How to Lifehack Pluralsight Videos

December 15th, 2015

I’m not talking about hacking videos, and I would never recommend you pirate the courses. Aside from that being unethical, I think there is an inherent danger in using pirated stuff.

What I’m talking about is a lifehacker style hack, and it’s very, very simple.

When you are watching a Pluralsight video, increase the speed of the video. I’ve found that I can watch my videos at about 1.3x or 1.4x, and still get the entire message. Anything faster than that is too distracting for my brain. Just click on the speed (or, odometer) icon, and then choose the speed you want. This means you can fit more courses into your day :)


Each time you watch any of my 32 (and growing) courses at Pluralsight, self-report on JibberJobber and we’ll upgrade your JibberJobber account for a few days.

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