Why upgrade? Email2Log

Premium users can create Log Entries, Reminders, Contacts, Companies and Jobs simply by sending an email to JibberJobber. This functionality is continually regarded as the most fantastic feature in JibberJobber because you can add information to JibberJobber just by emailing your contacts, which you have to do anyway. And, it is very fast to send the email to JibberJobber.

This means you don't have to change the way you work as you network and follow-up!

Try this feature during your premium trial!

Here is a video that shows how this works (once you play the video, you can click the expand button to make it full screen)

Everything is in the free version, except these features:

Contacts & Companies (instead of 25/25)

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to easily create Log Entries and Contacts

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Bulk Importing
Of your Contacts from Outlook, Gmail, etc.

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Push Reminders
On reminders via SMS* & email
* where available

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Expense Tracker
Keep track of your expenses and mileage in your job search.