Why upgrade? Bulk Importing

Premium users can import in bulk from other systems, like Outlook and most email systems. If you can get your data into a csv file, you can import it into JibberJobber. This allows you to quickly load your JibberJobber database with your Contacts (and other information) and get started right away.

Note: The Premium level allows you to have an unlimited number of Contacts and Companies in your account, which exceeds the Regular limit of 25 Contacts and 25 Companies. Doing an import when you have the introductory Premium trial is the loophole that allows you to have more than those limits. Many users take advantage of this loophole to populate their Contacts quickly.

Learn how to import from LinkedIn (which will be similar to importing from other systems) from this link.

To learn how to export Contacts from other systems, simply Google it like this:

Exporting from another system? Just search "export csv from ______" in your favorite search engine.

Everything is in the free version, except these features:

Contacts & Companies (instead of 25/25)

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to easily create Log Entries and Contacts

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Bulk Importing
Of your Contacts from Outlook, Gmail, etc.

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Push Reminders
On reminders via SMS* & email
* where available

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Expense Tracker
Keep track of your expenses and mileage in your job search.