Veteran’s Day, Free JibberJobber for Veterans

November 12th, 2018

Today we celebrate Veteran’s Day. For JibberJobber, that means we send a reminder that we have, since 2006, given veterans a free year of our premium upgrade.

This is simply a “thank you for serving our country.”  I know that serving in the armed forces is not easy. You don’t do it for money. There’s a chance you could die, or somehow have a completely different life. Whether you come back with physical or mental scars, the experience changes you. I now that leaving home for months on end can be a significant hardship on you and your family, and have an impact on your career.

As owner and CEO of JibberJobber, the least I can do to back up my “thank you” is to give you access to our toolset, to help you in your career, networking, and job search.

Some questions we’ve gotten over the years:

Is this for young or old veterans?  Does it matter when I served, or which war I was in? 

I don’t care when you served. Vietnam? Yep, sign up and let us know and we’ll upgrade you. Leaving the military now? Yep, sign up and let us know.

Is this just for U.S. veterans? 

This is for any veteran of any country.

Are there any strings attached? 

No… we just want some way to know you are a veteran (usually a DD 214), sometimes your LinkedIn profile, and we take your word for it and give you the upgrade.

How do I get this? 

Just get a free JibberJobber account, then send us an email or a Contact Us with your information (DD 214 and/or LinkedIn profile)

Does JibberJobber get compensated in any way for doing this?

No. The military barely recognizes us (I’ve tried to have conversation at various levels and while people appreciate it, no one wants to step out of line and go to bat for us with the decision-makers that could put this in front of a lot more people, specifically those transitioning out right now). We get nothing but good feelings, since 2006 :)

I have lived in and around the military world for a long time and have a lot of friends and relatives who themselves or their parents have served. This is as much for my friends and family as it is for people I haven’t met.

And seriously, thank you for the sacrifices as you have served. 

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Props to LinkedIn for Their Service to Veterans

April 1st, 2016

Are you a veteran?  If so, you need to check out the Veteran page on LinkedIn. They say you get a year of premium access to LinkedIn… if you are eligible (I have no idea what that means).


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New: JibberJobber for Military Spouses

December 17th, 2015

This post has been a long time coming. Without further ado, let me announce that

we are extending the one year premium upgrade offer to military spouses.

This simply means that if you are a military spouse, you can get a JibberJobber account and then use the Contact form to let us know you qualify for the one year JibberJobber upgrade (like we have done for veterans since 2006).

Please share this with everyone you can think of. There are veterans, and military spouses, who need this.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out this JibberJobber page: Military and Veterans.

Download information for veterans and military spouses as a one page flyer (pdf)

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Happy Veterans Day (Free JibberJobber Upgrade)

November 11th, 2015

Happy Veterans Day!  This is a day I think about many people in my life who have served in the military, including family who served in WWII, my cousin who was deployed multiple times in the last few years, my other cousin who is a Dentist at an Air Force base, my father-in-law who had a meaningful career in the Air Force, my cousin who served in the Navy, and many friends and other family who have served in the military, in some capacity.

I also think about the JibberJobber users who have sent me a DD 214 showing proof of service, to claim their free one year upgrade on JibberJobber. I’ve seen a lot of these come through, and it makes us proud to give just a little to these people who have given so much. I’ve been asked if we give the free one year upgrade to those who served a long, long time ago, as well as those who are just leaving military service. The answer is YES, if you are or have been a veteran, you get a year of premium JibberJobber.

Why do we do this? JibberJobber for veterans: why?

What other career companies give discounts? Career Service Providers Who Provide Discounts for Military Veterans (let me know if any are outdated)

When did all this start?  Since the beginning. Here are my thoughts from July 2006, just two months after we launched: JibberJobber for the troops

Please share this with anyone you know, so we can get this information to the people who need it.  Thank you!


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“Vets are not qualified for anything…” (from a recruiter)

September 1st, 2015

I love straight talk from recruiters.  Here’s a snippet from a conversation last year:

“Vets are not qualified for anything…  and that is why they aren’t finding jobs.”

He said “there is a lot of prejudice.”

Now, before you get all mad at me, or the recruiter who said this, realize that this is the impression that a gatekeeper to your next job has of veterans.  It’s the general prejudice, bias, and stereotyping that happens to everyone: millenials, religous people, etc.  It is likely happening to YOU right now.

The answer is not to hate on the guy who said this.  The answer is to change the perception.

How are you going to do that?

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Free JibberJobber for Veterans (and active duty)

July 30th, 2015

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For over nine years I’ve been giving one year upgrades to military veterans and active duty members.  One of the branches (Air Force or Army, I think) has a link to JibberJobber on their TAP website (if you are military, you know what TAP is :p).  Otherwise, it’s mostly been through word of mouth, letting people know about the one year upgrade.

When I was on my big 2015 speaking tour, I forgot to mention this in 12 of my 13 presentations.  I regret that (I always tweak my presentations up to the last minute, and simply forgot to make this a big deal). Sorry about that… but here I am to tell you, and everyone else, that veterans can simply ask for a one year upgrade, and we’ll give it to them.

It’s that simple.

The best thing to do is to mail Liz your DD-214, or email us from a military email address.

Please share this with as many active duty, veterans, and military families as you can.  I wish the military would more proactively share this, but I have had a very hard time getting it in front of anyone who is willing to share it.

I was looking at my archives to see if I could find other information… check out these links:

The first post I did on this, about a month after I started blogging.  This has been going on for over 9 years, and I don’t see it stopping: JibberJobber for the troops

Why have I given this away for so long?  Here are some reasons: JibberJobber for veterans: why?

Who else in the career space is helping veterans?  Here are private business owners who have stepped up: Career Service Providers Who Provide Discounts for Military Vetearns

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JibberJobber for veterans: why?

March 10th, 2014

Last week I talked to a veteran.  The call was exciting and rewarding, and I was again reminded why I give a year of premium to veterans at no cost.

I do this as a thank you.

I was reminded, during the call, of a call I had with a veteran a few years ago.  When he understood that I was offering a year of JibberJobber premium as a “thank you,” he got quiet for a while, then expressed heartfelt gratitude.  He said: “a lot of companies say they support the troops, and put a sticker or flag in their window, and that’s great.  But what you are doing really, really helps us.”

I had goosebumps and found it hard to respond.

After our call I saw this neat story in the news about the race in San Jose where one runner (Erik Wittreich, a former Green Beret) went out of his way during the race to shake the hand of a veteran… a 95 year old veteran, who was cheering on the racers.


It was a touching story.  But this part disturbed me (Bell is the 95 year old veteran):

“They showed a lot of love to me, and they recognized me,” Bell told ABC News. “I liked that.”

Bell was a former Army corporal who trained paratroopers all over the world for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) that preceded the CIA.

“I never got recognition in my life,” he told Sulek on Tuesday. “I was a jumper in the OSS. That’s all.”

I think it’s kind of sad that Bell didn’t feel like anyone recognized him.  Maybe he humbly didn’t recognize the Nov 11, July 4, etc. holidays that recognized servicemen and servicewomen.  I’m glad that he had that once-in-a-lifetime experience… what a choice opportunity.

Now let me tell you something special about all of this recognition stuff.  I have been around military, in one way or another, since I was eleven.  I know people that serve, their spouses, their kids, and even their grandkids.  There is something I have learned, over the years, and recently as I talk to veterans who use JibberJobber.

Veterans, in general, do not feel entitled to handouts, help, etc. They do not feel like we (people, stores, companies, restaurants, the government) needs to give them everything.  This is NOT about entitlement.

They do, however, want a chance to show who they are, and to be respected.  Not respected because they are veterans necessarily, but respected as human beings.

How can we, you and me, give them that chance?

When you see special deals and offers for veterans, please do not think that it is an entitlement thing.  What I’ve found is that they are sincerely gracious, but never expecting or demanding.

We can do our veterans a better service by giving them humane respect, and a chance.