Give money away. Today.

TODAY! Give someone money.

Seriously.  Cash.  Greenbacks.

I’ll never forget how much $5, $10 or $20 meant to me in my job search. I bet you know someone who is in a job search, or stressing about money.

I recently had the opportunity to give money to two people.  I’m not rich, and my family could have done stuff with that money, but these guys needed it way more than I did, and I feel like I’ve been blessed to have some to spare at that moment.

There is power in serving others.  Sometimes that means shoveling their driveway, sometimes that means opening your wallet.

Today, right now, figure out who can use your $20 more than you can, and give it to them.  I guarantee there is someone in your network who will benefit from your generosity.

Feel free to leave a comment on your money-giving-away experience :)

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7 Responses to “Give money away. Today.”

  1. Pam B Says:

    One year when times were really tight for our family – very little money and a new business – my husband and I found an envelope on our porch with a crisp $100 bill in it. We didn’t know who gave it to us, but we will always be grateful to that person for giving us hope and enough to have a great Christmas dinner.

    Great post, Jason!

  2. Kat Says:

    Thanks Jason!

    I almost cried when I read this. I was really thinking of giving money to a co-worker and this was a sign that it needs to be done!

  3. Melissa Says:

    This is so true! So often we think about how we need every last bit of our money for this that or the other but then I walk around the corner and see someone who is homeless or a man obviously heading from an interview frowning or a woman fighting with her shoes that just broke…so often even simple issues could be a huge problem when you are out of work. A simple $20 fix on the heater may go unfixed because the water bill has to be paid or you need gas in the car to go to that next interview…if each of us chose to be generous to one person a week, we could change the world one person at a time.

  4. Sophie Lagacé Says:

    A couple of co-workers took a single-parent family under their wing for the holidays and are collecting money around the office this week. I gave on Monday, but at lunch I just called my husband and asked if he would stop by the ATM and make a withdrawal for me so I could give a bit more. As I was hanging up, your post rolled into my inbox. ^_^

  5. Marc Says:

    Gave away a $50 gift certificate to fancy restaurant to be used as a raffle prize for non profit I do a lot for.

    Also donated a bunch of costco gloves to same

    They may not be searching for jobs, though their jobs help children with disabilaties and they are way underpaid

  6. reinkefj Says:

    Many moons ago, I found this bunch of crazy women in Princeton — all young corporate executives — tuff god looking sucessful broads — who found a local welfare motel where single moms with kids were being “housed” by the State Welfare folks (I’d say dumped) despite having “bad water”. (That in itself is a pretty NEGATIVE BIG accomplishment in the USA. Lead in corroded water pipes!) The motel was allowed to stay open because the State had no alternatives.

    Anyway, these crazy women started hauling water to these families. After a few weeks of that, they really got ****** (mad as a wet hen). From that modest beginning, HOMEFRONT NJ was born. It helps families move from welfare to work. (From time to time, I help out. Men are sometimes useful for stuff. One time, I panhandled every dentist in three counties for free dental care for these unfortunate families. Hard to get a job when an abuve spouse has knocked out your front teeth. Restoration is thousands. Some dentists did it for free! And, didn’t want anyone to know they did! Impressive.)

    It’s been my honor to kick in a few bucks EVERY MONTH for decades now. See, they get a lot of help at Christmas time, and other key times a year, but it’s a check that they can count on every month that allows them to accomplish great things. Regardless of my employment status, and I’ve been out 6 times myself, that check goes out automagically.

    Because there are some folks worse off.

    It just makes me crazed that the gooferment traps people into this cycle of poverty and extract a huge “handling fee” from taxpayers to do it. I think we’d all be better off if the gooferment would just stop “helping” and let real people do the heavy lifting. Maybe I’ll get some of the stories and blog about them (i.e., The gooferment welfare can pay a roach motel 4k$/month but can’t pay 7200 for a year’s apartment? The “recipient” can earn more than 500$/month or have assets of $100 or they lose their “benefits”. When the State has a “holiday”, they close down — too bad if you’re supposed to use them.)

    I admire the folks who “tithe”. If my fellow readers find a local charity that helps folks, they too might consider putting them on “autopay” from your checking account. I think the steady even flow is far better than seasonal peaks and valleys.

    the big fat old turkey hisself

  7. Marie Says:


    I’ve been saying something similar to what you said:

    If every person just helped one other person think how different our world would be.

    I wish we could talk to each other.

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