Associations in JibberJobber Just Got Easier

April 28th, 2017

In JibberJobber we have “associations.” You can associate, or connect, a Contact to a Company. Doesn’t that make sense? As you network into a target company, you will talk to people… so you have a person (or a contact) that is tied to the company.

In JibberJobber you can associate multiple Contacts and Jobs to Companies, multiple Jobs and Companies to Contacts, multiple Contacts and Companies to Jobs, and all of those to Log Entries.  That might sound confusing, but trust me that associating is awesome, powerful, and useful.

In a Log Entry, at the bottom left, are buttons/links to associate Contacts, Companies, and Jobs (and create Action Items). Let’s say you apply to a job, and followed up with someone… now, in the Log Entry, when you want to associate type @ and then three letters (1), and you’ll see a dropdown (2), like below.  Choose any name from the list and that Contact will be associated to the Log Entry!  More coolness to come…


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How To Organize Your Job Search / What Is JibberJobber

April 27th, 2017

This is the video that we are going to put on the front page of JibberJobber soon:

How to Organize Your Job Search (JibberJobber) from Jason Alba on Vimeo.



New Log Entry Entry Form

March 29th, 2017

No, that’s not a typo… on the Log Entry page, we have a new entry form field.  The goals where, in this order:

  1. Faster. The older form was…. older. It was bigger (in file size) than it needed to be, and technology has advanced to a point where we were able to find an entry form that was, I think, about 75% smaller than the old one. 75% means it loads a lot faster.  Faster was easily 80% of the main reason for updating this.
  2. Less confusing. The old form had two rows of icons, many of which went largely unused, and enough of them were “what??? I have no idea what that does.”  The new widget has only one row, and the icons are the most-used, and you shouldn’t have the “what does that do?” question as much.
  3. Cleaner look. It’s just a lot cleaner… the colors, the icons, the quantity… it’s beautiful. Not hard to improve on the old one, but it’s a nice look.

#2 and #3 are great… but the main, pressing objective was speed.

And this new solution hits on all three.  Faster, less confusing, and cleaner!


The opposite of those are slower, confusing, and messy.  You know what that means? A user experience with friction. like I mentioned yesterday, when talking about the calendar update, the goal is to reduce friction. We are on a hunt for friction in your experience. Are you on a hunt for friction in your job search?  More on that tomorrow!

We’ll put this new form in multiple places in JibberJobber, and will roll those out over the next few weeks. Expect more cleanup from us… cleanup that will make a difference for you, and your experience with JibberJobber!



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Calendar Widget Update

March 28th, 2017

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about fixes we were implementing to make JibberJobber faster and appear more modern.  One of those fixes is now on the live site…. the new calendar widget. It’s simple, as it should be, and it’s faster than the old calendar widget.  If you pop up a calender widget, and it doesn’t look like this (click on the calendar icon (A) and you’ll see the widget (B), let us know so we can update it:


This calendar is from the Log Entry view…. now, this seems like a meaningless update, right?  Maybe not that important?

Well, I agree that it is a small update. But the reason it’s updated is not small.

We want JibberJobber to load fast for you.  And shaving everything down that we can will help.  This is one more little thing we are doing to enhance your experience.

I call any problems that users have “friction.”  More on that later, especially how it applies to your job search and marketing.

Find a place with the old calendar?  Let us know so we can swap it out!

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Updating the LinkedIn for Job Seekers Video Series

March 14th, 2017

I have finally recorded all of the LinkedIn for Job Seekers videos. It was sad to compare this edition to last time, when I had training on certain features that are no longer in LinkedIn (but provided tremendous value).

In this new series you’ll learn about optimizing the LinkedIn Profile, even with all of the weird… er, interesting… changes… such as only showing the first 2 lines of your summary, and not showing any info about previous jobs (only one current job).  I also talk about Groups, communications, messaging, recommendations (how to effectively ask for them, what to do when you get them, and how to give them in a way to help your networking and branding), and more.

I’ve done this four times before this edition… my goal is to help you get value out of LinkedIn.  I know you are busy, and I doubt you want to become a LinkedIn expert… so we focus on what to do (tactics) to get value.

This is included in the JibberJobber Video Library, and includes access to all of the other courses and insider information interviews… for the low price of $9.95 a month (cancel anytime) or $60 for a year of access.

Ready to take your career, job search, networking, or small business to the next level?  Invest $60 for a year of access… it will be well-worth it!  You can see the video library here.

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JibberJobber News and Updated

March 13th, 2017

So many things on my mind… today I want to share what we are working on. You should expect to this stuff roll out over the next few weeks.

One developer has been working on updating all of the calendar widgets in JibberJobber.  He’s streamlining them to all use the same calendar, and the same code, but there are enough places where we have to touch and test this a lot.  The result should be a sleeker interface that is faster.  Faster is always good.

Speaking of faster, he has updated the Log Entry form so that is is also sleeker and FASTER.  While in there he identified a few other enhancements he will make, but the first one you’ll notice is the speed of the Log Entry input.

Notice similarities between the two projects? Make things look better AND make things faster.  We’re not stopping on those… there are more similiar enhancements to come.

Other projects our dev team is working on:

Fixing some issues with recurring action items… reported from a user in Singapore (thanks Amit!).

Cleaning up the upgrade page and process and making it more intuitive, and showing the value of the upgrade.

Creating a purchase history so you can see your past billing, and even get receipts of all purchases.

I have been working on… something I’ll tell you about tomorrow :)

We have a bunch of work orders that we’ll work on in the next few months that should have an impact on your experience… making things more simple, more streamlined, faster, etc.



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The European Tour: Belgium, England, France, Italy, Spain

February 20th, 2017

The travel plans are 99% nailed down, and they look like this:


The last time I was in Europe I made some mistakes.  I flew in, went to my hotel and slept, spoke for eight hours the next day, went to dinner (a couple of hours away – not a good idea after speaking for a full day), then went back to my hotel, slept, and then went to the airport to fly home.  I got to see a little bit of Istanbul, but I really should have planned that better.

This time, I’m planning it better!  I’m taking a couple of my kids, arriving near the city I’m speaking almost a week early, and staying in Europe for a month.  Take that, jet lag!!

While there, I want to “do it all.”  I am creating lists of things to do in each country we’ll be in, and want to soak up the sights/sites, the food, the language, and the culture. I’ll spend about 5 days in each city I’ll be in, and hope that will give me enough time to experience a bit of that culture. I’m super excited.

From what I hear, there aren’t traditional job clubs or job ministries, but I will be contacting a few schools to see if I can speak to their business and MBA students. If you know of any places I could speak, and can make introductions, I’d appreciate it.

I’ve learned there is balance for trips like this.  I have to balance work with downtime. I typically have that very out-of-balance (like the time I was in Minneapolis and spoke 14 times in 3 days… or was it 13 times in 4 days?  Either way, it was really intense).  This time, though, I’ll have my kids, and I want to make sure that we make memories together.  So, I’ll guard my time carefully and not over do it.

This trip will be mid-May to mid-June.  Have any advice, tips, pointers, or contacts?  Would love to hear them and get intros!



New Insider Information Videos: What Cheryl Snapp Conner Thinks of Hiring and Job Search

February 10th, 2017

Cheryl Snapp Conner was the PR Director at Novell, and then went on to start her own very successful PR firm.  I met her years ago, when I was just starting JibberJobber, and have always admired what she has done in her business, as well as how involved she is in the community.


I spent almost 40 minutes with Cheryl talking about her experience building her team, and we talked about entrepreneurship (specifically, the idea of a professional choosing to stop a job search and start their own business, like she did), as well as blogging (as a job seeker), personal branding, and more.

This interview is part of the Insider Information videos… the second one released (the first was with Ash Buckles).

To get access to this, and future insider videos, simply go to the videos page (Tools, JibberJobber Videos) and click on the “more…” link in the yellow box.  This goes to the payment page, where you can get one month access for $9.95, or a monthly subscription, or get 20% off (you pay $99) if you purchase a year of access (If you get it now, the year will expire July 1 of 2018, just because we got more videos to put in… nice bonus, huh?).

Want 50% off? Upgrade to JibberJobber for a year (which is 50% off of full price) and one year of the Insider Information videos…  you’ll get 50% off of JibberJobber and all of the videos.  One year of JibberJobber and one year of Insider Information videos will save you $120.

Any questions? Email me: Jason at

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We’re Hosted On Amazon… Notice Anything Off?

January 30th, 2017

Hey, last night my team worked on transitioning JibberJobber from our physical server to the Amazon Cloud.  This was a huge transition, and with so many things that could have happened, we might have missed some things.

We spent hours before and after the transition testing, but if you find anything that isn’t working the way it should, please email myself ( and Liz ( immediately so we can get right on it.

Thank you!



Reminder: Scheduled downtime Sunday at midnight

January 27th, 2017

In case you didn’t see, JibberJobber will be offline for at least an hour, starting Sunday night at midnight EST.  More here.

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