

Okay, so we got that, right?  How do you make the line below indent to the correct place?

You simple put enough spaces in. Really.  You “hard code” spaces in.  With your space bar.

If I mouse over and select the space from the left of the page to where the line starts, I can see there are individual spaces there.  There are 5 spaces before a bullet point and 8 spaces before each line under a bullet.


It’s that simple… but the results really stand out, and are easier to read.

Cool, huh?

This entire profile also works because Håkan uses the underscore (_______) to make visual line separators throughout his profile, which makes it easier to read.

He’s put a lot of effort into his profile, from content to formatting, and it clearly shows.  Great job Håkan!  Click on the image below to see his entire profile:





7 responses to “Awesome, Awesome LinkedIn Profile Formatting (Håkan Thyr, Austin, TX)”

  1. Christine says:


    I also noticed when looking at his entire profile that he uses separate keyword sections for each job. Is that something you recommend and/or think is effective?

  2. Jason Alba says:

    Good catch Christine – I noticed that too. I think it is a great use of the 2,000 characters that we get. I don’t typically read through lists of keywords, but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt with the count of keywords for SEO… and if I were interested in hiring him I would probably drill down and ask for examples on those keywords he lists. So, I’d say if you have the room, why not?

  3. Shay says:


    I can’t get the spaces to work underneath the bullets, even though I used a number of spaces

  4. Jason Alba says:

    Maybe LI changed things in the last year and now this doesn’t work for new edits :( It might be worth trying a new browser to do it.

  5. Matt says:

    I discovered it can still be done if you copy and paste the spaces from his profile around the bullet points! I copied entire lines and replaced with my own descriptions

  6. Shay says:

    Thanks Matt!!

    That tip worked! I needed to tweak a little here and there to get it all lined up but it definitely worked

    Have a great day! :-)

  7. Jason Alba says:

    Thanks Matt and Shay… :)