Don’t do these things in a job search!

August 17th, 2015

martin_buckland_headshotMartin Buckland has a great article on LinkedIn titled Five tips for what NOT to do in a job search. I whole-heartedly agree with this list… read his entire article here.  He says:

Do NOT show negativity or disengagement. Yes. I wrote about this here: I Smell Blood!

Do NOT ignore the power of networking. Amen and YES!  And, use JibberJobber to help you network better. If you have heard my story, you know that I thought I was too good to network.  I learned the hard way that ignoring networking is a mistake.

Do NOT mismanage your social profile.  Martin says you are “committing career suicide” if (go read the article). I don’t agree it’s career suicide, but I do think that you should pay attention to what you do (and don’t do) online.

Do NOT use an outdated resume or send the same resume for each job. Yes, but I actually didn’t have either of these problems.  My resume was right for ME, but never right for the job title I was applying to.  This was THE reason I didn’t get interviews.

Do NOT use one job search strategy. Agreed: I used one strategy, which was job boards.  Lame, unproductive, depressing.

Thanks for the short but potent list Martin!


2 responses to “Don’t do these things in a job search!”

  1. Marguerite says:

    These are excellent and I am guilty of several, but rather than tell me what not to do, can you help me learn what to do to avoid these pitfalls?

  2. Jason Alba says:

    You can flip each of the DO NOT’s around and do the opposite. Also, I have nine years of blog posts here, many of which are “what to do” in your job search. Do you have any specific questions?